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Riding today ...reflections.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vOOdsy, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. What can I say, decided to go for a ride today in the wet. :D Across the Black Spur which was deserted as expected and headed into Ringwood. No dramas here.

    Decided to drop by the bike shops to a look at some potential bikes for my upgrade. Test rode an old 89 ZXR 750...first time on a big bike!!! :D Man has that thing thing got some power behind it. Unfortunately, it wasn't the power surge i was expecting. I am also wondering how on earth do you guys turn/handle a big bike. :?: :?: I was strugling to manouvre the bike around the corners. Is it a case of getting used to it??. Saw some nice ZX9r..but there was no way I'm going to try and ride that thing. Lol.

    As the rain cloud developed again I decided to hop back on my Spada and scoot back to Alexandra. Heading out of Coldstream and about to overtake a car at 80km/h...rear wheel loses traction, swing to the left then right and finally stabilising. Brown pants moments here :oops: Manage to keep it upright and continued back safely....

    Anyways, that was my day, how was yours?

  2. After a few weeks then it's like riding a 250 sort off, but the turning circle is larger, need a little more motion on a bigger bike.
    The truth, it is like anything you get use to it all, size weight and power etc.
  3. i ride scooters around for PR promotions to earn some extra spending money, did that today and it was good fun, could hardly call it 'work' getting to chat to other guys interested in bikes, and no boss looking over my shoulder :) good option.
  4. I don't know how a bike like that would handle, but I wonder if you could do with a bit more input into your countersteering. May be add some sqeeze the tank with your knees and loosen off your arm tension; "chicken wings"as the ASBKschool say.

    :D :D :D
  5. Countersteering .. can't use your knee's and weight to push around a bigger bike :)

    A knock at the door early this arfterrnon woke me up from a slumber on the couch. cbrdno, still in helmet, standing at the door wants to see if I can come out and play :) So we go for a cruise up the beach rd and enjoy the view into St.kilda and Port Melbourne. Have some lunch, and head home again. Loverly! :)
  6. How do I get me one of those jobs? :eek:
  7. what the hell kinda power WERE you expecting? :shock: and did you rev it past 5000? :LOL: i'd be guessing you idled it around yeah? cos those things have heaps of kick up high 8)

    hahahahahaa :LOL: you havn't really picked the friendliest bike to try out. try something in the 600s and a bit newer and you'll see what i mean, an older 750 needs a bit more input than you'd be used to.
  8. Coconuts is right there, that ZXR is not the friendliest of bikes (not that there's anything wrong with that :) ) Chances are you'd have found that ZX9R MUCH easier to ride.
    Plus, your coming from a naked with high-ish bars. The switch to low-set clip-ons is arguably an even bigger issue than the extra power and weight, as it involves quite a different approach to steering.
    Why not try out a larger naked-bike next? I think you'll see that it's not that scary. And also a 600 - more than enough power for a next bike!
  9. I test rode a ZXR750 a few months ago. It was good at highway speeds, but I felt it handled really bad at low speed through the back streets.