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Riding the world's most dangerous road - Kishtwar, India

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mouth, Oct 18, 2015.

  2. brilliant but farken scary
  3. It's strikes me as strange that a native of the subcontinent reverts to an old anglo-germanic term in moments of panic...

    I think we have a contender and new champion for the title of world's most dangerous road. Beats the Road of Death in Bolivia hands down.
  4. Of course it's dangerous if you're riding while rubber-necking at the frightening scenery!!!
  5. Absolutely the only possible vocabulary to be used on that road, regardless of language or culture. I would need tyres made of spidey stuff to tackle that. And a rocket launcher to eliminate approaching cattle.
  6. The Bridal Path from Bathurst to Hill End had similar drops,its single lane not that narrow though. Did it years ago before the big rock closed it to cars,very very happy no one was coming the other way,2 cars cannot pass one another.Still doable on a bike.No waterfalls though.
  7. I didn't find the Bridal Path that scary, in fact I'm still married after 42 years :LOL:
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  8. They are doing it two up ! At one place the pillion gets off. That's even crazier .