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Riding to Uni...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Donuts, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm thinking about riding up to Uni a couple of days a week, but only have one concern... where do I put all my stuff!? Leathers and helmet, that is. I don't have a locker (I'm at Deakin, Burwood), and there's about a dozen regular bikes parked in the nice sheltered area, but never any gear there (I've walked past a few times to check out the bikes :cool: ). I'm yet to actually talk to any of the riders (never really see them, everyone comes and goes of there own accord of course), but there must be a simple solution to this?

    I want to wear full leathers (still a learner, hell, even when I'm not I'll stick to them), so it's not practical to wear or carry them around all day. There must be some riders from Deakin on here??

    Assuming there's no storage anywhere on campus, any simple solutions for keep my stuff fairly securely attached to the bike (it's a zzr 250). It's a pretty safe area (lots of people around and generally nice people), but I wouldn't want to present any opportunities just in case...

    Thanks for any help, guys :grin: (hope this is the right sub-forum :oops: )

  2. Carry them?

    I don't trust having my alpinestar rc1 leather or arai helmet hanging off my bike. I'd rather carry it around, looking like a dork then having it stolen / tampered with.

    For my personal preferences, I don't wear full leathers unless I'm having a fast blat around the local mountains or a track day. I think draggins and jacket is suffice
  3. Like I said, too heavy and cumbersome. I might move to Draggin jeans one day but for now I'm more comfortable wearing leathers all over - put it this way, I got in a piggy back race with my girlfriend 3 weeks ago in a carpark and my knee STILL hasn't completely healed :LOL: . I ain't that fast, either :wink:
  4. I ride to uni on good days.

    I wear draggins, boots, gloves, helmet (der) and my jacket.

    I just carry my helmet in a helmet bag and wear/carry the jacket.

    It is a pain in the ass... a locker could be a good idea, but at least the chics dig the sexy leathers :p.... thats right honey I'm a BAAAAAD boy.
  5. Donuts you can get strap on knee/shin guards that sit under your draggins which are fine for city travelling. You just rip them off and put them in your back pack for the day.

    Just be prepared for all the 'strap on' jokes :wink:
  6. i live in eastern suburbs n have to ride to rmit in the city for trade school. we can get a locker there, it is barely big enough for a helmet, but due to riding so far and most at 100km i wear full leathers also and only just, manage to squeeze my helmet, pants, and boots in, have to wear jacket around as it wont fit. its a pain tho, wish i was able to get like a 6ft locker. i think your best bet is to get a locker. possibly one of those push bike locks, the chain with the rubber round it, to lock helmet to bike. i have looked and there is a camera right above where i park my bike so im more confident to leave it locked to my bike there. if you come up with any good ideas id be glad to hear them.
  7. That's exactly what I do aswell, except I just carry the helmet in my hand. Bit of a biatch sometimes and can get a bit hot in the draggins, but hey I get to ride to uni and park for free!
  8. Full leathers, as in leather pants? :eek: :eek:

    Draggin jeans or similar is the only thing practical for commuting IMO (too hot otherwise).

    On my commute to uni I just shove gloves in helmet, carry helmet, wear jacket. 100x better if you have a mesh jacket as its much nicer to ride in, doesn't matter if it gets wet, can put in different layers to suit the weather and its mega light so easy to carry.
  9. Draggins, wear the jacket. helmet and gloves with the bike. (underseat glove compartment and helmet hook.) I park on a main road and have never heard of people fcuking with bikes. the only hard choice is deciding if I wear the leather jacket or the dririder...
  10. Clearly you haven't seen under the seat of a zzr250 :grin: You could probably fit gauntless mesh/mx gloves if you squashed them though.
  11. i wear leathers 24/7. i had a terrible time riding in some icon jeans, and nothing but a few tee shirts and a hoodie, while my leathers were being stitched up. just doesnt feel comfortable without them, even sedate riding, does it?

    personally, i have no issue wearing my leathers wherever i go. i like em :grin: if it gets warm at uni, just take the jacket off. look into getting a locker, im sure they have them on campus somewhere. i really dont see the issue with wearing them though. theyre comfortable, coz u might wear them for 10 hours straight on the bike, eh. carry a can of deodorant in a backpack if you take one. i highly recommend a camel pack too,good for a bit of gear stowage, and great for a drink on the move :grin:
  12. I always rode to uni cause there was gauranteed parking and it was free :)
    But i only lived 5-10mins away so i never wore gear, i carried my helmet in its bag. And chicks knew you ride a motorbike when they see you holding a helmet, chicks love it when they know your got PROTECTION :grin:
  13. so you're full of STDs then? :p
  14. There's always the option of a locking top box, the wife just picked 1 up from the local kawasaki dealer to throw her helmet and jacket in when she rides to work, was $140 bucks for a 35litre givi one
  15. im @ deakin too. i just carry everything.

    id stop riding to uni if i could tho, 50% of the time im there i come out and someones been fcuking with my bike. :mad:
  16. Dusa have lockers you can hire for $2 a day :)

    I used to wear boots, draggins, jacket and helmet/gloves. Gloves go in my backpack, helmet on helmet lock, carry jacket. Used to be able to squeeze me A* leather jacket in the backpack too on occations...
  17. Interesting, my little sister goes there, and no-one's ever stuffed with the bike. As for the gloves... if it's too hard to put under the seat, just leave-em in your helmet.
    And i've seen a bike chain through the sleeve of a jacket put to good use, especially useful in an enclosed area like at deakin.

    (And try not to hit that big gutter too fast, i've still got the radiator she decided to buckle...)
  18. i got scratches on my tank parking my bike near swin, hawthorn.

    And the shittiest part is, the Swinburne authorities impose a fine of $87 bucks on you if you park your bike anywhere within the campus, it has to be 'outside' the campus. :|
    aka, you can only park it on William St. off Burwood Rd. :|

    and I wear my jacket, nd a jeans....serves fine enough to ride to uni. Wearing all leathers is an overkill IMO unless you are riding a long distance..specially via freeways.
  19. I picked up a Fox backpack with webbing on the back to hold your helmet, I use this and wear or carry your jacket.

    It may be a little on the small side to carry all your texts though. Top box is a good idea as you won't be carrying too much weight on your back while riding.

    As other posters have mentioned leaving your helmet on your bike at uni shouldn't be a problem, city on a friday night would be a different story though.
  20. If you have mates there the same times as you, you can always use their car as a locker :)

    Otherwise I do the same as a few other people mentioned, carry helmet/jacket.