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riding with no gear.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jd2710, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. whats up with that, I think I'm addicted, I love riding with no gear (cept helmet) and im doing it more and more often, why does it feel so good?

    I always gear up for a long ride or commuting, but sometimes late at night i just feel the urge to jump on my bike and ride just wearing what ive got on. even putting the helmet on at these times is a struggle, i wanna ride without it, just once to see what its like but i live in the city and i'll get pulled up. or die.. lol.

    what can i do to make myself gear up on EVERY ride ???

    I tried watching some crash videos on youtube to scare me into the correct habit, but it doesnt work..
  2. Not this shit again. Do you need Daddy to dress you in the morning?
  3. Fuk that mate. My minimum is jeans, leather jacket, enclosed shoes, i never leave home without that. I shake my head in disbelief when i see squids out on the road wearing boardies and a t-shirt. What further reinforces the fact that squids aren't real bikers is that i hardly ever get a nod.
  4. I like to ride in the nude. :)
  5. Read my post in the "worst near death experience" thread. That or imagine a sledge hammer blow into your knees and elbows followed by 10 seconds of sliding over a cheese grater at 60km/h.

    Squiding feels good, yes. Squiding can sometimes (even usually!) have no bad outcomes, yes. But the one time you least expect it, squiding will kill you.
  6. oh so that was you i saw pass me in the buff seany?i didnt wanna nod incase you took it the wrong way :p
    true that things always happen unexpected i will often go without a jacket for a short distance to the shops nonetheless,lacking in reason as we sometimes do.
    duff_boy,on the flipside to what you said i always nod but often fail to get one back when i squid.supposing that other riders dont see me as a 'real' biker?
    i have a preminition that sometime in the near future a prominent psychologist will produce a top selling book called 'the mind of a squid'.and it will be oprahs book of the month.....
  7. And in fact, here's a photo of Seany in action - Clicky here (Contains male nudity, of course)

  8. Pq130TDi.
    I have NO problem with people wanting to squid .. their choice I guess.
    However allowing an unprotected pillion PISSES me OFF.
    I wonder if enough squids getting hurt would increase the TAC charges on our regos? :? If so, then we all have a right to be pissed off! cause it affects the rest of us in $$$
  9. find a steep piece of road, then run as fast as you can, then jump and slide down it.

    see how much that hurts, and how much bark you lost?

    now triple the speed (or times 10 depending on how much of a hoon you are), and think of 200 kilos of bike using your knee as a frame slider.

    gives you the warm and fuzzies doesnt it?
  10. And the thought of hitting the ground face first is eye-watering! :shock:
  11. Just go do whatever the f*ck you want. I don't see why you even needed to bother telling us about it. Unless, of course, you haven't progressed past the mental age of four and you're just requiring attention from others to validate your existence, and this was the best way you could think of for garnering some semblence of pity for your clearly limited mental faculties.
  12. i nod =]

    *omg these days are so cold now* but idont miss the summer feel while riding... you're like an oven.
  13. your problem is youtube... the vids on youtube are not graphic at all... someone PM him a link haha.
  14. Least i've worn is Helmet, jeans, motorbike jacket (textile or summer, both with foam armour), and runners, only done it a couple of times, i was more aware of my surroundings for sure.

    As far as scaring yourself, goto the local hospital and visit some accident victims, (tell the nurses you're doing a story for a uni project).

    Yeah, cos your sig is a whole lot more soul worthy :?
    (dont get me wrong, weight loss is great, but dont bag others when it looks like this guy could be asking for help :roll: )
  15. Do what ya want mate, its your body
  16. He's not asking for help at all. He's asking for attention. He knows full well how much coming off at speed wearing minimal clothing will hurt, but that isn't enough for him. He's asking for validation of his inability to accept and act on obvious knowledge.

    As for me and my signature. I know when I need to take action. The equivalent to the opening post would be:

    "I can't stop eating. I now weigh 150kgs, and I've seen stories of people dying from heart attacks, and having limbs amputated from diabetes, but I can't be bothered doing anything about it, so I'm still going to continue to eat myself to death".

    THAT'S what the opening post is tantamount to saying. To that, I say, go do whatever the f*ck you want. He clearly has no intention of stopping, and I'm certainly not going to waste breath or time convincing him of what he already knows to be true, but is unable to accept and act upon.
  17. I gotta admit, i've been up and down my street in civies, and there is a certain something to the feeling of air moving past. Reminds me of when I was knee high to a grasshopper and used to ride my little PW50 with no other protective gear than a helmet... but that was in a paddock, i did come off, and i learnt from it.

    On the road there is no way I'd go without jacket, gloves, boots, jeans and helmet... asphalt just isn't soft.

    I can only equate the feeling of riding wthout all the protective gear to that of scuba diving without the wetsuit, weights, etc - you're much more into the experience cause you can feel your surroundings, not just see them...

    But that's just me....
  18. www.ride2die.com

    if this dont scare the shit out of you and make you AGATT then nothing will
  19. That's a very interesting statement, actually. I find very often that a lot of emphasis is placed on the rider's safety, but the pillion's is marginalised. My question though, is what if the pillion DOES not have his/her own gear? And what if the pillion is a one off - not someone you pillion often?

    Are there laws that say pillions should have a minimum level of protection different from the rider's? Or are they the same?

    Bear with me please, I'm a newbie :oops: I've got many questions...
  20. AFAIK there are no laws specifically addressing the wearing of motorcycle protective gear for either rider or pillion, other than helmet laws.

    As to what you should ask/require your pillion to wear before taking them for a ride, well it depends on who they are. Girlfriend: ATGATT; Family: ATGATT; Friends: Their choice but I'd lean towards MTGMTT. Certain things like shoes I'd overlook in ATGATT as a once off but probably no more.