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Riding the Spurs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kevo954, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. A few of us went for a ride through the Spurs on Sunday, whilst travelling along the Reefton from Warburton we came across a Police car midway just sitting on the side of the road with the officer chatting on the mobile phone, when we get to the top of the Reefton there is a Black SS Commodore with two officers pulling up all the bikes for a random vehicle and licence check ( bikes only).
    While we were there a bike came from the Marysville direction and was promptly pulled in with a Black Ford Territory pulling in behind him, out from the Territory jumps an officer and goes talk to the rider.
    Other than this inconvenience the Spurs ride was a great day.
    Just remember beware of cars with tinted windows even in the Spurs. Kev.

  2. Avoid the spur on weekends. Less idiots, police and tourists.

    Its a magnet for hero's and posers as well that love doing constant u-turns along short sections to get pictures taken of them by mates.

    Thursday's tend to be best. You can actually get a clear run up and down
  3. lucky we're going up thurs :grin:

    mmm i was up sunday too, noticed the unmarked black car in a few spots, and the patrol car had a bloke on a green zx9r? pulled over, ticket i think :(

    they all buggered off around 4pm i think, but on the way home around 7pm, saw a highway candycar heading spurbound from healesville.

    theyre everywhere! :evil:
  4. yer i got pulled up sunday aswell by a red highway patrol car who was travelling from healesville to the start of the spur.
    got a few tickets, darn!
  5. also be careful as the start of the blackspur is 60kmh , got bookd 4 that
  6. black spur on a weekday rocks.
    no idiots or weekend wannabe's.
    not many police.
    just the occasional logging truck.
    I work hospitality so unfortunately i have to work through weekends but its made up for during the week.
    You can go up there on a tuesday and do 20 laps back and forth over the spur, hardly a car and only a handful of riders to share it with.
    bliss. :grin:
  7. wait three months - there won't be anyone up there - anothe rmonth after that, and you get the lunatics with the snowboards!
  8. There is nearly always alot of police activity on the Spurs these days.
    Especially on the good weather days.
    If I ride them, it's on a Sunday usually.
    The traffic can be good or bad depending on the day, as can the riders.
    As for photo shoots...That happens once in a while...does'nt seem to be a big deal to me. Been known to do have done a few myself! (Umm... I must be one of those people upsetting PP's day...) :LOL:

    Ride within the traffic conditions on the day, and it's always nice to be up there.
  9. I'm a weekend idiot/wannabe :LOL: . Well, I'm there some weekends and I'm working on my cornering... I wannabe more skilled.

    I've even been known to take a few snappies, and have had a couple taken of me. Apart from it showing you what you really look like going around a corner (as opposed to the mental image of Rossi :LOL: ) and being able to use it to work on your technique... it's just plain cool to have a shot of yourself! Sometimes I'll even set my tank cam up to check on how my lines are, or to show the rider ahead their body position. They're certainly not of a level I'd post them up into the videos section to brag, but they give me a different perspective. Keeps me grounded.

    I actually prefer the weekends coz there aren't the logging trucks and big buses taking up a lane and a half, or dragging gravel onto the road; and they tend to do any roadworks on the week days. I can deal with weekend traffic... just another skill to practise. Although when everyone's coming back from Eildon, that can be a bit much. FWIW, I've seen idiots weekdays too... the real ones - getting in over their heads.

    You got booked? :shock: Thanks for the heads up :wink:
  10. Yeah the I find it very much depends on the day. I have been on a sunday a couple of weeks to go and did a run from black spur to marysville to Warburton with only 1 or 2 cars. It was a dream. But I do prefer to go weekdays if work/uni allow. I have been pulled in by the cops up there for their licence checks but thats no real hassle if everything is legit and I find they cant book me for much with the 100kph limit. I would be unlucky to get booked on those roads for going over that in the few sections I can on my 250). When i upgrade thought that story will change.

