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Riding Whilst Pregnant

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Toya, May 19, 2008.

  1. This question is aimed at the female riders out there, and also to the men who have partners (femal) that ride...
    I was wondering, and I dont know if there is a law in regards to this....
    But...how far along were you ladies (or your parters if a man is going to answer) before you put the bike to bed in the garage?
    Did you stop when it became too much of a physical challenge, or did you avoid the risk altogether after receiving the great news??

    Thanks, Mia

  2. Well, it was nearly thirty years ago, but as I recollect, Mrs Hornet was around 2 months pregnant when she stopped riding her RD-250.

    This IS an emotive subject, so be prepared; last time it aired a few months ago there was very nearly blood on the sands :LOL:.
  3. "Blood on the sands" eh. Well in that case . . . :popcorn:
  4. About 4 months has been the average of a number of ladies of my accquaintance.

    Basically, when the gear won't do up any more :grin: .
  5. PatB, I figured that the fit of the gear may pre-determine a lot! he he

    I thought this may be a touchy subject, and I am certainly not trying to start a "violent" debate..I am just curious as to see others views on this. I love riding and would like to think that I would continue to do so until I physically couldnt...but then it would be more than my life that I would be risking...
  6. Congratulations?! :grin:

    Coming from another female and a mother, I would say you give up riding when it feels right to you. Sure, you don't take stupid risks or ride like a maniac, but don't give up something you love doing just because you feel you ought to. I am sure discomfort and physical ability to ride a bike will come into it before too long (I don't know from personal experience, I couldn't ride a bike when I was pregnant). But everything you do in life has a risk. Just take it easy. There will be time enough to have to give things up for a while when the bub comes along!

    But again - I would say it is a completely personal decision - you have to do what feels right for you.
  8. There is no such law so decision is all yours.

    If you were my Mrs, you'd be off the bike until the baby is
    ejected out of the birth canal 932.
  9. And p.s. don't listen to a word most of the blokes will have to say! The day that they are the ones who are pregnant should be the day they get to make the decisions! :p

    (all said very tongue in cheek before anyone decides to get too upset with me!)
  10. Yes I remember how heated it got last time we had this discussion. My own opinion, which I hope will not anger too many people, is that I would not ride if pregnant at all. This was certainly my wife's view when she was pregnant, her point of view was that it's only nine months, no big deal, she will do whatever is necessary to make it as safe as possible for the fetus (within reason, and giving up riding for a short time is no big deal). I agree 100%

    Tounge in cheek reply: what a load of rubbish, as the father I have every right to have an input. The day women can get pregnant without a man's sperm is the day they can make all the decisions by themselves ...
  11. +1 StRider

    I'll go further & say that as the head of my household I take on
    board what the other half wants, but at day's end, I have the final
    say if views differ.

    In fact my decision was that there is no motorcycle riding until the
    youngest is going to school. That means another 4yrs as a cager.

    * Nothing said tongue-in-cheek either *

    So stick that one up ya helent (& any feminists) fing27.
  12. :LOL:
  13. no no helent, no congratulations due (yet!).
    I have only been riding for 2 years, and the majority of my road experience is commuting....I love the convenience of parking at the front door and avoiding the parking costs! he he

    People do seem to have strong views on the for or against of it, and as has been stated, i think it is a personal choice based on your own confidence and experience level.
  14. Gosh boys - it doesn't take much to get you all upset, does it. And there was absolutely no need to get rude and personal, no need whatsoever. I presume you guys love your wives/partners as much as you would love your unborn child - well if it is such a dangerous activity (which I know it is but like I said there is a risk in everything we do), then how come your partner/wife is allowed to ride at all? I am surprised you haven't just got her chained up in the kitchen, where she can come to no harm, and where she can safely stay home cooking your tea (but no cooking chips - a lot of housefires are started with chip pans, far too dangerous). :twisted:

    And I suppose whilst your poor wife and breeder is banned from doing anything where she might remotely enjoy herself, you will be providing moral support by also giving up riding?

    But like I said - it should be a personal decision.

    And I don't see that sticking up for yourself and your rights as a human being makes you a feminist. I just refuse to be told what to do and how to behave by anybody, I can make my decisions for myself. But then that's why I am not married to you or anybody like you (or indeed why you are not married to me or anyone quite like me I don't suppose).

    A bit of difference is what makes the world go round doesn't it or it would all get boring (or something like that).
  15. i don't remember seeing the previous thread on this and by the sound of it am very pleased about that! i deregistered the bike fairly soon after i found out i was pregnant. i'm 41, lucky to have fallen pregnant at all, had one previous miscarriage and didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. as it turns out, i grew out of my draggins and then leathers pretty quickly anyway.

    having said that, i've spoken to NR women who rode til it was physically impossible to stretch their arms around their tummy and their tank at the same time and one person said she road til 38 weeks! each to their own. i think there's some medical point of view that the vibration isn't good for bub after a certain point but i don't know my facts on that.

    so if you're not pregnant now Toya, are you trying? if so, good luck. we've 5 weeks to go and it's already been an amazing journey.... and it hasn't even really started yet :LOL:
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  17. Move over ... :popcorn:
    My 2c worth .. It's boils down to an individual sets of circumstances & opinions. I think should be discussed by both partners. It's something one should never take lightly, as there is another life here at stake, who does not even get a vote.
    I know I wouldn't want my wife riding whilst pregnant, and as much as I'd argue my point, She does have the final say.
  18. I'd have to agree and say it totally is up to the individual

    My personal experience at the moment is that (apart from currently squishing my belly against the tank and not being able to zip up my pants or jacket) I wouldn't feel safe. I know I'm a good rider, but there's always those idiots out on the road that you can never account for.

    This decision comes from an accident I had about 2 years ago. I was on the way to work and a P-plater clipped my front wheel whilst merging without indicating...
    I went straight up in the air and landed on my hip.

    Cut to later that day and I was suddenly bleeding quite a lot from (you-know-where). I spent the evening in the Royal Melbourne and the next morning in the Royal Women's being poked and prodded and doped up on morphine whilst they were trying to determine what was causing the bleeding. Thankfully, there was no internal trauma, but I was told that the force of the impact had caused a "hormonal stress reaction" and caused me to have a "ghost miscarraige".

    The thought of that potentially happening again (now with a baby in the oven) is something that, being preventable, I couldn't live with myself.

    I pretty much rode to the doctors to confirm the pregnancy and rode home again - feeling rather queasy. and discussed it with my partner. We decided the best thing was to stop riding for now.

    So now I really do miss riding, and love bikes - but we love our little bubs even more so it's not the end of the world - only 9 months. (4 to go.)
  19. Actually it makes better rose bush fertiliser :grin: my father had fantastic roses when I was growing up (he was an ob/gyn :LOL: )