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Riding through a bridge with HIGH WINDS

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by theeICEMAN, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. So I'm a fairly new rider, I have to ride across this mini bridge, everytime I head to work...
    The thing is, its near the ocean and has high winds..

    Whenever I'm on the bridge, I can feel the wind pushing the bike... like its about to topple off. The 'force' is mainly on bottom,

    For example, today the wind was coming from my left, so I can feel the bike getting pushed to the right, it felt though as if the wheels are getting pushed to the right and the upper part of the bike staying to the left (trying to balance), making me feel like I'm about to fall off.

    How do I handle a situation like this?
  2. Just let it move under you, It may be at 45 Degrees under you but thats normal. let it swing back and forth under you, Just keep the bike in a straight line and on your side of the road,
    Relax, let it do its thing,
    Its like riding a very tite hair pin but still going in a straight line down the road,
  3. I couldnt keep the bike in a straight line...

    I was being pushed to the right, I was so close to the lane next to me!

    It feels like when you counter-steer for a turn, but I'm not turning I'm going straight, feels like I'm bout to fall off!
  4. If the wind is from the left then weight the left bar. Keep yourself fairly upright. The wind can stop in an instant and it's much quicker and easier to release the weight on the bar than change your body weight.
  5. Its not a good feeling at the best of times,
    And it worse the smaller the bike,
    I have a full fairing, and the wind is tremendous, its like a big sail, it blows me across the road,
    But like I said, Just try to relax, and let the bike move under you, Yes it is hard to do, but you will get there, It gets easier with practice,
    And you do have to counter steer to off set the wind,
  6. you are countersteering to stay straight so the bike does lean into the wind.
    keep your arms loose so you don't make steering inputs when the wind
    pushes your body.
    it might help to weight the upwind footpeg.
  7. I honestly hate the feeling especially the ones where you cant know which direction the wind is gonna hit ya and when it hits you on both sides. Worse when you have one of the lightest bike around.
  8. Yeah, it's pretty scarey eh? There's not too much you can do. Try not to tense up as that just makes it worse. If you're in Sydney, Anzac Bridge can be really bad for wind.
  9. Relax mate. Being tight on the bars will make it worse. Be really loose. Think, if the wind is coming from the left, you are pushing on the right bar to keep yourself upright which will make the bike swerve.

    Grip the tank with your legs and just lean into the wind, you won't fall off. If the wind suddenly stops, you won't fall over, you'll veer only slightly. You'll veer a long way if you are putting inputs into the bars.

    Takes a bit of practice but trust me, its a great feeling riding down the road at 45 degrees in a straight line.

    ps. If you get a chance, get up to the mooney mooney bridge and try that out. That'll sort your shit out :D . Djay, you ever ridden it?
  10. Unless the wind force is such that it's going to send Dorothy and Toto from Kansas to Oz, most of the danger from wind is the psychological effect it has on the new rider.

    As stated above the bike will possibly move around under you but generally it will track true albeit perhaps with a wobble or if the gust is constant with a veer.

    The experience rider will correct for veer and ignore the wobble.

    The inexperienced rider will tense up and hang on to the bars for grim death. This creates unwanted steering inputs which will exaggerate the winds effects.

    You need to have faith and relax. It may sound easier said than done but you will get better with practice.
  11. Im pretty relaxed and let the bike do all the work like it should. But a 114kg (dry) bike in a high wind area is scary as.
  12. Pussy.

    Fixed that for you.

  13. Lol.......popo's are listening. i aint telling anybody anything speed wise :)........ill just say that "I was doing the speed limit"......whats the speed limit? "no bloody clue" ;).

    Seriously, its scary when your not used to how the bike reacts.
  14. +1 relax, let your arms wobble. naturally you tence up to try to hold the bike but it causes you to steer the bike inadvertently. It used to freak me out, i used to try and find a wind blocking vehicle and travel next to it. But once i found out the relax trick ive barely noticed the wind.
  15. @Azn: heheheh, nice answer.

    Thats why its good to get out and practice :D . It is seriously scary!

    Like I mentioned above, the mooney mooney bridge for you NSW peeps should teach you all you need to know about riding in wind :D
  16. @Azn: heheheh, nice answer.

    Thats why its good to get out and practice :D . It is seriously scary!

    Like I mentioned above, the mooney mooney bridge for you NSW peeps should teach you all you need to know about riding in wind :D
  17. had this happen on anzac bridge. first time was scary especially on a 250 but you get used to it. Everyones given some good advice...the more you do it i reckon you will automatically get it :p
  18. I ride over Anzac Bridge and Gladsville Bridge very often with cross winds.
    I have found the best thing to do is just relax your arms and ride as normal.

    When you tense up then the bike will sway with every movement you make, making things a lot worst then it needs to be.
  19. Tense lower body to grip bike, relax upper body to avoid it acting as a sail, simple.
  20. Step 1. Wait for a car going in your direction.
    Step 2. Set up the side opposite wind direction in relation to approaching car
    Step 3. Set your timing +speed +distance +pulse rate
    Step 4. Dont Stall
    Step 5. focus!
    Step 6. Stay alongside car
    Step 7. Hopefully you made it across the bridge!