    Lesson is just be weary.
  11. We did alexandra - reefton - healesville on saturday (in the car) and saw about 5 bikes on the road. Was it too wet for everyone?? (Only a few damp spots here and there...)

    Sunday drove healesville - kinglake in the pm and saw plenty of race action. Didn't see any netriders, though (i.e. no one wobbling or falling off ;-)

    Saw a "spur training" ride organised by the local shire council stopped in marysville on saturday - looked well supported. Sounds like a good idea, with HART guys and marshalls galore. Anyone tried it?


    Trevor G
  12. Race action eh?, what with numbers and everything :roll:

    it's stupid comments like this that attract the attention of the police and bring about motorcyclist blitzes... I have NEVER seen or heard of "race action" taking place anywhere out in those neck of the woods...and I'm up there all the time, some spirited riding maybe but no racing.
  13. Black Spur

    I went for a quick blast to the Black Spur @ lunchtime on Sunday. Had a burger @ the roadhouse. About 5 other bikes there but not many on the road at all. Good fun to blow away the cobwebs out of the RS.
  14. Aaah, caught yah, did we???

    My comments match the riding, then. :)

    It's a public road, and no one deserves to have a motorbike stuffed under the front of their car. It happens, and it's not fun for the innocent driver.

    3 bikes came down the hill, and then passed us again going up. We passed them again stopped on the side of the road, looking at their watches, I thought. Maybe they had forgotten something and were just checking their appointment diaries...

    2 riders came downhill toward us (we met them on a corner of course) with the following one stuffing his bike up the inside of the front one. His front wheel was beside the lead guy's back wheel, typical racing line and action. They were going fast, fast

    The road is a trifle narrow for that sort of nonsense into oncoming traffic - absolutely no run-off for either party.

    Maybe it's stupid riding that had the cops out on the weekend? I certainly didn't contact them...


    Trevor G
  15. so you saw 2 motorcyclists close together and they were going fast...how does that equal racing exactly?...maybe one of the guys got in hot and the other was too close...ill advised perhaps but not racing.

    Speculation like this does none of us any favours :)
  16. Semantics on some antics.

    Aggressive motorcycle riding does none of us any favours.

    Do us all a favour and tell those pussies to ride sensibly.

    Going in "too hot" is no defense. The following rider was also too "hot" under acceleration out of the corner and around the next. Quick left followed by a quicker right. Got a lame excuse for that as well?? ;-)

    I ride hard, but I don't do it on a busy road. I slow down if I am pushing it and there are other road users around.

    You'll see - I predict an 80 kmh limit on the tighter sections of the Healesville-Kinglake road before the end of the decade. Betcha.

    Cheers :)

    Trevor G
  17. Wish I'd seen the police on Sunday morning ...

    I did an 'early' morning run to Yea via Yarraglen / Lilydale and got abused and tailgated by a heap of 4WDs between Lilydale and Yea - they were stupid overtaking cars and bikes on double whites???

    Anyways, heaps of bikes out and about :cool:
  18. See here
  19. to take the words right out of your mouth,

    you choose your road to ride hard, we choose ours. dont complain about anothers choice, when you do the same elsewhere. if theyre capable and confident enough to be riding liek they were, and trust in each other to be riding like they were, so be it. i know im not that good, you may not be either. but dont judge them for their choices, if you will make your choices of spirited riding too.
  20. And neither do people abusing the road law / speeding etc.
    Posts about 'don't criticise other riders for riding hard forget (or ignore)one small but relevant point. They dont have the right to be "riding hard" in the first place, it is against the law.

    I'm also sick and tired of reading about people coming to grief there. I dont give a rats how good you are (or more to the point think you are), some very experienced riders have downed on these roads.

    If we all (myself included) back off a little, and stop treating the area like our own private play ground, the plod may also back off too. If some people maintain the "bugger you" attitude I keep seeing, it will ruin it for all.