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Riding "superstitions" ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BIWOZ, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Who has them? I mean the sort of thing you do or say every time you ride, "just in case".

    Mine is "left glove on first, always". (No, this is NOT another "which glove first?" thread :evil: )

    I also have "riding jocks", which I have to wear.

    Anally retentive? Moi? But of course; I am an editor, after all. :p

    How about yours?
  2. for some strange reason, every time i ride, i start the bike first.
  3. I have this weird one where I always have to wear full safety gear. I know it puts me in the minority these days, but still. :p
  4. I always check the sidestand is up, like 20 times. Even after I'm 10kms into my ride.
    Funny thing is I've never had a mishap or left it down to cause me to worry in the past . :?

    Oh yeah, I always blip the throttle just as I kill the engine.
  5. Before each ride i make sure i smash a mirror before putting on my lucky 13 jacket. What can i say, i'm still here so it works for me! :cool:
  6. :) I always wear the smae pair of socks! :)
  7. Anal retentive? No! You ride a Divvie :)
  8. I always wear the same THREE pairs of socks IN THE SAME ORDER.
  9. Well, sorry to post a serious one, but every single time i ride with Starlet, we punch each other before we ride off.. It's our good luck charm.
  10. How many w@nkers out there take a knee and prey before getting on board? :p
  11. I dont get your question.. but i always say a prayer before i ride. If that makes me a wanker than well yes.. so be it.
  12. I always carry a Saint Christopher's Medal, a 50$ bill and in case of an emergency a condom.

    So far in 43 years I have used the medal about 67,000 times, the 50$ bill has got me off many fines and jail terms in Angola, Upper Volta, Israel, Samoa, Tibet and Sydney (about thirty times) so far the condom has never let me down and remains in perfect condition.

    PS how does one open a condom wearing bike gloves? :grin:
  13. A glove is a 5 use condom :p
  14. disgusting!!! but....
    How do you handle the controls if you have such large sized gloves on??? or am I just showing off here????

    not really superstitious and I don't chant while riding, but... I have a little Buddha sitting on the fairing somewhere looking after me :grin:
  15. Carrying a 'bikers bell' on your handlebars or above your front wheel is an old superstition still amongst many bikers.
    It's purpose is to ward off evil road spirits or demons.

    I'm not that superstitious, however I'd think twice about riding in torrential rains without wet gear. :p
  16. On my daily commutes or on my favorite rides i sadly pass through spots where a number our fellow riders have come off and lost their life, at each of these sites as i pass them i'll either cross myself or offer a prayer for the departed rider.
  17. i have a habit of making sure my indicators are off when i dont need to turn.
  18. Not so much a superstition, but i can NOT ride with phone/wallet/house keys in the pocket of my pants. Jacket pocket, no worries, but if they're in the pants I check every minute or two to make sure they haven't fallen out, it's really distracting and probably dangerous :shock:

  19. I always go around a ladder instead of riding under it.
  20. I don't let a black cat cross my path