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VIC Riding with tinted visor

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Darren CBR, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    I am planning to ride down to Vic later this year and was wondering if I am likely to get much grief from the police in regards to a tinted visor as I have heard they seem to be fining riders for not having the Aust Standards mark on them and is there anything else i should be aware of?

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.


  2. It is my understanding that riding at night with a tinted visor is illegal.

  3. Tinted visors were an issue for a bit and then the issue seems to have died again. But basically it will be up to the individual officer. If you get someone who wants to book you then you are likely to be booked.

    However VMC has been negotiating at fairly senior levels in relation to the general issues of helmets and there seems to have been some recognition that perhaps things were a bit over zealous. Again though at the end of the day it is up to an individual cop.
  4. Thanks I guess you just take the chance
  5. agree with above re Visor . One thing your more likely to be fined for in vic is low range speeding . we have covert speed cameras here .so mum and dad cars and suv"s parked on the side of suburban roads and freeways looking to take your money . its well worth using a GPS with fix speed/red light camera locations on . happy riding .
  6. Why not splash out and get a clear pinlock visor with a tinted insert for the trip?

    Best of both worlds. Only 1 visor to take with you and with the tinted insert on it will still be displaying the Aust. standard sticker thingy!
  7. You will be tasered..

    Seriously though, you should be okay with a tinted visor for daytime use, although as mentioned it may come down to the individual officer as to whether you'll be booked or not. I have not personally had any issues and have been using tinted visors for more than a decade.

    I think your biggest worry will be fixed/mobile speed cameras. They are crafty basterds in VIC. Allowed to hide in the bushes in camo etc. Not at all like NSW where their positions have to be advertised before you get to them. Just keep your eyes open and ride accordingly, pick your moments.

    You should also be aware that we have some pretty awesome roads down here. If you have chicken strips, kiss them good bye. Before you get that tasering..
  8. Now look what you've gone and done, you've let the secret out you bastard! :smug:
  9. As others have stated, tinted visors aren't your only issue.

    What sort of helmet do you have? I've had a mate had his helmet checked to ensure that a clear visor had a sticker on it as well as the helmet during a random intercept. Luckily for him his helmet and visor had one each.

    However, so far, every Shark helmet I've seen has been illegal (at least for Vic) as they dont' have AS stickers on their visor. So if you have a shark helmet, or if your clear visor doesn't have a sticker on it as well you may be considered a hooligan and a threat to either yourself or society and be fined.

    Police appear to also be against go pro's on helmets as well.

    Also as others have mentioned, police do hide in the bushes. It might be handy to note that this is normally on roads that have limited overtaking opportunities, and the place they hide will be at the only (or one of very few) overtaking locations.

    It also therefore means pay good attention before going into the bushes to answer the call of nature! :)

    However a bigger threat you may face is Victorian drivers. You'll probably be a little safer if you choose to ride in areas with limited mobile phone reception range where texting is useless. ;)
  10. AS1698 does not require a visor to have a sticker on it so that is a misconception which has built up over the years

    You can read my detailed post in the pinlock thread here detailing the situation with visors and AS1698

    Overall though you are very unlikely to encounter problems in NT/SA/Tas/WA

    In Vic the situation should have settled down, Qld we need to let the new minister settle in before any common sense can be achieved but in NSW anything is still possible and we are about to go into caretaker mode due to the upcoming election so take care in NSW
  11. The case against the Vic rider for wearing a tinted visor has been withdrawn as expected

    The letter from VicPol to the rider may be published on Vic/NSW rider association web sites shortly

    They are being liberal with the facts in the letter by stating a brief of evidence was prepared but as of the last date of mention in the court the prosecution had been unable to prepare a brief of evidence

    No visor fine in any State should be paid under any circumstances, they are invalid
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