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Riding Tips .. written for the ladies

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Taz, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. How'de there folks,

    I've had my (Bike Info for Women) web page up and running for
    quite a few years now and had some totally excellent feedback
    emails from ladies (and some guys too) from across Australia
    and a few emails from women who are members on netrider too,
    so I thought I would list it here and if it is of any use to new folks
    who read this forum then .. great!

    It's a work in progress and covers quite a bit of *stuff* ... as I still
    keep adding to it .... hit your refresh button if you pop back and forth.



    Taz (Taryn) ... see ya out there! :)
  2. hey great web site... got some handy hints from it.

    here's another one u might want to add to FANGING IT OFF AT THE LIGHTS

    remember to look left and right, i have almost been collected a few times by cars running red lights.
  3. Uhh verrry good point jadey! It's so great when people send me more stuff to add .. I recon one day my page will be 50 mile long page .. and it's all good!

    I'll add it now and update it :)

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi there Taz, Its great to see what you have done with your site. I put your site in my favorites when I got my L's in March, it is great to see what you have done to it. It has really helped me along the way.
    Cheers :grin:
  5. Hi there Chickbabe,

    Glad my site has been of help to you and hope things are going well on your "L's" and you're getting out and about. Mind you it's bloody freezing these days!

    I did get my bike out on Sunday and went for a bit of a putter on Sunday arvo and headed to St Kilda and Williamstown. Although it was still a bit cool, it was Great!

    Have a great week!

    Taz :)
  6. hi taz,

    very interesting website, its in my favourites too!

  7. Hi there zzrchick,

    Hope you're having Fun out there riding!

    Might see you out and about some time.


  8. Even if you're not a chick that is a great website with heaps of useful hints + it's just a good read.

    Good stuff Taz :)
  9. Totally agree, even after riding since Noah was a boy, I found that a damn good read.
  10. Hey Taz, long time no see. When are you guys gonna make it to another Coffee night or ride event? I missed seeing you stop traffic last summer ;)

  11. My friend Petra in America runs a site called www.vtwinmama.com

    It is not just a vtwin site however.

    It's very women specific, especially for new lady riders.

    Even has sections dealing with helmet hair, makeup and moisturisers that will take the rigours of riding on a daily or prolonged basis.

    Plenty of links to female riding stuff around the world.
  12. Thanks for your kind comments Michael. :)

    and Thank you too incitatus :)

    Hey there Deb .. hells bells it's been soooo long indeedy .. I stuck some more LED's on my bike since I saw you last (I confess ..I'm an LED addict! and do they ever light up my world! - and anyone within 2 mile of me ha ha ) Tell ya what .. I'll do my best to make it along to another coffee night once the icy nights back off a little. Hey Deb... you up to being interviewed on our new pilot TV series sometime??? We will be starting filming in about 12 weeks.

    Thanks for the link Jaqhama.. it's always great to read other sites that has tips and idea's etc.


    Taz :)

    Geeze I love central heating!! :)
  13. I saw a chick a while back, with one of those "I See You've Met The Twins" T Shirts.
  14. You've lost me?

    All of Petra's t-shirts have the vtwinmama logo on them.

    Nothing to do with "met the twins" ?
  15. I have passed this onto a g/f who has just gotten "L's"......
    Great site.