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Riding ..... the morning after

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. We had guests (who nursed 1 glass of wine between them) and my girl had 2 glasses. I guess you will get about 4-5 glasses out of a bottle?

    When I woke up this Morning, there as 2 empty bottles and a 3rd that had about 1/3 taken from it............
    I think I drank a lot!

    I felt fine when I got up, shower, walking, talking.... did not feel at ALL imparied. . . . Normally, I still feel either a little tipsie or just know that i'm not right... but today I was fine!
    STRANGE I thought...... but oh well, being a Friday I thought i'd take the bike in.

    I struggled to ride the 2kms to work! Very very very scary!! amazing how much different riding is when "your just a little off".
  2. I can feel hungover and tired in the mornings after a big one but for some reason as soon as i get on the bike and start moving i'm fine and i can concentrate on the road and traffic 100%.
    I always thought it must be the wind in my face or something which makes me more alert.
  3. You were probably still quite drunk and well over the limit, even though you didn't feel like it. The ethanol had not been fully processed yet and so your body had not begun to process the methanol, which is what makes you feel crap.
  4. back in my epworth days there was a young rider in rehab who had ridden whilst hungover (still a bit pissed perhaps?) straight into the back of a parked car. :shock:
  5. I wasn't drunk Cathar.... I know when i'm drunk.... this was not it..... not even a little bit. Dont insinuate that I was please... I'm not that dumb! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I generally dont feel like crap after a big night (unless I smoke cig's as well) either.... If I had of been bretho'd I wouldn't of been over .00 for sure but not over the legal limit.

    I work out I had about 9-10 glasses of wine.

    Your average body processes one standard drink per hour (thats safely, it's more like every 40 minutes or so). I had last drink at just before 1.00am and started at about 6.30pm.
    I had about 6-7 hours sleep and rode at about 8.55am

    I was just SUPER surprised at how the smallest amount of alcohol/no alertness can effect your body and riding!!! SCARY.

    Will put this in memory bank for sure.
  6. Just re-checked various bottles of wine sitting here in our house.

    Typically 8 standard drinks per bottle.

    You drank 2.5 bottles by your own admission.

    20 standard drinks in 12-15 hours, not to mention the body metabolises alcohol more slowly than 1 standard drink per hour when asleep.

    That's why I reckon you were still intoxicated, just didn't realise it.
  7. 100% of what you have left.
    But don't assume that is 100% of your actuale normal ability. Always remember when you are under the weather that your perception of your own ability is one of teh first things to be impared (Being drunk is not the only case where this is true)
  8. About 10 years back on one motorcycle tour of Tasmania, once I had a hard night on the whiskey at the pub we were staying at. Drinks amounting to 24 shots of bourbon, or effectively a full 700ml bottle of bourbon, or 24 standard drinks. I was drunk as that night, and I knew it. 'twas good quality stuff though.

    Woke up the next day, feeling quite good actually. All spritely and ready to go. If I was intoxicated, I sure as heck would've sworn black and blue that I wasn't.

    Decided to blow into the BAC meter at the pub, just to prove my point that I wasn't still drunk, because I sure as heck didn't feel like I was. BAC content: 0.12% !! Still! Even at 10am in the morning, even though I felt, to myself, perfectly fine and not drunk.

    Decided to wait it out. Sure enough, later in the afternoon the ethanol intoxication started to wear off and the methonal hit, and THEN I felt off.

    Just because you think you know what you feel like when you're drunk when drinking, the perception of your level of intoxication the following morning after sleeping on it and the body/brain has adjusted to your level of intoxication while sleeping can mean that you often won't even realise when you're still intoxicated even when you're still way over 0.05%.
  9. Falcon-Lord, I think says it all.
  10. I haven't tried riding when .05>0.0
    One day I'm sure I will. Until then I only know how much more I feel efected by alcohol when riding a push bike compared to a car.
  11. This has an other addition, Excersise...
    When you excersise alchole does wierd shit to you. so a Pushy while drunk is a Bad Bad thing...
    Yep I know from experiance...

  12. Didn't think of that! I reckon your on the money there.
  13. Yep. I still have vaguely horrible memories of a bicycle tour of the Rutherglen wineries. Whoever thought *that* would be a good idea?
  14. I didn't say I drank 2.5 bottles by myself..... read again!!!!!
    My girl had 2 glasses and the guests had 1 between them. You typically get 4-5 glasses out of a bottle so say 1.8 standard drinks to a glass. I had about 8 glasses (1 bottle and a half to myself) 12-13 standard drinks.

    Do the Math. I agree I had alcohol in my system but no-where near the extent of what your trying to tell me. I don't think I was over the limit at all.

    ...... and there's 20 standard drinks to a bottle of bourbon. :cool:
  15. New Year's Eve, 2000. Started around 4 in the arvo, crashed around 2am. BIG night.

    Crook as a dog the next day. Around 2 in the arvo we tried out one of those portable breath testers. My reading was 0.08%.

    Thing is, I wonder how many of us are still over the limit after a night in the pubs on our bike trips away. This year at Tintaldra would've been a beauty, I reckon.

    I don't really like riding after a big night, aside from the risk of exceeding 05. I feel like crap and I don't enjoy the ride as much. Plus I tend to ride a bit slower because of the headache and the queezy feeling in the guts.

    Reading a thing about recovering from alcohol, really, the best thing is to drink shitloads of water, particularly before you crash. Go for a long vigorous walk either before you go to bed, or when you get up. Get the metabolism working harder to help get rid of the alcohol Stay away from caffeine as it's a diuretic and will only excacerbate the dehydration problem which is the main cause of the hangover symptoms.

    Lots of sleep and lots of water, perhaps sports water, to help balance your blood sugar levels, which will also be low.

    I've got a blood glucose tester. After a night on the grog, the missus tested me. Surprisingly, my BS level was low. She thought that after drinking Bourbon and Dry, that it'd be high. Nope, it was low.

    Some suggest having a big glass of cordial before going to bed as well, and to take a panadene with it.

    So, lots of water, normalising blood sugar levels and plenty of sleep, then vigorous exercise when you get up will be the best way of recovering.
  16. Just drink sh!t loads of water , why you feel sick is becoz no enuff water is is going to ur brain
  17. Not a great idea to take Panadeine before bed, your liver has enough workload and paracetamol only adds to it.

    Gee whiz, remember going to rallies in Taz so often, and riding home at 10 or 11 am after going to bed tanked at 4am - dunno how we made it home sometimes! Mebbe it's better with an open-face helmet - cold wind on the face and quicker exit of stomach contents if you need to stop quickly :-&
  18. Why is it that SO many people seem to underestimate the effect that alcohol really has?

    lildonnit, I am with Cathar on this one. You would more than likely have been over the limit.

    One of my neighbours when I was younger was an Alcoholics Anonymous counsellor. She taught me some valuable lessons before I was even old enough to drive. The first of these is the fact that it takes 72 hours for your body to process and discard of the alcohol in your system. Yes the effects can lessen, but especially if you've had a big night, you will still have alcohol in your system. Also there is nothing you can do to speed this process up. Drinking water, eating bread, all of those things people do does not speed the process up, or soak up the alcohol. Water will help you fight dehydration, which in itself can make you feel crap.