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Riding Sydney to Eden 80/90kmph restriction.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Viator, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Hi all. Myself and two friends are looking at doing a ride to Eden on NSW's south coast. We aren't sure of the best way to go because we want to avoid roads with speed limits which are 100 and 110. One bloke will be on his Ls, I'm on my Ps and the other is fully licenced.

    Two of us will be leaving from Sydney to meet the third in Canberra where he lives. (We could also meet elsewhere along the way if need be.)
    Firstly is there another way of getting to Canberra from Sydney without going the typical Hume hwy and Federal hwy? Both of us riders on restrictions don't feel like sitting under the speed limit on the freeway, but at the same time don't want to lose our licences for getting caught speeding.

    Secondly any suggestions for roads from Canberra to Eden? The more scenic and twistier the better, but more importantly just concerned about staying out of the 100 and 110 zones.

    If anyone has any suggestions and or favourite roads down that way I'd greatly appreciate your input.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Too easy.

    You and your mate ride down to Waterfall, then down the old Princes Highway through Helensburgh and onto the Mt Ousley Road into Wollongong just near the turn-off to Bulli Pass. That avoid the freeway.

    100kph limit to the bottom of the hill at Wolongong University, then a bit more 100 kph stuff down to Albion Park. THEN the yummy Kiama Bends, and 80kph all the way through to Berry, then mix of 100 kph and lower limits, but all just two-lane highway all the way to Bateman's Bay. And a few twisty bits thrown in.

    Get your mate from Canberra to ride down the Clyde and meet you at the Bay, all ride together.

    Turn off at the Bermagui turnoff and take the scenic and twisty route to Tathra, through Tathra and turn left to Merimbula, then down the coast to Eden.

  3. Pau; if you mean for them to come down Mount Ousley it is an 80kmh heavily policed zone from the top to Figtree and does include speed cameras.

  4. Indeed it does, but it's still a better choice, IMHO, than braving the loonies at 130+ on the Hume Highway while riding down to Canberra.

    Please do note the above, guys; the cameras ARE clearly signposted, as per NSW law, but they are there, and are among the highest revenue-raisers in this fair state.
  5. Thanks hornet, that sounds like a really good idea. I'll put it to the boys.

    Gco, thanks for the heads up but unfortunately too little too late. I got done in that 80kmph zone in february doing 120kmph. Sigh. So yea I'm well aware that the cops sneakily book people. The guy that got me must have been 500m - 1km before the actual car that pulled me over so I'm pretty sure there was just some guy with a radar in the bushes. I was well under 80 before I even saw the cop car but I had already been caught. Live and learn I guess.

    Merimbula/ Pambula is where we're actually heading, not Eden, but I figured Eden was more well known by most. Can't wait for it now, my first big trip on a bike. I'm stoked.

    Thanks again.
  6. When's the trip, hint hint :wink:???

  7. Absolutely best to avoid the slab.

    If they wish to avoid the Princes Highway which I personally think is as bad in terms of idiots north of Batemans Bay they could always:-

    Go Macquarie Pass.
    Follow the F6 south until Albion Park Rail where there is a sign to Jamberoo, take this turn which is a roundabout to the right. Follow this until traffic lights and turn right, this is the Illawarra Highway and will take you up Macquarie Pass. This road is tight, twisty and has to be treated with the utmost respect. Follow it until Robertson (50kmh zone).

    Alternate at traffic lights.
    Instead of turning right and onto the Illawarra Highway, go straight ahead to Jamberoo and ultimately Kiama. This road has some of the best twisties around and all well surfaced. It is short but a beautiful ride through rolling farmland and ends under the freeway at Kiama. At the end go straight ahead and follow signs to Nowra.

    On leaving Robertson you are headed towards Moss Vale. Once you cross the level crossing take the left turn at the bus shelter (from memory it may be signposted, not sure to Kangaroo Valley. This is Pearson's Lane. Follow it until you get to a T-Intersection and turn right.

    You are now on Myra Vale Road which you should follow until the T-intersection where you have two choices, right or left, take the right (will return later to explain the left). Right and you head towards Exeter, Bundanoon and Wingello. This road varies from 50kmh zones (built up areas) upto open 100kmh zones of light traffic. The only confusing factor on this road is near Exeter where there is a sideroad to the right which is marked Exeter and goes under the rail line, skip it and go straight ahead then left (it rejoins the same road).

    Turn left option.
    Take the left turn which is Nowra Road and follow it all the way to where it rejoins the Princes Highway at the McDonalds roundabout at Bomaderry (just north of Nowra). Thsi is a nice twisty piece of road as it descends one valley, flattens out theough the valley and then climbs another ridge only to drop off the other side. Road surface and traffic can vary so like Macquarie Pass, take care.

    If you follow the road the whole way through you will end up on the Hume slab just north of the Marulan Truck weightbridges (if you aren't sure stop and ask, locals are friendly). On reaching the slab turn left.

    Follow this for a few kms and you may want to stop at the BP roadhouse for ar est/refuel as depending on your fuel ranges you may need it.

    On leaving the roadhouse continue south on the slab for approximately 1 - 2 kms before you will see an intersection marked South Marulan but also Bungonia, Take it. The immediately right towards Bungonia.

