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RIGHT! Everyone off the road! It's all mine!! :lol:

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vineyard Performance Team, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. :LOL:

    Got the full licence now.. :grin:
  2. Congrats to you ... :grin:

    Only 12 months until you can buy a 14.. :LOL: :p
  3. No way I'm getting a 14!!!

    I want my Aprilia... :LOL:

    A girl can dream... :cool:
  4. Or 1.17 kwakers per month if you save! :LOL:
  5. Yes a girl can dream.. :LOL:

    But i thought seeing as though you loved horses, you would want something with real HORSE POWER !! :twisted:
  6. I already have REAL horsepower... :p

    I'm just letting the fast mechanical horsepower join in the household!
  7. god... that sounds so wrong

  8. Yes it does... :LOL: :p
  9. Oh, and I thought you just joined the B.S.R.T :p:p:p
  10. Congrats :applause:
    :shock: :shock:
  11. Maybe Toy is the last letter?? :LOL:
  12. :shock:

    oh dear.... I really dug a hole there... :LOL: