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Riding to Work - how do you do it?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jaeyon, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. hi all, just curious as to how you commuters out there ride to work, especially those who need to wear suits/collared shirts etc.

    do you bring clothes in a bag (shoes, suit etc etc) or do you just throw on a jacket over your clothes and ride in leather shoes?
  2. I wear a pair of Draggins Chinos. They look like office pants pretty much, but they are kevlar lined. I wear my Sidi motorcycle boots al. day, they're comfy. That just leaves a shirt. Sometimes I would wear the collared shirt underneat, unless it's really hot, then I would change into it when I got to work.

    Now I'm getting some logo polo shirts made up so it's easier to ride in the heat in decent looking shirts.

    I used to just keep work clothes at work. Turn up, get changed, work, get changed, leave. (Same as when I used to cycle).
  3. i have a locker at work...it contains work clothes...pretty clever huh
  4. I carry a change in my top box and change into shorts if it's hot otherwise my kevlar jeans are ok for winter.
    If you are a suit and tie person you can keep a change at work.
  5. I'm technically white-collar when not on a project. However, as an engineer, I seem to get a fair bit of leeway. No tie and a few creases in my shirt are overlooked. I tend to wear either Draggin Chinos or a pair of black kevlar jeans I got here and which look to me like a better design than Draggins. I wear boots and keep a pair of shoes at the office.

    Works for me.
  6. I leave the work shoes at work, and the armoured textile pants and jacket go over the work clothes no problem. Only takes a minute to take the boots, jacket and pants off and put on the work shoes. I commute every work day on the bike.
  7. Leave the shoes at work and ride in wearing business attire or if wet take business attire in bag to change
  8. I will be riding to work (Docklands) when my metcard runs out in April (no way I'm using Myki).

    I only really deal with internal people and on-site vendors, so I can get away with the odd crease here and there. I'll probably just leave a change of work clothes at work or take them with me each day.

    But how do I deal with helmet hair!
  9. comb it!!!!
  10. That's why I have a number 2 cut, very short hair doesn't get 'helmetized'.

    I have a locker at work and there is a shower/changing room so I do that in summer (kevlar jeans are too hot in summer all day), in winter I just wear the kevlar jeans and a work polo shirt.
  11. I think my kids would disown me if I was rocking a no. 2 cut :)

    I might just have to do the ponytail thing or wear a headband.
  12. I was taking a tank bag to work, with collared shirt and pair of shoes. Luckily, I was able to get away with wearing my draggin's while at work. Change into new shirt and shoes, hang jacket on the back of my chair. Good to go...
  13. I leave a pair of black work shoes permanently in my office. Other than that I wear a black pair of draggins kevlar jeans which also double up as my work pants and wear my shirt inside my jacket. The only thing I change once I get to work is my shoe and that's it.

    Hang my jacket behind my chair, put helmet and gloves in its case on a shelf unit and I'm done.
  14. I ride textile jacket and draggins to work, bag contains work shoes, pants and shirt. On monday's and friday's I move my gym gear which is shorts / tshirt / runners / towel etc.

    Get to work, get changed in change rooms in basement carpark, leave gear in either draws or under my desk (pending what desk I'm working at). Finish day, go back to change room and get changed all over again. Yes annoying but I ride ATGATT and for many other logistical reasons there's no other real way of doing that.

    Edit: I carry spare jokes / socks in case it pisses down rain and I get caught out.
  15. I commute to work 6 days a week. Take a change of clothes in my tail bag.
  16. Like browny, I always carry a few spare jokes, you never know when they are going to come in handy....:):):)

    I wear my draggins and a pair of boots that are actually street boots but provide good protection and save me having to change shoes.

    Since I'm a casual relief teacher and could conceivably work at 5 different schools in a week, I don't have the luxury of keeping my stuff "on site" unless I have a long block of work at the one school.

    I do get some very funny looks riding to work with my guitar case strapped to my back, though...
  17. Who do you joke with when it starts raining?
  18. saw someone doing that the other day... gave me ideas.

    i do not commute to work atm much on the bike, just started an electrical apprenticeship, and am required to carry a bit every day. i plan to either buy a rack, or preferably, a bigger bike with a rack, then start commuting on a bike again :)
  19. How do I ride to work -- very slowly :)
  20. I bring my work clothes in my backpack (shirt, pants, socks and shoes).
    There's a changeroom where I park my bike and day lockers in em...so I get changed and stash my gear in the day locker.

    Friday's casual so I just leave the boots, jacket, helmet and gloves in the locker and bring a change of shoes.