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riding to work

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MrWasabi, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. i will be getting a bike soon. I am booked for my learner test next month on the 22nd and i am really excited.

    The reason i am getting a bike is because i need a cheap way of transport to and from work. i have a new son and the wife needs the car a lot. Working in IT, and being a manager of a helpdesk, i cant always go home on time, so i decided to get a bike so the wife doesnt need to come get me from work.

    Problem i face is that i need to work in full business attire. So work pants, shoes, tie, shirt etc...

    Riding gear i have tried so far is kind of snug, i havent tried pants on, but i have just purchased myself an rjays leather jacket which is snug, but i feel will allow for a shirt and tie to be worn under without much problem.

    What i want to know is who here rides to work and has to dress the same way i do?

    I was thinking of switching my work shoes for a pair of boots i can use both while riding and at work, but what about the pants? are there some pants out there (from your experience) which arent tight leather (with or without the chapless ar$es) and will allow me to wear work pants under them?

    Basically what i want to do when i get to work is park my bike, take my helmet off, pull my pants off, and walk into work.
  2. As far as pants go you have a few choices. A pair of Dririder type pants straight over the top of you work pants (with or without liner) a lot of people do this.

    Or you could grab a pair of the Chino pants with kevlar built in from Draggin if they are dressy enough for your workplace.
  3. Hi Mr Wasabi!

    My husband and I had similar problem when we had twins - he got a bike, I got the big car!

    Paul wears a T Shirt to work under his leather jacket, and changes into his work shirt when he gets there, brings it home when it needs a wash (also IT, most of the day in air-con so no sweating). He also has Bisley work wear dress pants and cargo's and in winter he wears wet weather pants (Rivet) over the work pants to keep the cold air out! Yakka have steel cap, ankle high boots that look like chunky business shoes, but are good for riding boots (Striker, $90 K-Mart) also crash tested at low speed and protected him very well, no ankle or foot injury.
  4. thanks for the reply guys.
    i might check out the pants you suggested

    Problem i have is that i wear a shirt and tie, so i cant keep the same shirt and tie at work...while i am in an aircon envirinment i sweat a lot...so i have to have my shirt changed every day.

    I was advised against steel caps for riding, something about not being able to feel the pedals...i dunno

    the pants both of you suggested, are they able to slip off without the boots being taken off?

    sounds like i might have to ride into work a bit earlier and get changed in one of our changerooms...
  5. Getting changed at work is probably a good option, thats what I do.

    No most pants wont slip over boots, not the ones I wear anyway.
  6. Wet weather pants go over normal pants, with velcro or elastic on the hem, easy to slip on and off over boots.

    Steel cap boots are good if you like riding in them, but some people find them too thick and have problems changing gears.
  7. I wore steel caps for 2 1/2 years (mine were calf-length lace-ups, though) and didn't have a problem with gear changes. Sure, they're not as "touchy-feely" as proper boots, but they're ok. You could always carry some work shoes in a backpack or tailbag (or, just leave them at work) and wear proper riding boots.

    With respect to clothing, you could carry a fresh shirt in a pack and put it on when you get there. Same could be done for pants, but it would be easier to just wear overpants.

    As an aside: For smooth gear changes, begin putting pressure on the lever before pulling the clutch in. When you do pull the clutch, the lever will slip up easily into the next gear.
  8. the touring type gear can be a bit roomier. we've got one cheap cordura suit thats big enough to go over normal clothes. gets warmish though.
    or this thing but I think its expensive
  9. Except if you have giant feet like me :wink:
  10. I'm in an IT job too.. I normally just wear work pants, black riding boots, airmesh jacket, helmet and gloves. Although after I slid out in my workpants I'm thinking I should get some of those chino pants (black draggin jeans) as I'm getting sick of my knees getting new scars at a fairly rapid rate :LOL:
  11. i have dri rider summit pro pants. and i can comfrotable wear jeans under them if i remove the winter liners etc.

    easiest choice would be to wear your biek gear in and change at work
  12. Not a suit but just hard yakka pants,safty boots and t-shirt. I just leave a change of clothes at work. I always wear my Draggin jeans to and from work but once I get here I change pants and shoes. Evey 2-3 days I would bring in a back pack and bring the clothes home to wash.
  13. Here's what I do

    Wear a fresh shirt every day unde the leather jacket.
    Put tie in pocket (don't want to strangle myself if I come off and it gets caught on somthing!)
    Wear leather jeans
    Wear proper riding boots

    Get to work, change into suit I leave at work and stuff leathers under desk
    Put on tie
    put on work shoes left at work

    Feel DAMN sexy in my suit! (if only it were true! Where is the sense of starting the day by tying a small noose around your neck?)

    I keep a pair of $15 waterproof dacks in the top box if it is raining.

    Every couple of weeks I swap the suits over.

    Everyone's happy, I am not stinky, I look almost respectable for work.

    Find a system that works for you and go for it!

    Good luck!

  14. you can try one of those rain jacket/pant to put over the suit
  15. Hey,

    I work in IT aswell and I'm required to wear work gear (excluding a jacket). I just wear my work pants under my jeans for the ride and my shirt under my jacket. Get to work throw the jacket over the chair and pull my jeans off and i'm just about set. I leave my work shoes under my desk over night and just pull off my boots and put my shoes on. Sometimes if its quiet i wont even worry about taking my boots off.

    I suppose it also depends how critical it is for you to wear your work gear. I've got a manager who rides and often doesn't get changed and just wears his jeans all day.
  16. I'd take your clothes folded in a backpack and change at work - pants, shoes, and all, if need be. On warmer days wearing all your gear over your work clothes will have you turning up to work a big sweaty mess: trust me.

  17. The time you save getting to work on the bike compared to a car, will give you plenty of time to get changed once you get there!
  18. This sounds like a really good system. Will have to leave a pair of shoes here and i might even bring in my tie rack lol

    Think i will get me a pair of draggin jeans to slip over the top of my work pants. Guess i will try to do what you do and adopt it to my style or habits :)

    Thanks all for replies :)
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  20. I'm in IT and I ride every day, but i get to wear a tshirt around :p i just leave a pair of pants and shoes at work and it's all sweet!

    word of warning

    If you're in IT and in charge of the backups (like me) DO NOT EVER put backup tapes in a magnetic tankbag :oops:

    learnt that lesson in a hurry :oops: