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Riding to Sydney at Easter - Any tips or suggestions ?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by doonx, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. I am seriously considering riding up to Penrith in Western Sydney this Easter.

    The point of the trip is the destination, not the journey (unfortunately). I'd like to be able to be there in 1 day, and obviously in 1 piece. Is it better that with that in mind, I just go up the Hume, or can I achieve this with relative ease by going up the coast ?

    If the coast, what route from Melbourne do you recommend that will deiver me on the same day I leave ?

    I am wary of the black reputation that our roads have over the Easter period, and so would like place myself in the best possible position of safety, but at least giving myself the chance to enjoy the experience enroute.

    All CONSTRUCTIVE comments are welcome :)


    ps/ If I do decide to do the run, anyone else that wants to join me is more than welcome !
  2. jetstar it.
  3. I avoid ALL coast Highways at all public holidays, Especially Christams and Easter.
    The road is usually chocker with families trying to kill themselves and you at the same time.
    I almost always use the inland roads, the New England especially Less traffic, good run contry folk as opposed to tourist traps.
    Travel the coast roads during the week and away from holiday times, mucho better.
    Why would you want to go to Penrith anyway?

    safe travel whatever you do. :)
  4. I don't even go for drives in the cage at those times of the year. Plus it's double demerits in NSW.

    Jetstar it :)
  5. TIP: Dont eat the yellow snow.
  6. lets see :

    My Son & Daughter live there
    Mum & Dad live there
    Sister & Brother In Law live there
    2 Nephews live there
    I grew up there
    I have many many friends that I only see a few times a year that live there

    does it matter why I would go there in giving me advice on the route I should take ? And as for the New England, that's a worthless piece of road if you're trying to get from Melbourne to Penrith.
  7. Yeah, the new England is worthless if you are going from Melb to Penrith BUT it is a good example of a good inland route.
    Not knowing Melbourne that well or where you are I wuoldn't like to advise BUT the last time I went Melb to Syd I went straight up through Rutherglen, Canberra to Sydney. But then again it was a while ago and we were on that side of Melb to begin with.
    So your family is in Penrith, thats nice. Good enuff reason to go there for you......
  8. Why would you Jetstar it when you have your new toy!
  9. Ride up to Tullamarine, get your bike shipped up there to meet you in Sydney, then collect, ride it out to your family and say you rode the whole way :LOL: . Then you can still show off your beast while being a lot more safer for the journey.
  10. I have driven to Newcastle via Sydney 3-4 times a year for the last 6 and have tried inland via Cann River etc and all I will say is the Hume is the easiest as it is a pretty straight line with minimal interuptions.

    The hardest bit IMO would be Sydney itself, mate they are phsyco the drivers up there :shock:

    Lost of stops, rehydrate and if you feel tired book a cheap motel.

    Oh Cann River cops love booking people I swear they are commision :p

    I haven't done it on a bike yet but will later in the year, let me know how you go.

    And seeing your kids is the best excuse for going to Penrith
  11. I have driven a few times from brissy to Syd for the easter long weekend, Its pretty busy, and i remember seeing after km or traffic jams norhtbound just out of sydney. Jetstar/vigirn is the easiest way, only reason i drove as i wanted to race and it was the VW nationals...

    Its normally 1 day each way for me, but on the easter weekend ended up being 2 days down and 1 day back, but then we did only stop for a total of 30mins on thw way back, 2 5mins stops for fuel and 1 for fuel and food.
  12. Definitely avoid the coastal route - go inland, in fact not even through Hume but even deeper in, the Western Hwy - from Albury aim at Wagga Wagga, then Young, Cowra, Bathurst, Lithgow and down the Blue Mountains straight into Penrith. The added bonus is you pretty much avoid riding through endless Sydney suburbia as you would have to if approaching from the eastern side.
  13. Nice run add a day and take a break half way as it will take a bit more out of you, but a great run.

    I would probably stick with the Hume as I am assuming you only get the four days off and want to spend as much time as possible with the billie lids.

    Jetstar: have to get to airport at Avalon from Mulgrave,
    then fly to Mascot
    then a trian to Penrith
    then a cab? to their house.
    probably take most of a day but you won't be tired when you get there!
  14. Jesus you are all a bunch of bloody pansies.