    This is Jerrara Road and is a flowing road which is quite nice to ride but be aware that you are in farming country although I have never come across anything on the road. May also need to be awry depending on time of day for wombats, kangaroos etc. At the end of this road is yet another T-intersection (with Mountain Ash Road). Left goes to Bungonia and is a good fun road (not twisty) but has dirt sections eventually ending new Nerriga, whereas right takes you back towards Goulburn.

    Mountain Ash road eventually meets Windellama Road and it is this which goes to Goulburn, so at the intersection of Mountain Ash and Windellama, go left (heading away from Goulburn), unless you need supplies at which point go right. If you go left then take the next right which is Brisbane Grove Road and follow it until the end where you go left yet again.

    You are now on the Goulburn - Braidwood road which is wide open with a limit of 100kmh. Follow it until Tarago and if feeling hungry or thirsty stop at the Loaded Dog hotel for some fine (and I do mean fine) food. You could also use this as the meeting point with your Canberra mate if they want to head that way via Bungendore.

    From Tarago head to Braidwood on the same road and voila, you will arrive at the Kings Highway where you should go left and head to Braidwood. From here just follow the signs to Batemans Bay and head through the twisties down the hill, ensuring that you take care as they are both heavily policed and can get very slippery if wet, but man they are fun. Once the road flattens there are still sweepers in the 90kmh zone into Nelligen and continue through until you get to the second roundabout and turn right. This is the Princes Highway and at this point you will be crossing the river.

    From there you can continue down the highway as suggested by Paul, although I would suggest taht you could turn left at McDonalds and head through Batemans Bay proper. This is a slow road to start (ie. 50kmh) but winds it's way through the suburbs and along the waterfront but as you start to clear the suburbs it opens up a bit and has a few sequences of nice sweepers in the 80kmh zones. Follow this road all the way and you arrive at Moruya just north of the river.

    From there, as Paul has suggested go south on the Princes highway and whilst there are some other 'minor' roads around stay on the Highway until you see the Bermagui or Wallaga Lake sign. Take this road and follow it until Bermagui. Now again, if you have fuel range limits I would suggest that you fuel up at Moruya, Ulladulla or thereabouts as whilst Bermagui does have fuel it is off the main roads and can be more costly.

    Once in Bermagui continue past teh fish co-op and there is a service station on the right (Mobil from memory) at an intersection that may even be signposted to Tathra. Make sure you take this turn, it is well worth it.

    This road is magic, simple. It starts boring but after about 10 or so kms it starts to rise and fall and the fun starts as it has around 25 - 35 kms of everything. But again, there are some corners that require the utmost care so do pay full attention to the signposts at these corners. Follow the road and smile all the way to Tathra where you just follow the signs to Eden.

    Ok, that said and done, what are your plans in Eden as there are some great and I mean great roads around there if interested.

    Hope this helps and offers some alternatives.

    EDIT: Corrected road name.

  8. Oops, just saw you post about Merimbula/Pambula.

    There is a good little road from Tathra to Merimbula but I can't remember it's name but it is signposted so just check for it.

    But, I would suggest that you need to look at Wyndham - Cathcart - Brown Mountain as a must do loop down there.

    Wyndham - Cathcart is tight, twisty and very undulating but can get storms from nowhere (or is it just that they follow me). Brown Mountain is fun but personally IMO there are better but it is a good loop. Have a look on google maps and you will see what I mean.

  9. Sapphire Coast Drive.

  10. I should have known that you would know it. :grin:

    Hey, a question and sofewhat off this topic, what is the time frame for Nerriga to be sealed all teh way (just want to know so that I can enjoy the dirt while it lasts)

  11. 3-4 years to completion :)
  12. Well, no point in posting anymore I guess. I think gco covered everything that could possibly be mentioned, and did it all in just one post.

    Thanks a bunch mate I'll be taking your advice. I know very little about the roads down that way so thanks for planning it all out for me :)

    Not sure when the trip will take place exactly, but the plan is for one weekend soon. The L plater has just bought a shiny hyosung 650 (feel free to bag it out) and is keen for a big ride. Turns out my mate from Canberra is going to meet us in Sydney or the Gong now, which makes things easier.

    My friend's folks own some units down in Pambula so I guess we'll head down there, laze about, go to the pub, and go for some rides around town (and not in that order).

    Thanks guys.
  13. Let me know when, I'd love to join you and show you some of our wondrous South Coast roads....
  14. I could give you a guided tour if you like. Pambula is like 25km from me. There are some great roads in the area.


  15. No probs planning it as I get that way a bit but prefer the dirt roads (and if you want dirt, ask away)

    If it is a down one day, back the next type of ride I would not recommend the inland route I suggested (ie. up Macquarie Pass, Marulan etc) as it will add significantly to the distance and thus increase tiredness and with that comes risk. Not sure exactly but the inland route will add around 200 - 240 kms over sticking with the coast, although you could still do Macquarie Pass - Kangaroo Valley (tuen left after WIldes Meadow Road) which will only add 70 or so.

    If however you do want to try that route I would highly recommend the Loaded Dog at Tarago as a good stopover at $40 per night inclusive of continental breakfast.

  16. I think we will just end up leaving early from sydney one morning and spend the whole day getting to pambula. Once we get there I assume we'll stay either one night or two as the accomodation for us is free.

    Can't wait till I have a bigger bike though, I'd just chuck the swag on the bag along with a few tins of baked beans and not have to worry if I made it all the way there in one day.