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Riding the Brown Rainbow

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by JuzzyDee, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. and damn it's slippery.

    Had my first diesel experience this morning. Miserable damp morning, constant drizzle. As I went to overtake on dual carriageway I'm halfway through changing lanes when I see the tell tale brown rainbow of a diesel slick. I'm already on top of it, and its covering half the lane, don't try straighten up on top of it I tell myself. Things get a tad squirly as the front wiggles around threatening to drop out from underneath me. Get to the rht which is clear of the mess. Phew I think, got through that ok. Right?


    This vehicle has left a visible trail of diesel for the next 8k's of my commute. I was trying to be really careful of it, but it still bit. A few clicks down the road after dancing across all 4 tracks to avoid its path, I have to turn left in a slip lane, knowing the trucks normally turn here too, I slow right down well in advance, good thing too, as I'm gently slowing, and I mean gently, the rear wheel loses traction. It flicks left then right then left. Fortunately I had sufficient distance that I did what I think was the right thing, continued to brake. No change in the amount applied to the back, lightened up very slightly on the front lest it lose its bite too. No drama, I'm still upright, must be past the worst of it now, I'm off the highway, surely that's enough excitement for one morning.

    So I take it nice and slow down the road, come to a set of lights, as I'm approaching an impatient git flies up my left to stop at the lights. The left lane ends not far up past this set of lights, so I'm thinking this person is going to floor it to pass me before the lane ends. No, instead they sit merrily beside me as I sedately move off from the lights. This fool is gonna run outta road and try merge on top of me, so I think I better give it some throttle and clear out of the danger zone.

    Suddenly my 40hp bike has lit them up at 40 clicks in third gear again kicking this way and that. You guessed it, still more diesel. Think I did the right thing, held the throttle steady and focussed on correcting when she kicked out so as to be as straight as possible when it did grab. Fortunately it slowly but surely started to grab the road rather than taking a big sudden bite of it.

    All in all, a stressful morning, but I got some damn good experience in riding to the conditions and keeping it up right. If you're in Rocky, careful of the last few km's of the rocky yeppoon rd and pretty much all of Norman Rd.urdu
  2. Congrats on not eating the black top mate!
    I haven't seen diesel on the road yet but I'm pretty sure I'll send my sorry ass sliding face first down the road when I do :(
  3. 8km diesel spill...what the **** is wrong with truckies?

    Oh wait, that's right; lowest common denominator.
  4. I'm told it was on the radio warning people an hour later, and it was significant enough that one of the cage goers I work with noticed it as well. I just hope they do something to clean it up, as I have to travel that road every day.
  5. Big slick. Sounds more like a tanker with a dribbly valve than an overfilled fuel tank.

    Well done for keeping it upright. Sounds like you did all the right things. Being on a cruiser helps as the lazy steering geometry, long wheelbase and gentle power delivery make them inherently more stable and easier to ride smoothly under stressful circumstances.

    At least you saw the slick. What's really scary is being cranked over and then smelling it, but not knowing where it is :shock:.
  6. Nice work staying upright... sounds like you were riding the OTHER brown rainbow when you came across it lol
  7. I had white knuckle fever reading about so massive kudos for keeping it upright.
  8. Lesser men would have ended up sliding down the road. Nice job. Hope I never have to experience that particular ball-retracting terror, but if I do, at least your experience might be something to draw on.
  9. You described riding on that so well I felt like I was slipping and sliding on that too (but very glad I wasnt). Relieved to find that you kept upright. Hope its all cleared away before you ride through again.
  10. Sounds like you added a fair bit of brown rainbow to that spill imo.