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Riding to the Island Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by vic, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Anyone heading down Saturday morning to the Island?

    I'm working at one of the SBK bars and my shift starts at 0900hrs.

    I want to get there at around 8am, get uniformed, pop lots of pain killers etc, so I'll be leaving Werribee at 6am.

    Anyone that wants to join me can do so, call my mobile if you like and we'll tee up a place to meet. 0400885955

  2. Why is this in Off Topic when it's clearly bike-related??? :p :p
  3. Why are you a moderator when clearly all you do is shit stir?
  4. Aw c'mon Vic, it's just a joke. The usual question is "Why is this in General Discussion when it should be in Off Topic??" I just thought it would be fun to reverse it :(.
  5. Whats good for the goose Vic.
    Oh by the way, if we show our Netrider card at the bar and you serve us, do we get our 10%discount :grin:
  6. I'm not being a beer wench, I'm tossing people like you out of the place when you start to look untidy.......

    Actually, I doubt you'd get in :p
  7. Bloody hell, Vic seems a bit on the testy side this morn. [​IMG]
  8. So other than the emoticon what else would you like to see that confirms i'm having a stir?
  9. Jesus, settle pettle

    Whats everyone taking last couple of days, people are dishing it out but cant handle it being tossed back

    Everyone just RELAX
  10. Where am I showing signs of not being able to take it back?
  11. I thin everyone is just anxious to get down to the island ;)
    Vic's stress levels may be up a little but thats only cause he is staying in the Cowes house with us lot :LOL:
  12. I'm desperately trying to scour from my mind the image of Vic as a beer wench...

  13. I saw the man heading down Narre/Cranbourne Rd about 7.00am on his way to the island, bastard didn't even say hi, oops I wasn't on the bike so that would have confused him.

    Heading down tomorrow with some luck.