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Riding with music is illegal?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rcdarkangel, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Sorry if this has been answered before however a number of people have now brought up this issue so I just thought that I would check and see.

    If I am taking a longer ride say an hour or more I tend to take my ipod and play some music. I find that it gets me into a nice relaxed groove and stops the grateing engine sound getting to me.

    I have it only loud enough that I can hear it while still hearing that around me . I find that I can still concentrate with it and have not as of yet had it affect my ability to ride.

    Now when I pulled up yesterday at a servo I had a BMW rider instruct me that what I was doing with the iPod was illegal and I could be booked and even lose my licsense.

    Is this true, and what are you feelings on it?
  2. BMW riders are fcuking idiots, half of them have stereo systems installed in their 2-wheel busses anyway :p
  3. i dunno if it's illegal, but its not smart...

    put a pipe on your bike and enjoy the end can music :LOL:
  4. What a load of crap. It's not illegal that I'm aware of.

    I know numerous riders who are Deaf and have no problems with riding - I suppose they are breaking the law too?

    Having said that, I'd rather hear my engine and the sound of the road and other bikes around me etc than music, but that's just me.
  5. Definitely not illegal. People's opinions vary whether its a good idea or not.

    I rarely ride without my iPod.
  6. And why is that? fcuk me, if you can't concentrate with a bit of music on in the background you shouldn't be on the road.

    That BMW rider just sounds like a Tosser
  7. "Awareness" involves more than eyesight. Being able to hear whats going on behind you can well save your life.

    On the highway, on the freeway. Fine. No problems with that at all.

    Maybe even if you're riding and staying in your lane, mesmerised by the bumper in front it's still ok.

    If you're splitting lanes with an ipod on you're a tool. pure and simple.
    Of course, many would say ipod or not you're still a tool.

    I guess there are many types of tool in the world... you just choose the right one for the right occasion. Me, I think I'm a left handed paintbrush.
  8. +1 ^
    in the twisties, or traffic you need to know whats going on, with your own engine, and with the other dickheads behind you. you arent going to hear grandma in the volvo locking her wheels as she comes skidding towards you. or old mate in his clapped out old 4WD or ute screaming abuse in road rage at you for some god unknown reason and can then either hit the anchors and pull in behind a parked car or shoot off through the traffic.

    if you are a tightarse like me who uses their mobile phones radio to listen to music from time to time, that will be illegal from july 1 in NSW for P1 license holders.

  9. Let's make a distinction between a voluntary potential disruption i.e. a mobile phone, and someone with a hearing loss who has learnt to adjust and compensate. Big difference, IMO.

    My GF - who has been Deaf since birth - and a number of NRs with a hearing loss can cut their licences up and sell their cars/bikes, eh?
  10. Local Police around here WERE booking drivers who had ipods/similar with headphones. No specific law against it but they were succesfully booking them on a careless driving charge on the basis that headphones are far more effective at blocking out noise from outside the vehicle than a normal car stereo (since if you have that loud they can book you for that too).
    If you're going to wear headphones when riding best idea would be to have a way to quickly and discreetly mute/stop the music - some cops may not react kindly if they have to wait until you've removed your helmet/headphones before you can hear what they're saying to you.
  11. what i find funny is that the safetycrats PROMOTE the use of ear plugs to protect your hearing and yet riding with an iPOD is bad?? FMD - wnkrs.....
  12. well, you must comply with the bmw doods authority! :LOL:
  13. ?

    imho, the two are very different!

    guess, i must be a wanker, then :p
  14. That means I'd be booked for having ear plugs or ear phones with an mp3 player (on or off) because I can't hear what people are saying with either in. I've got a genetic condition which my dad has which is something wrong with my inner ear that I most likely will need an operation on which he has had done on both of his. It just makes hearing certain frequencies harder/impossible and overall quality of hearing is diminished as well so as said earlier, when having any ear plugs/phones while helmet is on, I can't hear a person speak, it's very muffled to me but I can still hear cars/traffic noises pretty much the same, I wonder if those cops booking people would believe my story.
  15. How do you classify them as “successfully booking them†I bet if you took it to court it would be thrown out...just sounds like your country town cops have a bee under there bonnet and trying to charge people that should not be
  16. Well I'm a 'BMW Dood' (and Ducati), who rides with an iPod all the time on my daily commute. I've been seen by countless cops, and stopped more than once with my phones in, all without a problem. I also wonder how those helmets with built in speakers and iPod cables (like the Nolan N-42), would meet Australian Standards approval if using them was illegal ?
    no argument on that. ive heard of people who have lost arms, or legs, and had the bike modded so that they can ride one handed/legged. does that mean its ok for an able bodied person to tie one hand behind their back?
    completly different i know, but it still illistrates a comparison.
    earphones are different to plugs. an plug simply muffles sounds and reduces the percieved decibels. earphones will have to be louder than the exhaust/wind for you to hear it right?
    i need to start wearing plugs, im deaf enough as it is from not wearing hearing protection in the military. if i had earphones in, they would have to be louder, just worsening my deafness.

    but hey, what ever floats your boat!!

  18. Ahh, the double standards....it's O.K to ride listening to loud music, but cagers can't use phones.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. More than a few cops here, and they actually had a blitz specifically on the use of ipods whilst driving that was publicised in the media. Given they'd been given approval to run such a blitz I highly doubt any charges would have been thrown out - especially not in a local court. After all careless driving is simply "driving without due attention" - and it'd be fairly easy for the cops to argue that not being able to hear anything other than your ipod means you aren't giving full attention to the road. Especially with modern headphones that are specifically designed to eliminate outside noise. Earplugs are different as they're designed to simply reduce noise, not eliminate or mask it entirely, so important things like car horns, sirens etc. are still easy to hear.