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Riding tips and bikes for noobs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rednut, May 1, 2006.

  1. HI people :grin: Im new to the biking world and this is my first post in net rider and my first day of owning my own bike :), its a kaw GPX250r. Since im new and dont get my liscence till the 20th may (thats when i do the noob course), I was wondering what tips (and problems) you guys and gals have/had for noobs and what your thoughts are on the learner bikes....Thx heaps, rednut

  2. The adventure starts when your on the bike.

    Listen well, practice carefully..

    I'm no expert, I've been on my bike for only a week now, posting here 'help!' a lot .. lol..

    You've come to a great place for questions & information, I can't say enough about the help I've got already from people here.
  3. Hi and welcome ,,,,,,first tip is fill in your location in your profile ,you will get MORE help form guys from your state with tips and tricks.
  4. Have a look at www.spokes.com.au . An excellent resource that contains Hints and Tips submitted by riders to the TAC.
  5. Im from campbelltown. NSW
  6. No worrys ...in that case some along to the homebush brewery at sydney olympic park under the Novatel hotel ,tomorrow tueday at 7pm and meet the guys and girls talk bike ect.
    If you can't ride get the train to the front door or drive.
    Anyways welcome and see you out on a ride day soon .

    Cheers Sled.
  7. Hey matey, i have only been riding my bike for a few weeks now. All i can say is enjoy it and stay safe. I am from Sydney so ill prob seeya round !
  8. another sydney rider kewl, come along to homebush bay brewery on tuesday night.
  9. You bought the right bike. GPX is best value for money ever.

    Riding tips? Don't crash...
  10. Welcome rednut
    The best advice is "practice". Experience is the best teacher. :)
    But seriously, listen to the instructors in your course, they are there to pass on some seriously good information.
  11. thx for the offer, im only 17 so i dont think ill be allowed in a brewery till march next year, but thx anyway
  12. Thats ok ,we don't drink beer ect ,it's just a meeting place and we sit out side on the public foot path.
    If you can't make it this month ,you will be fine next time to come along.