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Riding with Ipods

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Nixy V3, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Okay, I'll admit, I know absolutely nothing about Ipods apart from you are meant to be able to download (somehow) heaps of tracks to listen to.
    As I get a bit bored with listening to the breeze & the bike (mind tends to wander) Ive considered getting an Ipod to keep me a little more alert whilst riding, so ......

    For a basic unit, what should I look for (function/costs) ?
    And how do you operate volume / track skipping etc whilst in your gear ?

    All & any handy advice appreciated :grin:

  2. I use a 1GB iPod shuffle, and it could have been made for riding. It's tiny, it is made of metal, it has a built-in clip to attach to your jacket, the controls can be used with a gloved hand, you can store 240 songs and get 12hrs continuous use from a single charge (no batteries required), and it is just $119. I also have a 60GB iPod video, but the shuffle is just so convenient for the bike, and you could even drop it at 100kph and it would probably still work!

  3. Oooh where to start?
    I guess ipods are the popular thing and they have a model to cater for most people... from 1Gb (ipod shuffle) storage space up to 80Gb (ipod video). Bad thing about ipod is you have to use their software to transfer songs from your computer to the device. Easy but not flexible. I have had problems with Apple warranty fixing non ipod things but I think it's just crappy Aussie aftersales service.

    Changing tracks and volume... ipods used to come with a wired remote. You now have to purchase this seperately. I think you also have to purchase the charger seperately, unless you're happy to switch on your computer to charge through the USB port all the time.

    Honestly I think there are much better mp3 players out there. And I'm a big Apple advocate. was.

    A few other brands to look at would be Creative, Samsung, Panasonic (choice) and iRiver.
  4. I have had a Sony for a few years - 20GB model. Good battery life, small but nightmare software.

    Friend bought a 20GB Creative, and has been back for warranty and still doesn't always work.

    Kids have a iPod mini and a Nano - both 4GB and faultless even in their hands :p

    And of couse know about ten Apple owners - one mini had the battery issue.

    If I had my time over again, I'd get the Apple - great product, easy software and heaps of accessories. eBay has heaps of no brand aftermaket stuff for them too.
  5. Everything but a pocket PC with 10 band+ software eq is equivalent to listening to someone clawing on a chalkboard. If that's what you like, go buy it. :evil:

    Calling listening to music on an ipod/equiv acceptable is like saying that a TV that displays blue and red both as grey and green of any sort as glowing nuclear waste is perfectly watchable.

    Anyone who says an ipod sounds good would probably think the colours in this picture are rendered nice and accurately too.
  6. Hmm, that hasn't been my experience. I generally use my iriver h340 and a good set of shure canalphones. This combination delivers good sound quality (and great isolation) even at highway speeds in my noisy HJC helmet. The cheap end of the mp3 player market may not deliver great sound, but what do you expect for $50? Spend a bit more money on the player, read a few reviews and choose one that delivers decent sound, add some good headphones and you're off.
  7. I've listened to a $400 pair of sure canalphones being driven by a bloody good home amp, and they sounded like someone cutting my face off with a rusted sawblade. Eq is the only way out, no matter what your headphones. (although some are closer to the mark to begin with than orthers)
  8. I'd have to disagree, as far as MP3's go the ipod sounds perfectly acceptable, I can't imagine there being any discernable difference between that and a PDA.
  9. You can't comment on the difference untill you hear it.
    If you only ever saw that purple picture, you'd think that might be reasonable untill you saw how it should look...
  10. I've got the 8gb Black Nano and it's a great unit, will run for at least 12 hours + before you need to recharge.
    Apple have this market in the bag. Even Microsoft are bringing out a unit and all reports from the US indicates it's a piece of crap.
  11. I've packed my MP3 player for the trip to Tassie - may even try it whilst riding, though it will be hard to beat the sound of a sweet twin :)
  12. I use a no name brand MP3/Mvm player that has on board memory and takes an SD card, about $50 at K mart
  13. I have a 20GB Sony Walkman as well.

    Great player, awesome battery life. Continuous play from 7am Friday till 7am Monday. I'm forgetful :)

    I'm thinking of getting the Ipod shuffle just for the bike. The Sony is a little large, I want something smaller.

    I have a pair of earmolds with the speakers and they sound pretty good with the Sony.
  14. good head phones do make a difference but I'm not trying to enjoy hi fidelity while on the road here, just pumping some tunes.

    I should add I've had my ipod since mid 2002 battery is still going though not for very long. plenty of bumps and scratches and it still works although slow and doesn't always update. :)
  15. I've had my ipod mini for 18 months, apart from the silly apple software I love it, and it's done some serious miles on the bike with me.

    I have some sony earphones, mdr7 something, and they're excellent too :grin:
  16. If you don't actually care how your music sounds, and just that it sounds at all, i'd buy an ipod.
  17. I have an O2 Atom PDA with EQ, and I can't think of anything less suited to riding. I can operate my 1G iPod Shuffle (which is clipped to my cuff), with a gloved hand while riding, no bloody chance with a PDA. I do care how my music sounds, but when I ride it's about the riding not the music, and with a damn fiddly PDA I would probably end up not hearing much music anyway.
  18. Thanks everyone advice so far very helpful :grin:
    So whats a good general set of earphones to use or should I just go to a $2 dollar shop & not worry bout it !

    Inci, you have really got me thinking about getting this Ipod shuffle now!

    Couple of further questions, (I did warn you all that I know zip about Ipods :LOL:) Do you have to buy a specific charger, like mobile phones or is it a normal power connection unit ? Is it usually included or one of the never ending extras connected to electrical stuff now ? Do you need a USB to download tunes or do you do it via the net?

    And why is everyone whinging about Apple, what is the downside ?
  19. The shuffle will charge when connected to a USB port. That is also how you U/L music to it.

    Apple = Shit battery life on the first Generation Ipods
    Apple = Unreliable first generation Ipods (a lot of them)


    I can relax, mine's a Sony :)
  20. NO! Most likely they will hurt your ears and won't stay on whilst trying to get your lid on. Oh and they'll sound like shit. Personal advice would be spend $100 or whatever on an ipod/mp3 player. Spend real dosh on some good earphones, i.e. http://www.earmold.com.au/content/blogcategory/23/35/