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Right hand twisties

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by conspiracytheorist, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Hey all, been hitting up mccarrs and san martin drive for the lovely twisties alot lately which have greatly improved my cornering in general... In fact I think my foot was very close to touching the ground along some of the tight hairpins when going down it. But I feel like I'm not progressing with my right hand corners. Not sure if its a confidence thing because I'm overthinking it or what but does anyone have any advice/had similar problem? I know part of the answer is practice practice practice but I have been but doesn't seem to be improving very fast.

    Possibly might have something to do with my positioning as despite entering wide I always get into the middle too quickly thus stuffing the rest of it up.
  2. Throw in a search or two...
    There are some good threads on confidence in right handers.
  3. Yes, practise is the key.

    It takes a while to learn a new skill and for it to become second nature. Don't rush yourself, you can't expect to move forwards in leaps and bounds. You may even find that you seem to get worse before you get better - that's natural, don't sweat it.

    Patience and practise, the two things that will get you through anything in life. :)
  4. One of the overlooked differences between left and right handers is that pushing on the right bar has the potential to put load on the throttle action, making it harder to control properly.
    If this is a factor (and I know it is for me :roll: ), try to keep as much weight off the bars as possible while setting the speed and turning in. Keep a light grip on the throttle so it doesn't get jerky. Another strategy is to keep the turn-in a short, sharp action. This doesn't add any risk to the turn, but gives you more time to react to any adjustment needed. To be honest, this doesn't really sound like your problem, Phizog. Maybe you could turn in a bit later? (stay wide until lining up for the exit?)
  5. There's a huge range of possibilities. It could be psycholgical, road position, technique or posture. I have trouble because a waterskiing injury doesn't let me drop the right shoulder as far as the left shoulder. I'd say the best bet is to get an experienced rider to follow you and offer advice. :)
  6. Exactly.

    Also if i turn in too hard on the left its ok to have my body hanging over whereas on the right turn its in the decapitation zone. Just a mental thing.
  7. I sometimes feel like Im going to fall off the bike when leaning hard through a right hander... Not sure if its because of the camber differnce or Im leaning differently from a left turn or what..

    weird :)
  8. Hmmm thanks for the ideas. I've been trying to turn later without success but I'll keep trying and see how I go.
  9. When I read the heading, I thought "hello, we've got a seedy one here" and then I read the opening post and YEP, there it was!!!. :rofl: :rofl:

    The art of the twisty with the right hand is mental and you just should just tuck the elbow in, drop the shoulder through the bend and look at your end result!! :rofl: :bolt:
  10. well my concerns to righties is:

    you got to stay close to the edge - near the gravel and then when your in you got to also take into account cars that may run wide and rip your head off.
    Lefties arnt as bad because theres no cars to worry about.
  11. Bahaha Jeff! Oh thats classic lol!

    On way home from city I tried looking through right corners more, something I feel I might not be doing from lack of confidence and it helped alot. Don't think I lean nearly as much as I should either so I'll try looking through alot more. The hairpins still $hit me though since looking almost behind me freaks me out even more.
  12. This is an interesting topic. I have never been able to do right handers nor u-turns properly, and have never figured out why. Once i went straight into the curb whilst trying to do a sweeping right bend :oops:
  13. This was pointed out to me on a ride recently. Some friendly NR's behind me noticed my right handers were shite. (they articulated much better) And offered a few tips. I was pushing my bum off the seat but counter-leaning, and not counter-steering. I have no idea how I made it around those corners.
    No sweat though, been practicing dropping the shoulder and keeping my elbows plappy. Thanks Rod and ChiggenWings (forgot your real name). Add that to pointing the chin - looking where I want to go.

    If you want some good advice have someone look at your lines, and your posture while behind you.
  14. i'm not sure if this is stupid or not but it works for me on hair pins i dont start off looking where i am going i look 2 the ground along the line i want then through the corner i know they say at the prelearners not 2 look at the ground coz that where u will end up, but this has helped me get around the hairpins more effectively then trying 2 look through the hairpin as u dont have a line of site, but using ur periphial vision is neccessary so u dont end up rearing a mate or some 1 else
  15. dood, if you are getting that far over, just wang a knee out, just like PNUT does on most corners (courtesy of loz etc. vids) and you will have the whole knee down mojo happening.
    you know it sorts the men from the boys :grin: :LOL:
    well, it may not increase your corner speed but at lesst you will get the grindy noise :p
  16. doood, theoretically thats ok, will save you from off in tight circ's, but to further your cornering technique you need to try and grasp where you are going to end up as opposed to where you currently are.
  17. its mainly heading up the clyde i know i need 2 break the habit but its working thus far, i havent really noticed if i do the same going 2 kangaroo valley just more so headed home up the clyde
  18. my advice is only worth half a pigeons shit, because i do the clyde (up and down) more than 3 times a week. whatever keeps you feeling save and alive dooood :)