    If you are interested, I am doing a run on the march long weekend..... Basically, go from:
    Melbourne - Healsville - Bright - Omeo - coast via Nowra - Sydney

    Great roads and a blast. As for double demerrit points.... Remember one thing.... Any loser can go fast in the straight line, the skill is keeping that speed in the twisties.
  15. The coast road to Sydney is very slow. Small towns with speed limits every few k’s Roadwork’s everywhere speed limits again and no one doing anything. As said before traffic is everywhere out trying to kill each other off. And the coast road is about 1300km it is a very big day to do it in one day. I’ve done it.

    It’s about 1050km if you turn off at Cann River, up to Bombarla and Canberra, which include some nice roads. Doable in a day

    Hume is boring, full stop.
    I would suggest to take some music.
    It took me 9 hours from Manly back to home last November, it becomes hard work to keep the speed somewhere near the speed limit but it gets you from A to B relatively quickly

    If your interested see http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106921
  16. OK - so lots of good stuff here then. I'll check out the inland route. I have driven from Penrith down to Wagga etc before and yes, it was a lot less busy than the Hume, that sounds like a good idea.

    Keep 'em comin' !
  17. Has that new freeway ring road thing opened up yet so you can dive up to Eastern Creek from the Hume & the more important question is what's the toll arrangement for bikes on it??

    I did a Melb-Syd airport to airport run last year in 9 hours sitting at +10 on the cruise control and stopping a couple of times for some compulsary pit stops (food & fuel into me & car and other stuff). Don't do it at night as the wildlife tends to scare you and it's boring with nothing to see but head & tail lights and the occasional set of Golden Arches.
  18. I havn't riden from Sydney to Melbourne but from what i figure the quickest route to Penrith would be one of two options:
    a. Hit NSW via cooma, canberra and campbelltown
    b. Hit NSW via Wagga Wagga, Goulburn etc

    Option A you are looking at 1050kms and Option B around 880kms.
    For details go to www.mynrma.com.au/travel_planner.asp

    Yes it's opened. Its called the M7 Westlink and dont quote me but i believe bikes are not charged atm until the develope a tag to accomodate. You can use the E-tag and E-Pass.
  19. M7


    is now open, to the best of my knowledge tolls are proportional to distance, but I don't know about motorcycles.
  20. When i took the coast road from Wollongong to Melbourne for the Netrider BBQ it was about 1050km to southbank (coffee night :grin:). I found it quite an easy and FUN ride. With the regular stops (needed for fuel anyhow, it is a piece of cake), YES it is very long but it is easily doable in a day. I rode down with Paul (hornet) and back by myself with stops every ~200km for hornet's CB600 to fuel up, only having about ~220km range. It took us about 15 hours down and on the return run i did it in 13.5 hours. The run down took awhile as we had a 40 minute wait for a speedo cable repair in Bega to tack on and took generous stops. If you only stop for food/petrol you could do it in 13.5 (to Wollongong) hours like i did. You would then need to add about 1.5 hours on for the run to penrith so a total of about 15hours,provided you hit no MAJOR traffic jams (hornet and i hit 1 or 2 small ones coming down thanks to a boat and roadworks).

    Keep in mind i did this on a 250 so it should be a slightly easier run for you comfort wise.

    From memory (chime in if needed hornet) where as follows:

    Wollongong to batemans bay (~195km)
    http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e226/juggy84/Melbourne Bike Fuel Stops/1.gif

    Batemans bay to Merimbula (~180km)
    http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e226/juggy84/Melbourne Bike Fuel Stops/2.gif

    Merimbula to Orbost (~211km)
    http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e226/juggy84/Melbourne Bike Fuel Stops/3.gif

    Orbost to Sale (~160km)
    http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e226/juggy84/Melbourne Bike Fuel Stops/4.gif

    Sale to Dandenong (~185km)
    http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e226/juggy84/Melbourne Bike Fuel Stops/5.gif

    We then travelled from Dandenong to South bank (~35km) which i didn't get a map for as it doesn't include a fuel stop.

    Hope this helps you alittle in your decision. There is some great little twisties and road along the way and some spectacular scenery. On my home home it was bright and sunny so i stopped at the look out at lakes entrance and it was a fantastic view.