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Riding to Mt Buller

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tezzajo, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Some of my friends are headed up to Mt. Buller for some Easter camping and I am thinking of riding up there with them.

    Thinking of riding up Reefton Spur and taking a right onto the C511 along the dirt road up to Woods Point for a break [maybe lunch] and then on to Jamieson. At the end of the C511 turn right onto the C320 which should take me all the way up to Mt Buller to camp. I intend to ride back the same way the next day except head to Marysville and come back to Melbourne via Healesville. From previous experience I will probably be stopping a fair bit for stretching and water breaks.

    The question is this - am I being foolhardy given that I am riding a road bike [SRV250] and have clocked only 3000kms and one long trip [300+km] on sealed roads to Halls Gap? Also, am I being a tad silly by doing this trip alone on a bike? And what should I bring with me?

    Thanks in advance for all your advice.
  2. If you are traveling on dirt I would be taking a puncture repair kit or a can of that foamy crap just incase cause flats on bikes suck
  3. I'd suggest that you travel with a companion, just in case the mobile telephone reception becomes patchy. :)
  4. Cannot get a companion. All of my friends you ride are inner ciy scooter riders. Not interested in travelling.

    But am arranging to meet my friends who are driving up at Woods point [have been told there is a nice pub there] and will follow them from there onwards.

    That way they will know to expect me there should things go pear shaped and i am not at Woods Point.

    btw, what is foamy crap?
  5. btw, what is foamy crap?[/quote]

    it fills your tyre with foam if you have no compressor and it last well enough to get to somewhere where you can get it fixed
  6. I think I recall the name Fin(i)lec, or some such, in relation to that tyre repair foam in a can product.
  7. No phone for 90% of the time going that way.

    There is no reason why you can’t do it. Be prepared for a lot of dust, gravel, corrugations and rough road. Also 4wd’s wanting the entire road most of the time. I am not sure if I would be doing it over Easter though there will be a lot of traffic up that way.

    Head up to Eldon then through Jamason 14km gravel, the rest good roads.
  8. 14km of loose low traction twisty tight gravel road at newbie 20km/hr arse puckering pace on a road bike with road tyres, with road hogging 4WD's, highish altitude dense national park forest and weather predicted as passing showers... One word... yikes! Sorry if it sounds melodramatic

    I'm looking at a map of that section right now... it will make for an interesting ride that's for sure.

    Don't know you so don't know if you're biting off more than you can chew.

    I did the ride to jameson two weeks ago via mansfield... many straight boring sections of roads around mansfield... however I have no doubt that you could definitely do that route as a newbie.


  9. ohh... its all starting to get a tad intimidating now. yikes is the least of it. things look so much better on a map.

    i was actually thinking of doing the 118km stretch from Camberville to Kevington. Why oh why am I doing this?

    maybe i should do the other stretch first to see how i feel about dirt roads.
  10. This is just my opinion, alright, but I don't think you should do that route.
    I know there are others who would do it, but I think it's just too far from help to do alone, especially with your level of experience.
    It's definitely a long way to go on dirt, especially on road tyres (even if your bike is nice and light), and quite honestly I think it will take longer than going the long way round on tar.
    Take the black stuff, and enjoy the ride :)
  11. Dirt road to Buller

    Lets put it this way,I used to live at Mt buller for almost a year,would hoot down to "The Kevington"pub for a beer :beer: ,lovely ride coming from the Buller side past Jamieson then onto the Kevington which is bout 16km,its one of the oldest pubs in Vic and without a doubt an absolute must stop for a beer :beer: and munchies :popcorn: ,truckloads of bikes and biker clubs go there.excellent authentic country pub with no B.S. :woot:

    Many years ago we where going camping with roughly the same plan at now I think about it was easter as well,we looked at the map and went,geez,the dirt road is heaps quicker,bah booow,wrong,you geta few cars on it and theres not too many spots to pass,and basically after it we swore black and blue to NEVER,EVER, [-X go to Buller again via that way,especially on a road bike,I would personally STRONGLY advise against it, :WStupid: and would personally STRONGLY advise going to the Kevington for a beer :beer: from the Jamieson side,Just ride to Mansfield,go through town,head to Buller,just out of Mansfield on the right hand side is the turn off to Jamieson,much more pleasurable ride,try the Tolmie pub as well,go to Mansfield,and at the end of the main drag,just before it dog legs to the right,go straight ahead,bout 25km from there is Tolmie,1 horse town but lovely spot as well for a day ride from Buller.
    Safe riding
  12. thanks for all your advice. its been very useful.

    i have decided after all your advice as well as other friends, not to go for this ride.

    instead have decided to get more road experience first. i think that would probably best. plus i remembered how i struggled the last time i went over gravel [for a short distance] in the grampians.

    i guess i will have to keep an eye out for a F650GS in the next few months.

    thanks once again