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VIC Riding unregistered or licensed? - police launch ANPR lock-down operations

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, May 7, 2012.

  1. Although I don't like parts of VicPol, I don't really have an issue with the license/rego part of this one.


  2. So does this mean they won't pull us over just for fun anymore, only if we ping as potentially naughty?
  3. Meh. Operation ends with the financial year. All about getting the surplus over the line.

    I can see the issue with riders who have never obtained a license, but some sympathy for those who have lost it through accumulated petty enforcement.

    The rego side is just about paying your way IMO, not safety.
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  4. A couple of points....

    As far as VicPol see it, evey person is or can be a danger as soon as they take control of any vehicle, so anyone/vehicle taken off the road regardless whether they're making a traffic violation or not, has made it safer in their eyes.
    Then there's the financial side of insurance that can come into play via TAC component of rego should anyone need medical requirements due to an accident..

    Now with the unlicensed side of things, I read most of the accident media releases and there does seem to be good percentage with unlicensed driver/riders involved.
    Another thing that annoys the crap out of me when they reduce limits, come down tough on the rest of us, etc as a result of people who shouldn't be there in the first place..

    Just sayin..
  5. "Throughout April, May and June, every Victorian police officer, from commissioners to newest constables will have a focus on road enforcement."

    Probably be a good time to burg a few houses.
  6. Unregistered, I don't have an issue with.

    Tarring every unlicensed person as an accident waiting to happen... that's just spin.
  7. Soo I better park the 1000cc back in the garage for the next 2 months until the end of my restrictions
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  8. Unauthorised drivers are more likely to have road trauma,

    Does that mean the unlicensed ten year olds falling off unregistered bush motor cycles and getting injured in the scrub, are included in the road toll.

    Good way of bumping up the numbers,
  9. scafo, if you're the registered owner and have a lams bike, then the system will notify officer monitoring vehicles passing that owner is unlicensed to operate that bike.
    Their next step is to pull over the bike to see who's riding it..

    Deadman, cops statistcs released of the last few operations included those riders.
    Most of riders without a helmet were young ones, in the bush riding some sort of dirt bike.
    Yes it's not right, particularly when they clamp down harder on rules on the rest of the driving/riding community..
  10. Wipe off five is clearly not very effective if you dont have a speedo on your bike.
  11. And just because I'm in that kind of mood,... what's with using the prison-system terminology ("lock-down") when dealing with citizens in public places?

    "Victoria - the prison state"?
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  12. Last year with no licence,
    H, was driving my cars and trucks, I was hanging out to be pulled over with this ANPR.

    Didnt happen,
  13. They have been watching too many Yankee cop movies,

    New Prisons coming up to hold all the unlicenced drivers,
  14. I have an acquaintance who lost his licence for six months a while back. His wife now drives his car - so far she has been pulled over seven times in six weeks.

    She's not terribly happy about it because it's caused her to be late for doctor's appointments, picking kids up etc.
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  15. I suspect a number of people will find this issue during this type of push. Also, if you've lost your license, you should make sure you vehicle is registered in someone else's name.

    I'm curious as to how they plan to monitor fatigue tho??
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  16. There is a road toll group that meets once a month to discuss oddball/freak accidents to see if they should be included or not included in the toll final number. Not too sure what the rules are but Im sure I've read something along the lines of kids getting killed at a MX park isnt included in the final count.
  17. Thats interesting about the MX park, I haden't thought about that one,

    I was only talking about off road, Camping in the bush with Bikes, No Reg, No Lights, Brakes???, Etc,

    Do these ones get included in the Toll,
  18. A couple weeks ago.. heading into frankston (lol) at the bottom of olivers hill.. they had one setup.. nowhere to go, they had cops sitting in the carpark and obviously had just started.

    It'll be interesting to see the results of this "operation" at the end of the 3 months.. just to see how many people are unlicensed and unregistered.
  19. Quite often they are included in the news release figures, and then taken off the official figure a few weeks later.