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Riding with pillion helmet on bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vtr_rida, May 30, 2007.

  1. Hey started riding a few months ago and have started pillioning a bit. Has anyone got tips as to how i can carry a second helmet for the pillion on the bike without risking damage to it or the bike? Is there a specific way it is supposed to be done..? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!

  2. Backpack that your pillion wears when you pick them up.
  3. Cheers, did do a search but i'm hopeless with the thing :LOL: Any extra responces/ideas still appreciated
  4. Yeah heres a suggestion. Dont. Cops dont like it, found out the hard way.
  5. :WStupid:

    Neither will your insurance company. Basically you are uninsured whilst carrying one, as you are an "unlicensed" rider.
  6. He is no longer a learner, he is only on cc restrictions...therefore allowed to carry a pillion.
  7. P's are not allowed to cary pillions either
  8. Maybe he's being a pillion on someone else bike? We don't know, and he asked a fair question, so lets get back to answering that question and ignore the legal issues that may or may not exist.
  9. Yes you have a point, and this isn't in the legal thread but i'm also interested in legality if anyone knows of a law which prevents R-date riders in SA from taking a pillion. I have a bad feeling there is and going to hopefully ask the cop shop asap.. But i started a thread a while ago and everyone seemed to agree it is fine, also heaps of people do it (and yes, i know that doesnt make it legal, but still :? ) without a whimper of legality issues. eg. Delusional pillioning red.hot etc etc
  10. Ignoring all the legality crap,

    Dont ever carry a helmet in a backpack whilst riding!!!!!! Use the hooks under your pillion seat or buy some tiedowns from a MC shop.

    Can u imagine falling on your back with a helmet in your backpack? SNAP!! Then pillioning wont even be an issue. Walking wont be an issue either......
  11. agreed :shock:
  13. Yeah, I asked my instructor when I completed my L's test......as stated above, when on your L's you are only allowed a pillion who holds a full unrestricted motorcycle license....
    When you pass the advanced course (P's) you no longer have this condition and are allowed to take anyone as a pillion.

    This is the law in SA.....other states are obviously more stringent.
  14. Thnaks for the replies.. Went into Yam world and talked to one of the dudes in there who always seems to be workin :? and he said the large ventura helmet bag would be too big for a my bike. He said he uses a net on his bike for that sort of thing. So super cheap auto and $20 later i have a pretty sweet net thingo.. am yet to try it out, i'll see how it goes :grin:
  15. Just make your pillions buy their own helmet! :grin:
  16. Nah a got a cool motocross one with flames on it :grin:
  17. Well tryed it out today works awesome! Very secure and no damage to the bike or my wallet. I can put up some pics if requested.. Took a few passengers around the place today, is funny how the female variety hold on to ya like they're gonna die :wink: :LOL: