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Riding without a fairing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Not4Resale, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Not sure if this is the right area to post this in but just had a quick question about riding my vtr 1000 firestorm without a right fairing.

    The Background...

    Came off, scratched up fairing, needs new indicator, new engine casing, new front disc.

    Trying to save on labour i've ripped off the fairing in my garage but the mechanic is about half a kilometre away in my area.

    Now I have read that the Vtr is meant to be ridden with the fairing over the radiator (something to do with airflow for cooling) but I am wondering if a little trip down the road would be too traumatic for the bike. The distance is piss all with the bike but a hike if I walk my 200 kilo monster down and my mate who has a ute doesn't finish work before the mechanic closes so my options really are walk it or ride it down.

    Can somebody with some mechanical experience or some know how about this bike please provide some insight, I love it to bits and don't want to hurt it but lugging it that distance makes me very concerned that I will drop it or get run over by a car trying to cross a main road.

    Any advice is welcome :grin:

    Oh and thanks in advance for the help!
  2. 500 metres? The engine won't even be up to working temp by the time you turn it off at your destination.
  3. Thanks mate, just had to make sure as I do love this beast and can't wait to get her patched up and on the road again. :grin:
  4. I'd be more worried about riding it with a cracked engine casing and front disc?
  5. +1

    You'll be right. just take it easy if you've only got the rear brake
  6. Actually, if you can't use the front brake how will you walk the bike down? You won't be able to stop the beast.
  7. Very slowly using the gears and rear brake.
    He hasn't got far to go.
  8. Disc isn't bent to badly, just giving the slight whirring sound, I wouldn't do this if I thought it would be unsafe :eek: and the engine casing has a tiny crack in it causing a little oil leaking, i'm going to top it up before i peddle her down. Hopefully doesn't cause me any dramas. The fairing was just a worry because i was reading up on how the bike works and it said that the fairing on this bike is needed for airflow to the radiator and wasn't sure how far i could put along before i had problems.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, oh and sorry to the mods for putting this in general, I genuinely had an airhead moment (much like the one when i came off) :roll: but yeh, apologies and thanks again!
  9. i commute in everyday and going home at night i always pass a vtr1000 and it's missing all it's fairing (except the ducktail, which is a different colour to the tank and slightly banged up.....i know i travel about 25km from work to home and he keeps going when i turn into my street..... so yeah i would say a quick trip would do no damage. :)