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Riding The Black Spur for the first time

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gpxkermit250, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Last weekend I rode through and around Kinglake and really enjoyed the twisties on offer. There was one stretch of road between St Andrew and Kinglake that was pretty intense (hair pin corners on massive cliffs with no real railing etc). A few of those in a row really gives me some perspective on how inexperienced I really am and how challengeing it is to just keep looking at (trying to find) the exit point around the blind corners...

    Anyway, this weekend Im riding there again, but will keep going East to tackle the Black Spur on route to Healsville.

    Im open to all advice, tips, suggestions, mentions of hot spots, hazards etc whatever...

    I did notice on Saturday just gone, that even for all the sunshine, where there is a dense cover of trees on either side of the road, the surface is very moist a little slippery. Is this the same through the Spur? ie - Should I give it a miss if the weather is a little dodgy considering Im still classing myself as a beginner rider of sorts.

    Thanks in advance, Greg

  2. ahh yes. the spur...

    i remember the very first time i went to the spur i ran wide on a blind corner onto the other side of the road. lucky there were no cars coming.
    There are a few of these corners at the spur where it feels like a curve and mid corner it starts to tighten catching a lot of new guys out.

    i also remember braking too late and runing into a ditch.

    i'd say blackspur isn't as scary as kingslake but definitely more fun.

    i'd also give it a miss if the weather is dodgy. as the sectioned enveloped from sunlight by teh trees can get rather dangerous, especially at the hairpins if wet.

    you could also go round the spur a few times to sniff out all the tricky bits before you tackle it full on.

    also check out reefton spur. i hear its an awesome piece of road. though i haven't been myself.

  3. I prefer(red) going from East to West on the Spur - actually, any mountainside road with a hill on one side and a drop on the other.

    (Except the GOR, oddly... I like West to East for that, despite the worse visibility)

    Being on the side closest the 'drop' edge tends to give you much greater visibility through the turns - easier to spot obstacles, easier to see the "line" and set up for 'S' curves, etc.

    Regarding forest roads, such as the Black Spur, in the cold/wet... Best to be cautious. Forest roads take forever to dry out, particularly in winter. Leaf litter can make the roads greasy.
  4. firstly, it's great experience to ride in wet conditions, and secondly it's probably one of the better roads in the wet

    if you can't handle the spur in the wet forgot reefton, it's generally worse.

    All in all get out there and practice riding in all sorts of weather....but just build up the speed slowly :)
  5. Definitely don't go there if its wet. Its really slippery in winter because of the tree cover, the roads stays damp and mossy in parts all the time. If you do go I agree give reefton a miss because at the moment you are likely to get snow up there with the weather being so cold or maybe ice. I have had that before (it is just near Lake Mountain).

    You could try to ride down to Wilsons Prom via gppsland area which is good, more open and probably a bit safer this time of year.
  6. :grin: Not sure what way you went home once you got to Kinglake but you could also try this route if you like. Once in Kinglake turn left and head towards Whittlesea. you will travel prob 15 ks and come to a T intersection. turn right towards Yea. if you go left tis will take you down the mountain to Whittlesea. Keep going towards Yea. there are some nice sweeping bends turn left at flowerdale just past pub. left again at Strath creek , then on towards Broadford. this road has some really good tight twisty sections. from broadford head to Kilmore Wallan then home. :wink:
  7. +1 to the route GSXR Mark suggests. :) :Lots of fun. Be careful of the switchback as you climb out of Strath Creek there is one varying radius curve that catches me occasionally. Its easier going the way Mark suggests than back the other way.
  8. And the view coming out of broadford, toward flowerdale, is simply stunning. you'll know where I mean when you see it.
  9. Thanks for the input everyone, awesome.

    I have a few tangibles now to help me suss out when and how I should go about it.

    I actually took close to the way back you suggested GSXR Mark. Was unreal. And Yes, that view toward flowerdale is abso stunning. Jeez there are 1 or 2 reaaaaaaaaaly sharp hairpins that just jump out at you no matter how you take them. Good thrills and deep breathes.

    This is the ride I have in mind on Saturday. Will take it with my riding buddy/mentor a few times firstand then maybe as the weather clears up could post it as a ride for a few Netriders, to meet on a Sat morning and just go for it?

  10. The Spur has an 80k speed limit now, so it's an easy run.
    Pay attention to the signed speeds for corners and you'll do fine.
    The road surface is excellent in all but a few sections, so treat it as a sight-seeing ride and you won't be going too fast for it.

    Tip...keep an eye on your mirrors for other bikes...THEY are quite likely to be doing 80k's whether there is a corner or not. :)
  11. i reckon thats going to be more a problem, once it drys out, getting inexperienced riders following experienced riders, and when they see the rider in front hasn't touched the brakes i reckon a few followers will find themselves entering turns above the skill level. Only another few months till we find out though :)
  12. Thats a good point Stewy. I sometimes find myself falling into that trap. If my mate in front brakes or doesnt, rather than assesing the situation on my own I do tend to follow his breaking lead around corners. Not ideal for when he he honking it with stacks of grip and experience.
  13. Totally agree Stewy...I said exactly the same thing in conversation a few weeks back, and am glad you brought it up again. It's such a classic way for accidents to occur, and I also expect the number of accidents to actually increase...I hope I am wrong and as you said...only a few more months and we shall find out..
    Oh well..
  14. Yeah that happened to me........except i was the one leading :p My mate was bein a smart ass tryin to keep up( i knew the rd and he didnt) and on a particular corner i just used the engine to slow a tad and hooked it in......he didnt expect it and ran wide, almost off the rd..........he admitted later he was bein a d*^k :p

    Thats my story.......hav nothin to contribute about the spur or wateva.........but for twisties in general just get out there and take it easy, ride in ur comfort zone and next thing u know ull be the one passing that annoyin noob who cant seem to use the throttle :p jks
  15. I drove towards Marysville through the spur a couple of weeks ago and have to say that it's a much more comfortable drive at 80.

    You can still go around the corners at a reasonable pace but the temptation to put the boot in between corners is reduced. I had a passenger who has done that run with me driving in the past and he argeed it was a better ride than in the past.
  16. It is more dangerous up there now than it has ever been...for the following reasons

    1) People who once did 70k's when the limit was 100 now do 50
    2) Slower vehicles RARELY IF EVER use the slow vehicle turnouts
    3) Lower speed limits allow more time for paying attention to everything but the road

    No to mention that the people stuck behind cars that are going 50k's and refuse to pull over are taking stuped risks passing them...I missed a head on with a car in my lane around a blind corner by less than half a metre on Sunday...and saw numerous example of dangerous overtakes over half a day...all because the filth are playing commando speed trap on the straights...

    So to be a safe driver/rider do 50k's everywhere through the spur, be oblivious to the 20 vehicles piled up behind you and then do 80k's on the straights....and this is in winter, summer will be 10 fold worse as traffic increases...I can only imagine how many more motorists will have serious crashes and perhaps lose their lives due to the Vic governments blind pushing of speed as the only cause of accidents.

    Road Safety my arse :roll:
  17. Yep...the idiot govt has created a whole new range of dangers, mate.

    I would NEVER want to see anyone get injured, but in one way, I kinda hope the accident rate with cars goes up dramatically. It would make a glaring example of the stupidity of the whole "speed" kills drama queens.
    Of course....if THAT does happen, I suspect they'll use it to justify heavier policing in a self-sustaining prophecy that leads to higher revenues, under the guise that drivers are the the route cause, when it was their own meddling in the first place that actually made things less safe overall.

    I think I'm about to have an another "exploding head" event! :mad: