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Riding with High Beams Poll

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raictify, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Yes, high beams on.

    13 vote(s)
  2. No, high beams off.

    97 vote(s)
  3. I don't understand the question

    8 vote(s)
  4. I switch between high and low beam

    114 vote(s)
  1. #1 raictify, Feb 19, 2015
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    I've noticed a number of riders recently having their high beams on at night. I did a quick search on Netrider and other forums and the topic seems to have very opinionated people on both sides.

    I'd like to know how many people ride with their high beams on at night. If you are interested please complete the poll

    We only need about a sample of 50 and with the magic of statistics we can get an estimate for the population. I'm assuming that Netrider members are a good representation of the whole motorcycling population.

    I also don't think it is necessary to get into arguments for and against. A number of previous threads have already done so, for example https://netrider.net.au/threads/riding-with-high-beam.184866/

    (Post edited by Mod to remove external poll and use Netrider poll functionality)
  2. May I ask who is the "we" that needs a sample of 50?
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  3. Anyone who would be interested in the results. I'm guessing that would be most people that take the survey.

    I'm not asking this on behalf of any organization or for any convert reason if that is what you are implying. I'm just interested in the prevalence of high beam riders and I maybe using "we" rather than "I" is wishful thinking that other people would also be interested in the stats too.
  4. I ride with my lights on C beam at Tannhauser Gate.
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    I think it depends on the road. Highways for example are very well lit so there's little need for them. Plenty of other roads, however, are rather dark and I'd like to illuminate more of the road ahead.

    [Edit] Although, if it was a choice between having one or the other on for the entirety of a trip through varying light conditions, no high beam would certainly be better. I'd prefer it to be the other way since I much prefer the look of having both of the Ninja's lights on haha
  6. The one time I can remember using high beam was filtering through freeway traffic when it was pouring with rain. the spray and rain makes me concerned that I'm not visible enough so high beam is the only option to improve that. I'd love to have some strobes or something....perhaps a red strobe and a blue strobe :finger:
  7. A voluntary survey will never be representative of a population. Way to big a selection bias.
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  8. I use my high beam, and then I don't when there's another vehicle in front of me so I don't dazzle them.

    So what do I choose? Yes, or No?
  9. I reckon it's time the bl***y *cyclists* had low/high beams! Some of them have blindingly bright lights now, and they don't seem to be 'dippable'! However, in relation to the topic, it's one of my pet peeves when other road users have their high beams on when they're proceeding towards me: destroys my night vision for those few seconds it takes to adjust back to lower light conditions.
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  10. I certainly don't understand the question.

    Riding, at night, there isn't one correct state of headlight......
    that's why most motorbikes have a really nice convenient and easy to use dip switch.
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  11. You can be charged under the below regulation. It is a subjective call by the Police though.


    Lights not to be used to dazzle other road users r. 219

    A driver must not use, or allow to be used, any light fitted to or in the driver's vehicle to dazzle, or in a way that is likely to dazzle, another road user.

    Penalty: 3 penalty units.
  12. i selected yes. although im confused by how many said no?
    Do you people ride around at night with just low beam all the time?
    I live in a rural area so high beam is on anytime im not in the cbd, there is just no light when im not "in town".
  13. Sorry, but rant time. Don’t talk to me about head lights. I bought the cheapest bike Yamaha make, pretty good for a learner & commuting but.... Has standard 35w/35w globes which let you know where the road is. "Ok that dark strip must be tar". But not bright enough to see any detail. "Ouch. F**k. was that a pot hole?" On low beam they are aimed too low, on high they annoy possums in trees and don’t show the road and so I’m reluctant to use hi-beam in traffic as all the light is pointed straight at windscreens. O.K. maybe higher wattage globes for low beam you think. Ha. Cheap alternator doesn't put out enough power to run low beam and brake light at idle; the voltage drops to around 11.2V which is battery flattening territory. Normally ok as stopping time at lights isn’t enough to flatten the battery & I hadn’t had any electrical problems in 2 years of ownership. Hadn’t.

    So I had changed one globe to a 60/55w and added a couple of LED spotlights. This at least let me see where I was heading at night.

    Owing to an unplanned break I was out of action and the bike didn’t get used for 40 days. Yep flat battery, around 7V. Some of you may know that lead acids don’t like being deep discharged and never recover full capacity. Charged it up and hoped for the best. No problems until last Thursday stuck in traffic on a 36c day and me too knackered to bother filtering. The radiator cooling fan kept kicking in and then I noticed the engine warning light has come on. "Uh oh, Whaaat? Sh*t 9v." Before I could blip the throttle the poor little sucker stalled. Starter gave the staccato of battery death. At least I learnt the little 150 roll starts very easy in 2nd.

    Have gone back to standard pair of 35/35W globes but am thinking of LED globes, which aren’t ADR as they are not point sources like conventional halogen filament but a relatively large circle which reflectors aren’t designed for and the cut-off is stuffed, producing naughty glare. H4 LED globes aren’t cheap either.
  14. High Beam when needed at night, normal the rest of the time, follow the same rules as I would in a car.

    Day time, If I am filtering along somewhere like Toorack Road in peak hour and using the spare space in curb side lane I will put on High Beam to give me the little bit extra viability to cars in the right hand lane so they do not move over on me.

    +1 to this

    Cheers Jeremy
  15. not another one of these dumb threads.

    But I suppose if we didn't have dumb threads we wouldn't have much to biatch about. :singing:
  16. Sorry everyone that already voted and was confused about the question. The question should have read "Do you ride with your lights constantly on high beam at night?".

    Maybe the survey can still be salvaged if the question was updated and an additional option "I switch between high and low beam" added for people to switch their option. I can't seem to change the survey, can a moderator still update it?

    smileedudesmileedude Yes true it won't be completely representative but it should be good enough to give a reasonable estimate. Pre-election polls are done in the similar fashion and all responses in such surveys are voluntary. I guess the best way to get an estimate to is stand at an intersection counting bikes and recording how many use high beam constantly.
  17. Pre election polls are voluntary to complete. But selection of participant is randomised.
    There is a refusal rate and a refusal bias. Which is peanuts compared to the bias of a non randomised surveys selection bias.

    With this there is zero ramdomization. It's as useless as a fly screen on a submarine.
  18. Maybe, but is it doing any harm or compromising motorcyclists in any way ? I can't see that it is.
  19. #19 smileedude, Feb 20, 2015
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    None what so ever.

    There is a lot of science behind conducting a representative survey. People need to understand any poll on any website asking people questions or television phone in polls have the accuracy of a blindfolded duck with an orange cannon.

    Claiming 50 respondents would make this representative is wrong 50000 wouldn't make it representative.
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  20. Who cares what is or isn't representative. The poll suffices the purposes for which it was created, and that's all that matters.