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Riding un-registered to the rego office (to get rego)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pringa8, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I got busted the other day (ACT) on my way to the rego office to get registration. Yes I really was on the way, even showed the nice officer who pulled me over the paperwork. Anyways, copped a big fat fine for it. However, in NSW, had I been doing this i would have been absolutely fine (confirmed with the RTA). There seems to be a bit of disparity between the states surprise surprise!

    Anyone know the laws around this in your state?
  2. It's not permitted in Victoria.

    We have things called 'unregistered vehicle permits' which you can purchase over the phone with a credit card or over the counter at VicRoads.

    You have to buy one of those (limited time) permits before transporting an unregistered vehicle anywhere... even to be repaired or registered.
  3. The reason for all this is liability.

    A temp or proper rego gives you TAC (or equivelent) insurance coverage.

    If you were to hit a pedestrian with no rego you would have to pay the medical costs (assuming guilt here of course) to fix the ped you bowled over and that can add up to thousands if rehab or worse permanent disability is involved.

    The biggest problem is the differences between the states.
  4. i am pretty sure that you can not do this in NSW either. you need a day pass, and to get this you need the blue slip. you can take it direct ot the body shop only not the rta.
  5. yes it is permitted, provided you are taking the most direct route to the vicroads office within the timeframe of your appointment. unreg vehicle permits are for taking a vehicle point to point. i've rang vicroads to ask this question and it is allowed.
  6. I rang VicRoads and asked the specific question you list above, that is why I got the last couple of unregistered vehicle permits.

    They gave me _exactly_ the oposite answer to what they said to you.

    I find myself wondering how quick your VicRoads employee would run for cover if you tried to use his comment to defend yourself in court after something went wrong :LOL:
  7. I was allowed to take my car to Vicroads 40mins away with no plates to get it registered.
  8. He would only need to run to the rule book actually...

  9. I too rang PrickToads when the MX5 was unreged.

    As the flexi one states, providing you are taking the direct route to pricktoads it is permitted and that you are covered by TAC.

    They do however advise you to "buy" a unreg vehicle permit so as you can get to a roadworthy place, then go back later after you have any faults rectified.
    There are 3 day and 7?? day permits

    Of course they wont give you the first option as they want your cash :grin:
  10. I live in Sydney, and i was told quite clearly that i could only ride directly to one of the nearest places that qould do my pink slip or blue slip or whatever colour slip it was, and then directly to the nearest rta registration office.

  11. Hmmm interesting... looks like the VicRoads guy at our local office doesn't know which way to tie his shoelaces (why doesn't this surprise me...) :roll:
  12. And show the nice police officer the paperwork that came with the phone advice from VicRoads.

    Unfortunately, Vicroads gives out a lot of telephone advice which would never be backed up in a court of law.

    In Vic, you must buy the permit, or face financial ruin.
    But given that a 1 month permit is about $60, hardly a big ask.
  13. This is the type of advice I was talking about, if you ring RTA/VicRoads they tell you it's fine providing you're on a direct route to the rego office. In my case, i went to get rego in the office here in town, though it has conveniently closed so I had to go to another office. And the RTA here isn't as advanced as being able to provide a permit over the phone!