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Riding with a clear mind + warning for 250 hunters

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by im.on.it, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Such a nice day yesterday I took the opportunity to go out for a ride. Headed up to my usual playground Chum Creek Rd and was planning to either come back down and head over to Healsville for a coffee or keep going and loop around Kinglake and back to Warrandyte.

    I should mention this now, If you are not in the riding mood it's probably best to give the bike a miss and opt for something else to do.

    So heading past Eltham towards Kangaroo ground normal after school traffic and keeping the speed low. I make a few misjudgments but bothing too serious. Like darting in front of a 4x4 in a roun-a-bout. Not really a close call but I'm such an idiot for not waiting a few more seconds.

    Anyway I clear the boring stuff and the traffic disappears I change my posture and try out a few new tricks I learnt from reading the forums. And the twisty bits start coming up... I try a few different things with very little success and change back to my usual riding style. It's still pretty bad, jerky inconsistent braking and cornering. I slow right down and even let a few cars pass me on the straights. Now thinking I was probably better off staying at home and finishing my work.

    I felt determined to practice and pushed on heading up Chum Creek Rd - I hadn't ridden up this way for a long time. I usually rode down it. Again I try to change my posture consciously move my weight and turn my head all that. but something just didn't seem right.

    Coming up to a very familiar corner I see a very familiar sight. A bike stood up on the side of the road with a rider standing next to it playing with his phone. I slow down drop a few gears and put the thumbs up... he returns with a thumbs up. Thinking he's ok I continue on. That picture of him stand on the side of the road reminded me of a young bloke in trouble on the side of the road once... at the top of Chum Creek Rd I turn around and head back down still rinding like poo. I stop and talk to the guy on the ZZR250. turns out he was coming around the corner and just lost drive as he tried to accelrate out.

    conversation continues on a bit but he seemed in good enough spirits. So I left him waiting there. I hope he gets a refund from Sumoto but unlikely. Imagine if he had fallen and hit the armco... who'd be taking it back to Sumoto then? Makes my blood boil.

    Meanwhile my ride from there back to Warrandyte was immaculate I was connecting turns leaning in harder and later (still a lot more leaning to go). But I think stopping and checking if a guy is in trouble - easing my own mind helps me be more... what's the word... free on the bike. My riding is more relaxed I'm not thinking about tight grip on tank, loosen arms, look to turn, stay wide, stay wider. It just happened. And I think my man Denn has a pretty good description of having a good time in the twisties... "it wasn't fast... it just flowed."

    I'm not really sure what was holding me back in the first half of my ride, but I know I was definitely thinking too much. It pays to be stress free but then isn't that what being on the bike is about sometimes - to lose yourself for a few hours and just ride.

    Thanks for reading, hope I didn't bore you