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Riding to Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CharmedSon2, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Hey all :grin: ,
    Im riding down to Melbourne on Friday 2nd MARCH, leaving Mulwala between 4:30pm - 5pm.
    My mum is stressing out because Im going by myself, so anyone who would like to come would be appreaciated to get her off my back about it. :)
    If you would like to come just say where you would like to meet me, I'll be taken the highlighted route on the map which is HERE, the map is interactive so you can zoom in and everything...

    P.S. I posted this last night, who dumped it????????????????????????/
  2. Micky, Ktulu and I will try very hard not to run you over on our way to supers. What's your number plate...?
  3. Probably mum. You know you're not supposed to be playing with the Internet after bedtime.
  4. Mums stress, it's there job. Be thankfull she cares enough too stress.

    Make sure you call her everytime you stop otherwise i'll box your ears for her when i see you :p

    There ya go Charmed, does that help :LOL:
  5. *sings...... "I know where you're going" :wink: :LOL: Hmmm, maybe the post was deleted as you state your leaving 2 Feb not March, ya goose :p !! ??

    Let your mum know if I dont end up going to the island then I can join woodsy & be another one to slap you if you dont text her :wink:

    Just take things reallllllll easy
  6. hey hey... yeah my bad Im still stuck in feb

    No i am not going to Phillip Island...
  7. :rofl: :applause:
  8. You wont miss him. Will be the 6 ft plus L plater with NSW plates.

    :grin: Yes Thankyou, permission granted to box ears.

    nixon-chic V3 lol [​IMG] yeah , you get there much quicker then Woodsy, permission granted to slap also.
  9. Ummm, this is probably really dumb, and i hope i am wrong, but i thought you couldn't cross borders on L's, they aren't acknowledged across state boundaries. I haven't looked it up but it came up at my L's course last year and this is what the HART guy said.
  10. LOL the HART guy doesnt know what he's talking about.
    And to confuse the issue even more, in NSW he has to stick to the speed limit of 80, but once he crosses the border he can do 100. :?
    Yes he holds a NSW L licence.
  11. Thanks Simone, i'm glad i didn't ruin his weekend. Yes the 80/100 bit is interesting.
  12. im supposed ot do 80 in NSW????? :shock:


    And actually i can do up to the 110km/h on the highways and freeways...
  13. Hmmmmm, I have always been led to believe you are governed by the restrictions of the state you obtained your license/permit, thats why Rosie was able to ride in QLD on her L's without an accompanying rider, thus would mean you can still only do 80kph even if your in VIC.
  14. Yeah in some cases thats true but i dont know wat they are all smoking to work these out...
    But yeah i am supposed to do 80 in NSW but i can do the max 110 in Vic but all my other NSW stuff applies, but its pretty much the same as Vic anyway...but what is really stupid is, if a Vic L plater comes inot NSW they can still do the 100 limit, not the 80 like NSW licenced L's...
  15. ANYWAY!!!! how did we get so off topic????? :? :?

    i wanted to know if anyone would like to join me on my ride down (and it is going to be the first time Ive gone down to Melbourne by myself on the bike...)