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Riding the Reefton

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ChrisS, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Thank-god atleast my bike still loves me !!!!
    The closest thing to nirvana over easter. My pace, everything worked,[nice change Mr Kawasaki] and minimal mobile speed humps.

    Just thanks to the dufus Euro hatchback pilot coming at me with front wheels skipping on a downhill lefthander. Unlike you I was in control, to quote Bad santa, " after that, you aint gonna sh** right for a month'!

    Ride on
  2. Is there still a lot og gravel up the top fro the roadworks??, i might have to head up there myself before the rains come tomorrow.
  3. Re- ride the reefton

    Enough of a ridge of gravel between cage wheel tracks to cause concern but do-able for a newby like me !!!
  4. This morning I went Home-Warburton-Mt Donna Buang-Reefton-Marysville-Black Spur-Home.

    I can tell you that at 9am the summit of Mt DB was absolutely bloody freezing and my hands had gone on strike!

    No traffic worth mentioning through the Reefton. Up the top there was quite a bit of leaf litter, bark etc - and enough gravel for me to tippy-toe along for a while.

    By the time I got to Marysville I was very happy to stop for a coffee, and get my fingers working properly again.

    Got stuck behind traffic over much of the Black Spur. :evil: But by then the sun was warming things up, so I enjoyed the ride back through Healesville and Coldstream.

    Not a bad way to end the Easter break! :grin: