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riding to work this morning, throttle lost power?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by quantocks, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was in a hurry this morning, didn't really have much time to warm the bike up, jumped on and started riding it slowly. I got around the corner from work, going about 90km/hour and all of a sudden the bike started slowing down. The more throttle I gave it didn't make a difference and eventually it just stopped compeltely.

    I had to turn the choke on and kick start it, started first kick. But what is the cause of this ? :|

    *edit* I did put oil in the other day, Caltex Activ. would it be the oil that was previously in there (a reddy colour) didnt like this oil?
  2. If it started and ran fine after using the choke then I'd suggest that the problem may be :
  3. I know it seems silly to ask... But do you have fuel?
  4. check your plug.
  5. fuel line is just sitting on the red square near empty.
  6. What VCM said, you should give your bike a good warm up to get oil working through the engine. Plus it sounds like you're close to empty, give the poor bike a drink :wink:
  7. Dont trust the gauge though.. open your tank and have a look.

    Your description just sounded as though you had run outta fuel.. If you have a reserve tap, swith it to there and go get some more fuel?
  8. ^ Um that would be why it died.
  9. when does the 'reserve' switch need to be turned? once it's ran out of fuel on the 'on' mode, or when it gets low? (near the red empty symbol)
  10. just before it stops running on "on".
    it's an experience thing.
  11. When what happened happens.

    Don't trust any gauge, as they said, but the NSR gauge is really uneven. It takes a long time to get to half full, then rapidly goes from there to empty. I switch to reserve as it's about to get into the red bit and look for a servo. I suggest you reset your trip meter when you fill up and look for a servo at around 180Ks (if you ride like I do). Great range, huh? :LOL:
  12. I ran out of (RESERVE!!!) fuel on Hoddle st this morning just before Swan St... had to use the choke and pushing and careful balance between clutch and throttle to limp 100m to the petrol station (on the other side of Swan st......
  13. [​IMG]
  14. :LOL: Joel

    Work out what mileage you'd get out of a tank ( not using reserve ). You then know to switch to reserve/ fill up when you are close.
  15. from here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=54731&start=15

    search, and you shall find.
  16. Or you could look a couple of posts up from someone that owns the same bike :wink:
    You can get just over 200 out of a tank if you balance it and fill it riiiiiiiiiiight up, but meh, a coupla hundred mls less is easier. Filling at 180 means not having to use (the tiny) reserve.

    edit: disclaimer FYI I know there is no separate reserve tank
  17. ...and don't forget to switch the tap back to "on" after you've filled up. :-w