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Riding Training - other riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Went out for lunch this afternoon, and i parked in a (parallel parking spot) in a sort of drive through driveway (it was legal anyway) came out to find this bloke in front of me on his little 250 just gearing up.

    As he moved off he tired to push the bike with his feet, in order to do the u turn, i sat and watched for a sec as he tired to do this turn :shock: (granted it was a tight area) but there was plenty of room, anyway after watching this guy for a few more seconds i decided to go up and offer some advice on his u turn technique :LOL: so asked if he knew how to hang a u turn? To which it was yes we were shown during the course but can't do them :?

    After hearing this i asked he had a couple of minutes and if so did he want some help them.....after a bit of a shocked look he said sure thing, so i jump on mine and show him, that it can be done and how i go about them, anyway we move down to the end of the drive way where it was a bit larger and just got him to try a couple. After a couple of attempts he finally got a larger u turn completed with no feet, so i wished him good luck and suggested he should practice the basics whenever he gets the chance/sees a empty carpark.

    So anyway thats my good deed for the day and hopefully this bloke toke my advice and heads of to do a HART training day.

    Funny thing about this story is that only on the weekend myself and andy were discussing how the system could let people like this out on the road, not sure what the answer is maybe more intense training before gaining license or maybe it's just dumb luck that some learn the skill?

    cheers stewy

    p.s. lunch was good btw
  2. So what did you have for lunch?
  3. chicken burger, chips, 2 dimmys and Big M :grin: :LOL:

    got a mars bar to take away :wink:
  4. No problems weighting the outside peg then?
  5. :LOL: :LOL: yeah i am lucky atm......can eat what ever the i want and still stay at 80kg.....bit annoying though when i am trying to bulk up :LOL: :(
  6. Bummer. :shock:
  7. :LOL: yeah I've had that problem for 10 years Stewy, can eat like a horse and I've never hit over 80kg once :mad:

    But as for the rider training, couldn't agree with you more that too many of the learners are out there on their own with not enough skill, training and roadcraft to be safe and really enjoy what we all love about 2 wheels!!

    There's heaps of threads on here about inadequate learners testing etc. and for the safety of all the new riders it should be more comprehensive IMO

    I was lucky when I started riding that I'd come from many years riding dirt bikes and old school road bikes on my family's farm that I atleast had decent skills and getting onto Netrider and doing some group rides quickly picked up better roadcraft on the bike...

    Maybe we should a buddy system similar to WA, so after people pass their learners course they can pick up a lot of stuff from their much more experienced buddy?
  8. Including all their bad habits :?
    At least in group rides they will pick up an "average" and may be able to pick right from wrong.

    Leave the learners test the way it is, but making the license test more strict would sort the wheat from the chaff.
  9. so in VIC don't you have to successfully complete a u-turn to get off your L's??
  10. i don't recall having to do one.....but it was a couple of years ago.....
  11. the simple fact is that you are not taught to ride a bike.....you are taught how to pass the test to get your license.

    its not different fro drivers license.
  12. Nope, There are 2 scenario's for your licence test.

    1) You have four runs at the lights which includes 1 left emergency swerve, 1 right emergency swerve and 2 emergency stops
    2) A left and right hand bend (very easy turn) where you have to do it at a resonable speed and stay within the lines. Too slow you lose marks, go out of the lines you fail.

    Thats the whole test.
  13. Gasp! They call that adequate training?
  14. errmmm,

    i think thats just the rider,

    i am on my L, before i had my L, but after my first 3 hrs practical lesson,

    i bought a bike and had to ride it home myself. 3 u turn, first u turn i used my foot to help me turn, 2nd no foot, 3rd u turn at a "bit" faster speed. i think its more like whether or not the rider wants to risk it to try.

    i know its stupid to try it on open road. but please if you had to put ur foot down everytime u need to do u turn, dont you think you will have to do lots of u turn in ur life?

    and btw, we are tested on u turn (VIC) remember when you have to turn into a corner within the line and after than you have to get back to the middle spot? isnt that called a u turn ?
  15. the test u-turn was not very tight... very gentle curve

    a tight u-turn is a very different technique - weighting being very drastic.

    i was fine on my 250 but when i got my 900 it took a bit of practice to build the confidence. same technique just a little more weight and a twitchier throttle.

    best way to learn is in a carpark with the idle slightly up. then back to normal idle in a deserted suburban street. then in a small suburban street on a hill.
  16. You might consider it a U-turn if the instructors expect you to turn sharply to return to position for the next part of the test, but there is no official U-turn in the test. The license test has been outlined above; the L's test is just a left hand turn, right hand turn (with indicators of course!), emergency stop, stop in the box and slow ride.
  17. Not when I did mine in Jan 2005.

    Hey good on ya for saying something Stewy.

    I would've just kept quiet & watched in amusement :oops:
  18. There is a U turn section on the test to get off your L's.

    Whilst its not too difficult on the type of bikes they provide, it would be a bit more difficult on a sports type bike with less turning circle without a bit of experience.

    edit: actually I just looked it up : http://www.ridetek.com.au/licensetesting.htm

    Its not actually part of the test. When I did mine at DECA we had to do the U turn - must have been a practise thing like the swerving through cones bit. Can't believe other training schools dont do this?
  19. wow so it sounds like the sort of drills varies from one centre to the next, thats sort of scary in it self....well guess from the sounds of things most have learnt the skill but to those still struggling with it, who might want a bit of help drop me a line and will happily spend some time helping you to improve this skill.

    cheers stewy