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Riding with a hangover

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ad91on, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. It's just horrible.

    Why would I do this to myself.
  2. I wouldn't even dream of it. Apart from the fact you may still have some alcohol in the system that could put you over. The thought of wearing a helmet and listening to a blistering exhaust would be enough for me to just put the thing down and head onto public transport stig style.
  3. Loud exhausts ruin hungover lives. :)
  4. Suck it up, have a beer & get on with it.
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  5. Don't get hangovers...but that might make things worse when I go for a drive/ride and might actually be over the legal limit.
  6. I'm not a fair weather rider, but a hangover keeps me off the bike.
  7. I am bad for that. I have a self imposed 0.0 limit when on the bike, but a couple of times now I have ridden home from a pub out west with a hangover. Its not good at all and I really dont like doing it. But you have to get home somehow, and you cant stay at a pub overnight and drink milk.
  8. +1......Ride rain or shine......no ride hung over
  9. +1 on this too.....I practice the same principal
  10. A saying from a smart individual I was told recently

    "on the bottle OR on the throttle"
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  11. I did a double take on your sig dude, just goes to show how alcohol ****s your brain. For some reason I though i and j was real and imaginary. I am just trying to figure it all out, I went to uni at about 17, studied for 8 years part time doing electrical engineering before I pulled the pin (one part time year short of completing my degree) which means its been 10 years since I left. I just realised how retarded I am too, cause I did an electrical apprentice ship at the same time (started at age 16). TO further **** with my mind, one of my vendors has supplied me with some faulty hardware recently (bad design) so I sat down and did the math on some very basic transistor theory, it took me a day of google research to figure it out and it was the most basic shit you can imagine. I think I should find a new career, whats the job that requires the least amount of brain power?

    Anyway, enough hijacking of this thread, back to my wine now.
  12. I like it

    EDIT: Emphasis on OR logic here (y)
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  13. Hahahaha......love it!

    For the complex plane i = real component, j,k,z == (traditionally the imaginary *complex* plane(s))

    In a "normal" system the R will define the (R)eal set and i will define the (i)maginary.....

    Not back to my beer (y)
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