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riding with boots - how??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Atlas, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. hi guys

    really embaressing question... but how do u go about riding with boots on?

    before hitting the streets i figured id give riding a go in the yard (ive got a big yard) with the boots on. i found major major problems with trying to find a comfy foot position using the balls of my feet.. and manevouring to change gears up and down.. i think it has something to do with the boots being fixed in an L position.

    i found this a huge problem and a terrible distraction that iam thinking of not wearing boots altogether when riding... can someone give us any advice ?

    boot size is 44 euro.. iam size 9 shoe.. they are a* smx4 boots
  2. use it for few rides, you'll get used to it and after many rides, don't even notice
  3. If the boots are brand new where them every chance you get, mowing the lawns, walking the dog, etc
  4. :idea: You may need to adjust your lever positions to compensate for wearing something thicker between pegs & levers, therefore not making you feel so restricted.
  5. My feet are size 11. When I first tried riding in my new boots, on my new bike, the footpeg felt like it was only reaching halfway across the sole. Kept thinking my feet were gonna drop off the pegs :shock:
    In fact while taking one corner, a little too fast, as the peg started to scrape, my right foot came adrift from the peg and sorta . . . glided along the tarmac next to the bike for a bit. :shock: :shock: Of course the foot was still attached to the end of my leg because I hadn't actually hit anything but it was still, a little unsettling.
    New boots, like new bikes take a bit of getting used to.
  6. If they are new, they will take a bit of wear to soften up.

    You will get used to it after a few rides, it's just like breaking in a new pair of shoes :wink:
  7. ok sounds like a common problem.. ill start wearing the boots around to wear them in asap..

    where can i find detail son how to adjust the footpeg? is this in the cbr manual?
  8. Atlas,
    I have same problem. not sure exactly on CBR but the adjustment should look pretty obvious. My ZZR is splined where it goes into the gearbox. Remove bolt slide off and turn to new spline position.
    I am still not used to my real riding boots so end up wearing blunstones all the time. I will wear them in eventually.
  9. i recommend in adjusting your position rather than the pedal's positiion
  10. I remember the first few rides on my new boots were crazy.... I couldn't switch gears properly..... hell I couldn't even walk in them properly.....

    But I started to wear them everytime I can... going for a walk to the shops, going to dinner with my g/f, wore them working at my restauarant once... so after a coupla weeks - they started to soften up and now they are great.

    Gearing and positioning ain't no problem no more
  11. :?:

    I just tend to quickly adjust all levers on the bike I ride. that's why they are made adjustable.
  12. Sounds weird, but clutchless shifting (up) helps make things easier. Dont ask me why, and make sure you know how to clutchless first. This comes from a motorcross boot wearing percpective.
  13. The first time i rode was on a mates dirt bike. I was worried about breaking an ankle or something if i came off, so i wore my steel caps, rather than skate shoes. Big mistake. Had absolutely no sensitivity at all, couldnt feel anything. To find neutral I actually had to reach down with my hand and push the gear lever up and down..
  14. Where do you put your foot on the pegs? On the ball of your foot or in between the heel and ball resting on the rear brake? I find I have more control when I stand on the ball of my foot