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Riding when sick.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, May 20, 2008.

  1. Well, what a day!
    I had a restless night and felt like shit in the morning but my sense of duty to my students and the school was stronger, off I went.
    I knew straight away that it was the wrong thing to do as I was getting dizzy spells whilst doing head checks and I was burning up on a particularly cool morning.
    I get to work and felt worse so decided after an hour that I needed to go home.
    To say that I don't remember the trip home was an understatement but my sense of getting home was enough to get me there..
    I went straight to bed at 11am and woke up about 5.30 this evening.
    Still getting chills and shivers but nowhere near the feeling I had earlier in the day.

    What is the sickest you have felt and had to ride your bike?

  2. Finally got out of hospital after having appendix out (was in there for a while due to partial explosion of said appendix), had crazy bad nausea from the antibiotics and from not eating for a week. Couldn't move for a few days due to the nausea but I decided maybe riding could make me feel better. I got all of 10 metres before turning back :LOL:

    Also same thing after a big night, 0% alcohol but still hungover.. get my gear on but whilst walking to bike I can't walk straight. 'I'm pretty sure I need balance to ride that thing eh..' back to bed. I do this alot :grin:
  3. A big-effort kick-start tends to compound this situation! :cry:
  4. As much as I hate to admit it, after a big night sampling Irelands finest (drink that is), the nice cool crisp morning air can do wonders for some ailments.
  5. Last year I had to ride 25kms+ in heavy rain, during winter, whilst being very sick w/ flu. The worst part isn't the ride itself, it's getting your runny nose un-runny whilst you're riding and can't wipe. Eeeeeeewwwww....... :eek:
  6. rode home from a foot operation, much to the doctors disgust, only to arrive back in a couple hours for serious pain killers.

    rode from bega - batemans bay with pneumonia, hospitalised....
    im silly
  7. Worst was probably when I blocked myself up by eating 1.5 kg of peanuts at one sitting (don't ask :shock: ). Next day, halfway through a 200 km ride, the worst gut-ache I've yet to experience hit out of the blue. Spent the next 50 kms draped over the tank of the MZ half blinded by purple spots of pain, stopping every 5 km or so to try and chuck. Eventually managed to eject what felt like a solid wedge comprising every peanut in the world and felt much better.

    Funniest was pretty much every June in the UK, when my hayfever was at its best. One of the reasons that I have no problem with open face lids is the fact that I'd spend a month out of every year riding around with a glittering, metre long silver rope of mucous trailing from each nostril. It made head checks a bit messy but it also helped to discourage tailgaters so I can't really complain :grin: .
  8. Worst one I had was just recently.

    Started a new job in Alexandria and I live on the central coast, naturally being a new job I couldn't take time off, my car got written off a few days after I started so I was stuck riding.

    Got this horrible chest infection, riding 80kms each way in the freezing cold and through the tunnels sucking in exhaust coughing so bad I'm almost throwing up. This ended and I got the flu a few days later, followed up with a shocking head cold.
  9. A few years back I ate a prawn sandwich which was very obviously 'off'.

    I had to stop my FZ750 in the middle of Trent Bridge in Nottingham (yes, the one next to the cricket ground) in peak hour traffic and throw up violently all over the road.

    Got my helmet off with mili-seconds to spare. God Bless you, Shoei quick-release chin straps! :)
  10. IVe always found that no matter how sick i feel, if i have to ride for whatever reason, soon as im on the bike i feel ok. Its weird. I can feel like total shite, get on the bike, ride to where im going feeling fine and as soon as i get off the bike, i feel like shite again.

    I think its just the concentration on traffic/road taking your mind off how bad you feel. Also, the cold air in the face probably helps.

    Although, i rode to Apollo Bay last week with a mate and got a rather bad case of gastro whilst on the GOR. HAd to stop every 10 minutes to find a public toilet. Not nice. Anyone ever tried to back one out in a public toilet whilst wearing a 1pc leather suit???? The physics of that are just mind boggling!! :LOL:
  11. Well that could have ended horribly :shock:
  12. So much I could say.............

    I always wonder about bringing the days takings while wearing a full face helmet.
  13. NEVER vomit in a full-face helmet! [-X

    Take the word of one who knows :oops:
  14. Riding along politely one time and something stung me between the shoulder blades, you know, the place you can't reach no matter which angle you come at it from? It started out as a sting and quickly turned into a stabbing pain so i ignored it. I kept riding and then the whole world tipped over onto it's side by 45 degrees and i got double vision. I could still feel my centre of balance, it was just the visual clues that were out of whack.
    I rode to the nearest emergency department and went inside to the desk where i waited patiently for the duty nurse's attention. After a couple of minutes I passed out and hit the floor, which was fortuitous because it got the nurse's attention. When i came to, they put me in a wheelchair and took me to an observation room.
    After checking me over me twice, they eventually found two puncture marks the size of pin pricks that were right on the spine. So small they couldn't find them the first time they looked. A search was conducted through my shirts and jacket to see if the culprit could be identified, and none was found.
    After about an hour and a half I felt tip top like nothing had happened so i went home.
    I've been bitten and stung by a few different things along the way, but nothing even remotely comes close to that psychedelic experience.
    To this day, I wonder if that mutant bug died after it bit me or if it went off and started a colony. Either way I'm never riding through Parkville again.
  15. Parkville, eh? *notes that down to remember before next dance party I attend....*
  16. yeah, chef, ive been..err...bitten many, many times :grin:
  17. hehe, maybe i should of kept him and hugged him and petted him and bred him. :twisted: