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Riding tutor/coach?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Conway, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Hey there,

    Just got my L's and am feeling a bit low on confidence to tackle the inner-city streets of Sydney.


    Hoping to find someone to take it slow with, go on practice rides or even have someone ride my bike to a carpark so I can get used to the feel (and size) of my Honda CB250R.

    I've dropped in a few times now, which has shaken my confidence to take it out.

    I live in Summer Hill, Sydney.

    Any takers?
  2. Where did you do your L's? Give them a call as most provide other training as well as the licensing courses.

    While there are plenty of experienced riders out there who might help for nix you do run the very real risk of being led astray by someone who thinks they are Rossi but is actually Mr Bean.
  3. Haha, fair point. I don't need a Rossi, just someone who can hold my hand a few times :p
    I did my course up at Tuggerah, they were great - it's just the Sydney traffic that has me hesitant and psyching myself out!
    Good idea on calling some local Sydney training centres though!
  4. Perfect. Go to Saturday morning training at Homebush, then on for a ride with the guys after. I'll try and find the link. You'll be fine Conway, relax.

    Edit** Here's the thread: Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly, Sat 1pm)
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  5. Thanks for that Lionz! Looking forward to the link... (Still terrified)
  6. I live nearby so could probably help out if you really feel like you can't get out on the bike at all and want someone to ride it to a quiet car park.

    But as others have said get down to homebush Sydney learner sessions. Stick up a post on that thread and someone may even be able to ride there with you. Many have done so in the past.

    And don't worry about dropping it now. You've dropped it once so it's already not pretty anymore :p
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  7. ah Wheel Skills then :) good people and they do offer intermediate training - I think on an hourly basis.
    In Sydney try Hart or Stay Upright. It's good at this stage to go through trainers who are familiar with the licence courses.
    There's also a mob called Skill Master that offers beginner type courses (but not licensing).
    The key is to practice the skills learnt in your Ls course until you don't need to spend as much time concentrating on those so you can spend more time on the roadcraft.
    Try to find a cul-de-sac to practice in or a carpark ... some half tennis balls can be used to mark out a course but won't hurt anything if run over.
    If in traffic then remember observation, slow down and buffer =D
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    That would be great, I'm not sure I would even want to ride it to Homebush myself at the moment :( And I don't know the route off by heart either, I believe looking at Google Maps on your phone is frowned upon while riding :p

    So bummed that I scraped it, it was in mint condition - but you're right! Damage done, milk spilled etc.

    Booked in for a HART Confidence and Road Skills session!

    Thanks for the advice and support gang, I'll definitely come to the Homebush sessions (as soon as I can get myself there :p)
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  9. Good onya Conway, that's the way to do it. It'll all be water off a duck's back soon and you'll be one giving the advice to the next poster. Relax, you'll be sweet as.
  10. Here are the details for the Homebush session. This is absolutely the best place to go to improve your riding.

    Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly, Sat 1pm)

    Post on there as there are heaps of people following that thread who are better qualified to help you out than myself.

    I am crazily busy for the next week or so but if you find that you just don't have the confidence at all I should be able to help out at some point when work quiets down a bit.

    In the mean time I would suggest simple excercise. Go sit on the bike engine off. Rocking it underneath you feeling the weight, where it wants to balance, where it starts to tip.

    Or do some simple clutch control exercises. With no throttle just slowly release the clutch until you start to roll. Do that a few times, build your confidence.

    If anyone says riding a bike isn't scary at first. They either lying or fearless.

    I'm sure you can do it!

    When is your HART session? I've found HART to be pretty good.

    Edit: LionzLionz beat me to the link to the learner sessions with a sneak edit
  11. The next session I could get in to wasn't til the 24th of April, so I'll have to test my patience til then!

    I'm not bad in my underground garage- the only issue is it's really narrow, so turning is a challenge and one of the places I've lost my balance and dropped it. Then trying to get out of the garage today was harder than I anticipated due to the slope of the driveway onto a busy road... also where I dropped the bike :(

    I'm good with clutch control and acceleration, it's just slow speed turning (which I have to do in the car park) and an icky driveway onto a busy road that's playing with my head.

    I'll defs post on the Homebush forum as soon as I can, just gotta wait for that 48 hour "probation" period to expire on here before I can add to the thread.

    I know I'll get there and get confident with my riding, just gotta figure out the best way to get started!
  12. I'm away until Wednesday next week. I can help for a week following that.
    I have taught many noobs to ride from scratch, several very short Asian girls who can barely reach the ground. Ignore the MOST course, that is not what you need to learn at this point in time.
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  13. Welcome to NR. Good to see you have had some advice already. Good luck with the learning.
  14. My suggestion of Homebush was not based on practicing the MOST course, more so many helpful, generous and knowledgeable people set aside their time to help learners, and are usually willing to provide one on one feedback for those not yet ready to tackle the MOST course.

    And I'd recommend taking up TWEETTWEET on his offer. He has about ten times my riding experience and a thousand times more experience tutoring newbs.
  15. Didn't realise you are an instructor ... what is your programme?

    re the MOST ... it contains simple elements that are achievable ... or should be by anyone wanting to ride.
    Of course those elements can be practiced in many forms... motogymkhana is an excellent tutor for these skills.
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    That'd be ace, Tweet. So you're away til the 20th or 27th? What's the best way to get you my contact details etc.?

    I'm a shortie too, so your past experience sounds highly relevant :)

    Just found out about rider sliders... :oops:

    Could have saved myself a few dings!!! Oh well, they are there now so I guess I can replace the fairing when it comes time to upgrade!

    Would advise for anyone with a bike that hasn't been tarnished by a newbie ;)
  17. I'm away until 20th, then available until 26th. Send me a PM with your details...
  18. Hi ConwayConway, unfortunately the slow stuff is always the hardest. Looks like TWEETTWEET will have you covered. He's helped a few newbies. You'll be ok when you become familiar with your bike and then you'll never look back. I'd take you to St Kilda for practice, but we'd need a tankful of fuel or two.
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  19. TWEETTWEET has offered assistance, and has assisted many other Netriders. You do not need to know his programme.

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