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Riding Temperature - When do you say it's too hot?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by FormerUser3, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. 20ºC - 25ºC

  2. 26ºC - 30ºC

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  3. 31ºC - 35ºC

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  4. 36ºC - 40ºC

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  5. 40ºC +

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  6. Never too hot for a ride!

  1. With the temperatures rising in Melbourne, I was wondering what people do when it's just too hot, but more importantly when do you think it is too hot.

    I know that clothing gear etc plays a big part, but I am assuming that you know whats best to wear in all conditions.
  2. Hey Steve, Great topic.....

    Wow, that is a tough one.... If you are riding in the city, in bumper to bumper traffic.... anything above 30degC is too hot.....

    If you are riding on a freeway, upto 36degC is bearable.

    What people dont realise it is not the temp that is the killer but the Solar Radiation effect on the surfaces of the road, clothing, helmet etc..... These things heat up and cause you to become significantly hotter than the ambient air temp........

    So, in anything above 35degC and sunny, I would not ride unless it is somewhere where the destination has shade or I am virtually always on the move.

    One of the things I tend to do is to wet my t-shirt before putting my riding gear above it..... makes a big difference, for a while anyway... Also, a camel back to ensure I am always hydrated......

    Hope there is something useful in there????
  3. I've just bought a new reservoir for my Camelbak and I've been contemplating leathers with holes strategically positioned and perforated into them for quite some time now.
    If only those mesh BMW helmets got AS1698 approval, things would be seriously cool. 8)
  4. Oh dear. The heat seems to have gotten to Skuffy. He has the appearance of being reasonable.
  5. Well I need to get one of them Camel Backs, can you fill it with Scotch :LOL:
    To be serious, does the water stay cool, or is it just normal temperature?

    How much are they? And what is the best brand?
    I am thinking a few people would like these answers.
  6. Hey Nil Orally,

    It is easy to appear this way when you read off of a magazine

    The hardest part is having the nurse turn the pages as I am still in the straight-jacket... :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I dunno, whenever it's too hot/wet/uncool or whatever for you to get where you're going in your riding gear!

    /Obvious in light of concurrent squiddling thread

    I like the Joe Rocket alter ego jacket that has both a zip-in thermal liner and also zip-off panels to reveal a mesh jacket with protection padding. Drawback: $500 price.
  8. I freeze a 1/3 full bladder (not too much don't want it to expand and explode) over night, others put ice cubes in, either way helps to keep it cool.

    I bought a Tactical Mule from Platypus/Platatak back in 2000. Sorta got it on special because with the US exchange rate at around 60-65c, Ben CD had deicded to stop selling them and making his own style.
    Scumbag suggested it was time for a new bladder, there'd been a change in design and that there were other accessories now available, including a temperature control device(?), tap to stop leakage and an ergo (90 degree) bend which I think may help under the chin piece of a road helmet. I was investigating at www.camelbak.com and they've got an Aus price list.
    Ended up going to Bikemart. They have a bike related range. I've heard Anaconda have a more extensive range and their 1st Birthday sale starts tomorrow going by their website :!: :D
  9. This question also depends on the other conditions around the temperature i.e. humidity, cloud cover, wind, etc.

    As a rule, I don't ride above 40deg unless I absolutely have to. Temperatures between 30 and 40 depend on where I'm going, the time of day I'm doing it and other weather conditions as well.

    I ALWAYS make sure I carry water with me and will stop regularly for a drink and also periodically buy a cold drink to help with the heat loss. I also make sure I have some good sugar to keep a balance.

    If its a long trip, I take a pair of pants or a skirt to change into for a break (i.e. lunch) so I'm not stuck in leathers the whole time.

    :D :D :D
  10. I'm with Skuffy on the wet T shirt idea under your jacket. Its amazingly cool, although dries completely after about an hour. Did us well in 44 degrees one fateful day.
  11. never to hot, just gotta remember to drink shyte loads. Just got back from Indonesia and China 35c+ most days and i was riding every day and loving it!
    Another point to remember on a 40c day the temp inside a helmet can reach up to 70c
  12. Thanks G for the great info, I will be checking these out very shortly.
    Lil, you are right about weather conditions, I would think a nice ride along the beach on a 40 deg plus day could still be quite nice with the sea breeze.
  13. Another thing that I picked up at the Aus Superbike School or on a track day is the use of salt tablets (I think the pharmacy call them Toppin by 3M) if you sweat or perspire alot (as the case may be) and/or you are subject to cramping.
    I also used these on a recent trip to the NT and Arnhem Land, climbing up the escarpment in the midday sun, worked a treat.
    Those with a heart or medical condition may need to seek medical advice....
  14. Hey G....are those tabs good for normal cramping?? I have a lot of troublew with cramping intermittently (I can't work out why it happens, but when they start, they are INTENSE :shock: :? )

    :D :D :D
  15. I have a Caribee Quencher and was wearing it on yesterdays ride. Filled up it's 2 litres with fridge cooled water just before leaving, and around 5pm at the end of the day when I finished the last drop it would have been only slightly below tap temperature I would think. It's great for riding, since it's very easy to detach and re-attach from it's clip with just one gloved hand, easy to twist the open/close valve on the tip/nozzle with a gloved hand, and easy to stick under the chin piece and into the mouth with a gloved hand. Just apply a small amount of teeth/bite pressure on the tip/nozzle and suck.

    Got mine in BigW for $40 about 6 months ago thanks to Voyagers topic
  16. You have to ask yourself whether you've been working in hot conditions and/or you're perspiring alot and/or you're on a salt depleted diet. If that is the case, salt tablets may help.
    Alternatively, some people can be deficient in the trace element magnesium and there are various forms of tablets to recitify that situation including one in the form of a combination of magnesium and phosphate.

    HTH. :D
  17. 36 - 40

    Once it gets above 35 I pretty much don't leave the house anyway.
  18. Anytime the air-conditioned car is a much more tempting proposition than suiting up in leather/cordura it's too hot too ride. Usually around the 35+ mark depending on humidity although some days it's nice to take the roof off the car and enjoy the breeze without the risks associated with "squidding".
  19. 36 on is crap...

    It got to 46 a few times here last year.. Not looking forward to summer this year
  20. Hey All,

    Whilst i am sure this has been covered a million times i am wondering if anyone can give me a tip on exactly what the best jacket is to use in the hot weather.

    I rode to work in the dri rider (liner out) today and was sweating before i got to work.

    Appreciate any tips.