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Riding without mirrors??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Why are there so many on my back when i said in a previous topic i was riding without mirrors? they were stolen and are on back order from kawasaki japan..
    Does everyone else ride with mirrors on i gather?

  2. I dont cause i reckon theyre near useless and just get in the way...

    but... i dont whinge when i miss something that i prob would have seen if i had em on either.

    Im not havin a go at ya, I really dont care what you do as long as its not affecting me :)
  3. we all ride with mirrors, and if we cant see , we all do our best to do a HEAD CHECK :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I think it has to do with bitching about someone coming up behind and close that you obviously couldnt see :grin: And i am sure there are ways u could rig up some mirrors until they arrive.Bicycle mirrors that go into the handle bars would be one option :grin:
  5. Yah. They are a legal requirement for a street-legal motorcycle.

    Apart from being legally required, they save bloody lives. I you had your mirrors on, you would have seen the L plater on his mozzie... You're bloody lucky it wasn't a drunk driver or an out of control truck.

    Sorry to sound so harsh, I don't really mean to be, but riding wihtout mirrors is like unprotected sex with strangers, it's just bloody dangerous.
  6. I rode with one off once because it got broken cracked (don't know how :shock:, it happened in a car park - No other damage) while I was waiting for a new one, and I had no-other means of transport too and from work. This was in the country though mind you, not very much close traffic. :wink:
  7. I rode with one off once because it got broken cracked (don't know how :shock:, it happened in a car park - No other damage) while I was waiting for a new one, and I had no-other means of transport too and from work. This was in the country though, not very much close traffic. :wink:
  8. I wouldn't get on my bike without mirrors. Are there none in any wreckers, local or interstate?
  9. well you can always get those bar end mirrors. looks kinda cool or become a scientest and genitically engineer some eyes and poke em in you helmet. WALLLLLARRRR problem solved - mirrors not required.

    Anyone see that GXSR being mounted by a Commodore in the latest AMCN????
  10. umm... mounted??.... no actually didnt... did anything interesting happen? :bannanabutt:
  11. yeah most do :grin:
    always thought it was the law.. but hey some of my freinds ride without..
    dosnt bother me :grin:
    maybe your just looking for a deathwish..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. some guy on an almost new 06 gsxr 1000 got rear ended. ok picture this.... you sitting the bike stationary. Bang!!! you fly over the handle bars and now the car is sitting on you bike
  13. No. Been riding without mirrors for years. There's enough scary-looking stuff in front without adding more behind. The trick is to ride faster than everything else. And they ruin the lines of most bikes.

    Every time someone gets on here bleating about leathers or helmets, its always the same..."Waddayamean, you don't wear leathers? You don't see Rossi riding in shorts and an open face, do you? Nya Nya Nya". Well, you don't see him adjusting the mirrors on the grid either and if its good enough for Valentino, its good enough for me.

    edwardTheGreat has to bee the "unluckiest Netrider" winner for today. That's twice he's broken a mirror, both times in a country car park. 14 years bad luck - bummer!
  14. +1 no mirrors for me
  15. i dont see what the big boohoo is about, i personally dont feel comfortable riding without mirrors, but i know plenty that do. one mate of mine dislikes them because he gets lazy and doesn't do headchecks, if it fixes that problem then alls good IMO.

    "but what if something comes up behind you and cleans you up?"
    well, what if they did that anyways and you didn't see them? how many people sit there at the lights looking at their mirrors? i know i dont, i have manly poses to make :p

    mirrors help, but they've got nothing on headchecks. i reckon 80% of road users out there would benefit from not having any mirrors to force them to learn how to turn their bloody neck :evil:
  16. I like my mirrors. But then bar-mounted mirrors are just a lot more useful than fairing-mounted ones in my book.

    Agreed, they do look a bit naff but I use them all the time without even thinking about it.
  17. I see no reason to take my mirrors OFF my bike.

    So therefore yes I ride with them on.
  18. I wouldn't ride without them.

    I did a track day with them off and it took me half the day to stop checking them for what was happening behind me:grin: Felt very weird.

    I felt like I was riding half blind and only saw half the picture.

    I love my mirrors, but I don't rely on them totally. I'm all for head-checks in conjunction with mirrors.
  19. sorry to chuck this in... confirmation - Headchecks are:

    a. look physically behind you?
    b. check your helmet is secure?

    just for some clarification. :grin:

    okay d'oh just reread above post... the answer is A bingbingbing bing

    we have a winner