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Riding unregistered?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pl4y3rz3r0, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. hey guys, first post!
    Sorry but i'm not sure where this goes... :S

    I have recently bought a bike which has been unregistered for 6 months and has no number plates.

    I was told by a friend that when he first bought his bike he had riden it to a workshop to get his blueslip. I asked him if it was legal and he claimed it was so long as it is the closest possible garage that offers blueslips to your current location.

    I just wanted to quickly ask whether this was legal or do I need to organize a courier to transpot my bike 900 meters to the nearest garage?

    Should it not be legal to ride it there, am I allowed to walk my bike there? it is very light and on flat terrain, I don't need to sit on it to move it.

    I once had to drive my car unregistered to a mechanic however it had number plates and I had the ctp renewed on it, however without a numberplate i can't buy ctp for my bike...

    This may seem stupid but it would be great to save a few hundred lol.
  2. would help if you mention which state you're in.
    up here (QLD) we can ride unregistered, but need an insurance certificate and a permit.
    yes you can push it
  3. In Victoria you can get a temporary unregistered vehicle permit for up to 28 days. It's about $70 and is for the purposes of getting your vehicle fixed or testing.
  4. NSW you can ride to the nearest convenient place to have repairs done etc or anything involved in the process or registration - including to the RTA, etc.
    But... one recommendation ive been told is to quickly write, date, time and sign a piece of paper saying thats what you are doing, where you left, and where you are going just in case you get pulled over, so you are pre-prepared, not looking like you are trying to make up an excuse :p.
  5. RTA..

    When you can drive unregistered:

    Unregistered light vehicles can be driven for the purpose of obtaining registration by the most direct or convenient route:

    • To the nearest convenient motor registry.
    • To the nearest convenient vehicle inspection station or authorised safety check station to determine whether the vehicle complies with the applicable vehicle standards.
    • In the course of inspecting or testing the vehicle to determine if it complies with the applicable vehicle standards.
    • To the nearest practicable weighbridge to determine the weight of the vehicle.
    • From a motor registry or safety check station where the registration of the vehicle has been refused, to the nearest convenient place where necessary repairs can be made or where the vehicle can be garaged, unless a direction has been issued that the vehicle must not be driven before the necessary repairs have been made.
    • From an authorised safety check station to the nearest convenient place where necessary repairs or adjustments can be made or where the vehicle can be garaged.
    • To the nearest convenient office of a licensed insurer for the purpose of obtaining Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.
    • To the nearest convenient location for any other purpose directly associated with the registration process.
    If you are caught driving an unregistered vehicle on any other route, you may be fined and police may remove the vehicle's number plates on the spot or they may seize the vehicle.
  6. 900M on flat ground? Push it!
  7. Thread locked it belongs in politics the law and insurance op did mot mention the state on the title. Op must pm with correct details
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.