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Featured Riding the highway on P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BDL999, May 4, 2015.

  1. I'm interested to know who rides the highway on their P's?

    I have a few rides planned but I'm concerned with being restricted to 90km/hr.

    I'm worried that being overtaken by a large truck on my small 300 would be a rather nerve racking experience.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. I guess you are from one of those states that limit P plate maximum speeds?
  3. Yes, NSW I have added that detail
  4. BDL999BDL999 there are some much more fun alternate routes to travelling the highways/freeways - for example you can get to Mittagong/Bowral without going down the freeway and it is much more enjoyable - look up your destinations on say google maps and have a look at other roads to travel - I am sure you will find it a lot less freaky if you aren't worrying about semis and the like :happy:
  5. Why ride the highway. One of the best reasons for riding is the road less traveled.
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  6. "I took the one less travelled, and that has made all the difference"
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  7. Whenever I was on the freeway I would take my P plate off and stick to the limit. Being on a little 250 and having a b double go flying past u is not fun at all
  8. I'm not going to encourage you to break the law, but put it like this. If there is a police officer checking speeds on a motorway they are looking at the front of your vehicle and can't see the plate on the back of your vehicle. You would have to put the chances of a cop turning around after you've passed them doing an acceptable speed to observe your plates in the unlikely to never category. Especially as most motorways are very busy. Though if you see one don't panic and slow right down to 90, that may give something away have confidence and maintain speed.
  10. Thanks for your reply's.

    I'm certainly keen on the back roads , but a little bit of highway opens up a lot of really nice rides. I'm in Old Bar NSW, 50mins highway north opens up the oxley highway 10mins south opens up the lakes way and wooton way, a few really nice rides.

    I am tempted to remove the plates for just the highway part.
  11. Just go the 110 speed limit and check inside the car for cop equipment when you pass Commodores/Camry/Falcon as the undercovers might get you if you pass them at 110 with a p-plate. Otherwise as others have posted most cops with radar only see the front of your bike so just go on your merry way once you pass them. I would stay out of the right lane and just stick to the speed limit as it's safer then going below the speed limit imo.
  12. NSW is so backwards. Yes they have SOME good laws. But limiting a P plater to 90 seems counterproductive. I know that it's usually not speed that kills but the people who get frustrated at slow traffic
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  13. I take my P plate off for highway riding. I have the broken-off top strip of an old plate cable-tied on so I can try pleading ignorance re the missing plate if it comes to it. I'm generally an advocate of adhering to traffic laws for the good of all, but I won't add to my own risks unduly to abide by them. I consider 90 in a 110 traffic flow an undue risk.
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  14. This is why using your mirrors is important.
    Check frequently.
    If you feel uncomfortable ... move over and let them pass. Think of it as developing thinking and planning skills. These things will happen even when you can go the posted limit ... do you think people won't tailgate then? Learn to be aware.
  15. I'm on my P-plates in NSW and commute 30 kilometres along a highway where the signposted limit is 110 km/h. I ride at the proscribed 90 km/h with an eye on the rear view mirrors. I don't like the speed differential - I think it presents more safety problems than the 90 km/h restriction supposedly solves.

    The traffic isn't particularly heavy in this area - if it was the Pacific Highway I think I would approach it differently or find an alternate route altogether. I know other L/P-plate riders who have ridden the same stretch of highway and either made the decision to ride without plates at the signposted limit or do things by the book with plates on.

    I made my decision to ride with plates and at the restricted limit due to three reasons:
    1. There is no viable alternate route
    2. The highway patrol and mobile speed camera presence is high
    3. My motorcycle is my primary form of transport - I can't afford to be disqualified
    Hopefully this particular road rule is reviewed in the future.
  16. BDL999BDL999 I guess I won't surprise too many but it is absolutely fcukin dangerous to do 90 on the M1. So guess what, I do at least 110. I have actually had HWP go past me no probs. my choice, my bad.
    As other posts have said unlikely to get pinged if you stick to the posted limit.
    I do the same on M2 M7.
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  17. I ride from the gong to sydney every day for work and just sit on the speed limit, been lucky so far.
    today i even filtered past a paddy wagon and they didn't even look twice, they came past me in a 100 zone and still nothing, but HWP might be a bit less understanding
  18. The times I have been on the freeway I do 110. Even had a retired copper tell me to take the P plate off when on the freeway!!
  19. There's probably a reason why he's "retired"
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  20. Ha ha no....I don't take the plate off, too much hard work. I have a holder that bolts on. I just ccheck my mirrors etc and keep an eye out for police. I am usually riding with others when I am on the freeway so I reckon I wouldn't even register!! Hopefully !!
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