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Riding Style (Poll)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Dirt Bike Riding

    3 vote(s)
  2. Road Bike Riding

    64 vote(s)
  1. I have only ridden road bikes in my time, have never been out for a play on the dirt. Would love to get a second bike (dirt bike) but just cant afford to do it at this stage. I know there is the option of Motards and you can do both but am just not sure I'm ready to give my CBR600 up yet.

    So, if you had to choose between dirt bike riding or road riding, which one will it be?
  2. road.
    i love dirt riding but to be strictly dirt would kill me living in the city
  3. i have a set of nobby tyres on after market rims for my 1969 triumph, so when my son goes trail bike rideing on his yammy.i throw the nobby wheels on my triumph and ride that on trails ,,,takes longer to clean my bike than change the wheels,,... thats the thing about old er bikes they were made to go anywhere,,,,,,,, with the right tyres and sprockets,,,,,
  4. I was taught the basics on a Suzi RM125..after a few laps of the almond orchard I was allowed to throw my leg over the Yammy IT400..I mean it's just a few hundred more cc's right?..what could go wrong with that?....apart from being stupidly quick and having a powerband designed to snap necks. I prefer road riding...and I hate yellow bikes...some of them scare me.
    Sometimes when riding I see a fire trail and think it would be neat to take it on. I have no problem on unsealed stuff,but a goat track that leads off somewhere begging to be ridden....not for my bike. I see the attraction of the DR,Vstrom,KLE,BMW GS'ssess and such machines,to take on such tracks and worse with ease and comfort.
  5. As somebody who began riding as a child, pretty much all of my early riding was done off road. I think it's a good way to start. Dirt teaches some skills and reflexes that you're going to need if you want to become a fast or advanced road rider, but it teaches them at a speed and under conditions that probably won't kill you if you get it wrong. Road riding is very unforgiving of mistakes.
  6. This is just totally unfair. Why not ask me which of my kids I prefer. Matter a fact I would sell one of my kids if I had to too keep both bikes.
    If you have never ridden dirt your gay
  7. This forum is gay?
  8. i think more people on here have ridden dirt than not
  9. ^this.

    i cant choose either. i say get a bike that does both....
  10. Yes +1. Me to.
  11. Never ridden a dirt bike. Mind you, some of the roads around here have been like off-road riding since the floods!!! We went 4 wheel driving a few months ago, came across some dirt bike riders miles from anywhere, covered in mud, riding through thick slippery sloppy grease like goat tracks, having a great time, and I was totally envious!
  12. never ridden a dirt bike, but done lots of dirt and gravel roads on my road bikes... that count?

    i'd love to ride a dirt bike one day, but i know i'll injure myself :D
  13. Had my first time riding a dirt bike in Vietnam a few weeks ago. Did mostly road riding but some of their roads are bordering on off-road.

    I can see the appeal but if I had to choose it would be the road bike.
  14. I, like Rabbito spot fire trails when I ride and think.........what if.

    I sold my dirt squirters because of to many injuries and kept the road bikes. Maybe I am a little bit spoiled in that there is not really any traffic when I ride my roadie and some very nice roads around my parts, or maybe im just getting a little OLD :nopity:

    For you guys in the city its a no brainer, roadie.

    Wish I had more money to have a really good choice between the two.....still got a old XT 600 yami in the shed and it dont get ridden at all 8-[
  15. ive only ridden dirt a handful of times... and at the moment am thinking of buying one. sadly, my roady sees very little use (work and other commitments), and i dont know if i can justify the cost of having both (2nd year apprentice).

    im really stuck as to what to do, maybe ill save a bit more, buy the dirty, then see how the finances look...

    so my answer to the original question is... give me some time :p
  16. How about a dualsport? We had our KLRs for commuting 120kms and then would take them out in the mud, dirt, snow, river crossings, you name it. No changing of tyres (as with a motard) set up for camping and being given a hard time.
  17. Wouldn't give up road riding now, but also wouldn't give up having some experience on dirt in my background.

    Got back on a trailie for the first time in 20 years last year, just for an afternoon, and fell back into it pretty easily.

    I think if I was trying to do both I'd want two bikes rather than one bike that tries to to both and falls between two stools. I'd be inclined to pick up an old, cheap banger, which would have plenty for any (non 20-foot table-top) dirt riding I'd want to do, and I wouldn't care if I threw it away.

    (and if you don't, on dirt, you're not tryin' ;))
  18. Road all the way. I had many years of dirt riding when I was younger and unable to get a road licence but now and for quite some years, I've barely touched a dirt bike.
  19. Definitely had to choose road riding - all the most interesting things are found on sealed roads.

    All you're likely to find on a dirt road is some guy with no teeth and far too many dogs who thinks you look real pretty.....