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Riding with family who can't

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HeavyNinja, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here takes their bike on a family trip where not everyone can ride? My wife is getting her L and even so my son is too young (by 9mnths) to legally be pillion. So this weekend for example, we will go out, however I will take my bike as the road is twisty and she will follow with kids in the car. We agreed that if it is a nice day, rather than me always disappear for a ride alone, sometimes I can ride and they will follow, so we still do family things.

    So does anyone else do this? Or just leave the fam behind lol.

  2. Have done this. Rode up to Mudgee for a few days and SibiSibi and the kid have come up in the car. Unfortunately the kid doesn't like long drives/rides so it's a task just to get her in the car.
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  3. I have the opposite problem, kids like the car however both also want to be on the bike. I don't do my practical till friday and already my kids are looking for helmets and my daughter has said she wants to go for a ride as soon as I pass hahahahahaha. So the issue will be not letting them on the bike, I can't pillion my daughter while my son watches from the car because he is too young.
  4. I do a mix of riding. Sometimes by myself, sometimes two up. And when there are more than two going I just take the car.
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  5. Oops, think I'm a nasty mum! Lied to kids and told them they are not old enough to pillion! Will be in a bit of trouble when the find out! They are dying to get on the back, I'm just too scared to take em! Would never forgive myself if something happened!!!

    So for now it's mummy and daddy time and they visit granny (who thankfully spoiles them rotten!!!
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  6. Just check your state laws about pillions, I know here in NSW 'L'/'P' platers cannot pillion another person.
  7. It does cross my mind that something happening would devestate me. In all honesty I think my daughter will freak out and want off once we hit 60+, she gets scared of things easy and it is one thing to do 10-20kph in our quiet cul de sac, it is something else to do 80,90,110.

    I have told her we will ride around the neighbourhood, we also have an 80 zone round the corner, so will take her on that. If after that she is still keen, I will take her on a 50km trip.
  8. Not always true - sometimes we ask the oldies to have the kids for the morning and to meet us at, for e.g, a winery and they'll meet us there for lunch with the kids So we all do something but we both get bike time too.

    Lunch is on us obviously! :)
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  9. Yup, forgot about that little trick! Haven't done that for a while, think it's time :)
  10. I won't have a L plate after friday and no p plates for me. Pillion must be ok on L in WA as your instructor is allowed to be your pillion.
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  11. Lol!!! Yup, hoping the same when they eventually get on!!!
  12. I wish. When the other half has her locence, riding together will be hard as neither my mum or hers likes bikes. She hasn't even told her mum she is getting a bike and I know her mum will ignore her when she does. So we won't have babysitters that are free.
  13. Yep. I've done it before. But that was before my wife got her license.
  14. We sometimes take a bike along when we go to the river. We're mostly there for the skiing but a chook chaser comes in handy for doing some laps, popping into town for beer, that kind of thing. But it travels up in the trailer.
  15. I did it all the way around Tasmania, for 10 days. To be honest it wasn't ideal as most days ended in 'discussion' about the kids driving her mad in the car while I was off enjoying myself. But it was better than no riding. I've also met up with the fam for long weekend trips to the high country, which works ok as long as I get my riding in on the way there and back (not happy if I just eave them at base camp).
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  16. If it's a nice day, my 12 y.o daughter will pillion with me, the wife and 14 y.o son will drive.
    On the return trip. the girl gets to choose; bike or car. Usually works a treat for all concerned.

    Although, the car must be faster, as I usually leave earlier and arrive later.
    Yet to work this one out...
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  17. And thanks to this thread reminding us, we arranged this today and got a ride out to Yarrawood winery while the kids got to travel with the grandparents in the cage. Good stuff, enjoyed the day! Nice place for bikers to stop too, great view and food.
    image. image. image.
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  18. I am feeling real sorry for you Chillibutton.............................Not. All of the blue skies, someone to ride with, you are doing it real Tough.
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  19. I've done it once. My OH doesn't ride, but was happy to follow in the car on a weekend away down the GOR. We plan to do a bit more of it as it's actually better than arguing about who gets to drive. Win win!
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  20. If the weather stays good next weekend, I am going to ride 240km and the mrs and kids will follow.