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NSW Riding to get a blueslip

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MrWasabi, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I know this has been covered before, ive done a search and read through heaps of threads, but none of them covered all of my questions...

    I am still on my L's, i have no plates on the bike and i am taking it to get it blueslipped on Saturday. Should i still put on the L plates?

  2. I could be wrong, and will soon get told if so :p

    Yes you can ride to get your blueslip done as long as :

    You put your "L's" on
    You ride the most direct route to and from the place your getting the 'blueslip'.

    Best to have some sort of document on you to prove that is where your going 'just in case' you are pulled over.
  3. damn...will have to break out the L plate from somewhere. thanks for the help
  4. take the registration plate off, make a booking at your nearest, put bare L plate on and ride.

    Make sure you know who you spoke to at the place you made a booking and it help if your license doesn't say you live in FNQ when you are taking it for rego in sydney!
  5. I think it actually has to be booked in too.
  6. Doesn't have to be booked in, but its up to the copper as to whether they believe you or not. If you have the number of the business that they can call to check if you have an appointment, then thats proof in itself.
  7. or simply borrow a mates trailer or ute, that is if you got any mates with a ute or trialer of course :wink:
  8. When i spoke to the mechanic he told me to just bring it in, and if i did get stopped to tell them i was going straight there. He didnt give me a booking number, nor did he book me in, he told me to come around 9am if i wanted it done quick.
    I got their name etc, and ill have all the needed paperwork with me. Not worried about getting pulled over for no plates, more worried about if i should have the learner plates on. Now that i saw your answers and think about it a bit more, why wouldnt i have to have them on?
  9. i would assume that you would get mis judge as a full licence and then u loose it :)

    as L's u might be able to get away wit a fine :) hehe worst comes to worst
  10. You cant drive/ride on a public road without ctp insurance, so the answer would be no, unless you drive with a temp trade plate, the plate covers any vehicle its fixed to.

    Rt vr act 1997
    sec 18 l
    unregistered and uninsured vehicles
    use on road/area $477
    fail to provide documentation relating to use of vehicle $1007
  11. [quote="Tomcatalex" unless you drive with a temp trade plate, the plate covers any vehicle its fixed to.

    what does a temp plate look like ?
  12. what does a temp plate look like ?[/quote]

    A trade plate is used by people such as Motor car dealers to allow the use of an unregistered vehicle on the road (eg. taking a car for a test drive). They are usually white number plates with black characters.

    To be eligible to have a trade plate assigned you must be:

    a manufacturer of vehicles, or
    a dealer in vehicles, or

    a licensed tester, or

    a person engaged in the business of modifying, repairing, altering or transporting vehicles before first registration

  14. thx man =]