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Right I'm going for a ride tomorrow, who wants to come along?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by StabbyTMP, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. So last night i sat down with googlemaps and tried to find some interesting roads, I think I found some, so tomorrow I'm looking at heading off on a wee adventure, below is the route


    I'm meeting up with a friend tomorrow morning at 10:30 am in North Melbourne, if there are any interested parties, please reply and preferably PM

    and we can organize a meet at the cab cafe in north Melbourne

    depending on the condition of Donna Buang Rd, we might skip it, but it does look like fun. This is not for the ultranoobies and this is not for Busabandits, there is a lot of twisties here, and Gmaps calulated the ride at something like 4.5 hours we will have smoko, fuel and food stops so I would expect a 5.5 - 6 hour ride. This is intended to be license point friendly.

    [edit]As GreyBM has pointed out, and as I should of, some of the road is hardpack[/edit]
  2. As long as you realize the Acheron way is rough dirt and I've never done it but pretty sure the Badger Creek to Donna Buang road is too.
  3. If everyone comes around to my place in the morning and helps me put up the eves on the north and south side of the house, then I can make an afternoon ride. Failing that it looks like you'll be having fun and I'll be working me fingers to the elbows.
  4. Yeah, I checked some of the roads with street view first, but I figure a motard is supposed to do SOME dirt work :) I mean they did start off (generally) as dirt bikes :)

    And... sorry DD, I dont feel like nailing stuff to your house :/
  5. Insert witty line about his wife.
  6. I'm half a chance Stabby. Will confirm either way in the AM
  7. Excellent looks like we might have around 4 people total, the route has been reversed to accommodate another rider as well as a little sanity, I'm charging my camera as I type, and have just inputted the route into the phone so hopefully there wont be any getting lost in a bad way.

    I'll be leaving the house around 9:45-10:00 to get to my N.Melb destination, I'll check the thread once more once I hit the cafe, if you are coming and haven't posted or PMed yet please do so before 10:15AM, also for those who live out that way there is a secondary meet point in research at at Cafe Z at 12:00 - 12:15 unlike most other rides I intend to be leaving research on time. The weather is looking good for us with 23 and sunny.

    Hope to see you guys out there, with the sticky side down.
  8. thats a damn long trip bro
  9. If I wake up in time, I may join you. 4am now

  10. I'll most likely be at the diner.
  11. I'm in. Will get my ass down to north melbourne
  12. Thanks for the ride guys.... Shame no one wanted to ride the hard pack, but the reef ton was a lot of fun too
  13. Cheers guys. Those afternoon roads were awesome.
  14. Yeah im going to have to do those again some time soon... ace fun.
  15. Had a great time, thanks to everybody.
  16. Anyone interested in mid-week rides? Weekends are too busy these days and traffic was hopeless on the spurs. I should have known last day of a very long weekend. Had a great ride on Monday with Arc and others out South Gippsland way. Will do it again once I get the route.

  17. i love to go for a ride any day during the week