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Riding Stoned??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. It's probably not much worse than riding drunk, degree for degree, which is to say it's not advisable. But I think the coppers are moving to equip all booze buses with drug test units as well.

    Either way, you'll probably have a better time if you leave the bike at home and write yourself off good and proper without having to take it easy for the sake of riding.

    Oh, and don't Bogart. Nobody likes a man who Bogarts.
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  3. Can you drive ok like that?

    Everything affects people differently... I know people who shouldn't even be let in the back seat stoned let alone drive, I know others that you wouldn't realize if they smoked 5 buckets and jumped straight in to go....

    Their old test they were trying late last year/early this year wasn't working for weed, seen it with my own eyes after the driver had about 10 bongs within the last hour or so and he came up with nothing, I've been told they are testing new devices now.

    Also remember seeing a study on a current whinge show where they pitted a few drivers againts each other in a skills/emergency test. They had a striaght guy, a guy who smoked cigarettes, a guy who drank a couple pints, and a guy who smoked a couple joints, the higest scoring guy in the test was the dope smoker, he even beat the straight person by 2-4% if i remember right... I don't have the best memory tho but thats to be expected :p
  4. Yeah supposed to be a big drug-driving blitz on by the Police over the holiday period so might not be a good idea.
  5. Was wondering how long it would take for htis thread to pop up...

    Been there done it, not as bad drinking IMHO, but it's still not a great idea, esp. during the Christmas period... Take a taxi.
  6. Took this from the Vic Police website:
    "Motorists who return positive lab results for cannabis or methamphetamines are fined $307 and lose three demerit points, or are prosecuted in court. If the offence progresses to court, the maximum penalty for a first offence is $614 and three months’ licence cancellation. Subsequent convictions can result in fines of up to $1227 and up to six months’ licence cancellation"
  7. Well if you are stupid enough to do it then I hope you only kill yourself and not anyone else. It has been proven to cause similar effects to alcohol such as increased reaction time. In my opinion you are no better than the drink drivers that we all complain about
  8. Lets hope it doesn't take too much longer.

    A mate of mine was killed a few years ago by a moronic driver who was stoned. Bastard ran straight through a red light and cleaned up my mate. Got rushed to hospital but died on the operating table. I have no time for fu_cking idiots like yourself.
  9. THC in your system is banned from archery and shooting comps because of the unfair advantage one can have on the substance. Controlling a car is like controlling a bullet to me...
  10. He was probably the sort of guy that shouldn't have been behind the wheel full stop...
  11. Firebreather, have you heard the song by "the streets" called "the irony of it all"

    It's a classic mate it explains the whole deal between the two...
  12. personall i'd never drive ride operate machinery or anything while tipsy stoned or anything similar.

    I knew mates at UNI who would get smashed on weed and then go driving..... scariest is when they admit to chasing pink elephants in their car!!

    drunk or stoned?? the main difference is stoned maked you see things...... drunk you don't see things.... both slow your reactions....something yu don't want while riding or driving.

    Then again ive had enough crap pumped throught me to save my life i'd rather not put to much more in voluntarily
  13. Shortly after a few drags from a joint and not anywhere near feeling stoned, a mate asked me to take him for a ski on the Murray. I felt ok and didn't see a problem right up to the point when I stood on the throttle. 306 ponies quickly told me that maybe operating vehicals after even a little weed is perhaps not a wise move. Put the boat back and waited a few hours. Never did it again. Mind you I haven't had a toke since either but the lesson is learnt nonetheless. :wink:
  14. Weed and seeing things should not be associated... If you see things on weed, then every chance is you'll see things on alcohol, and probably even nicotene, and I'd hate to say it but I'd put money on you seeing things when your straight too...

    pink elephants???? I'm beginning to think you watch too much simpsons...
  15. the thing with increased concentration is true, but its also a bad thing. in a test where there are no real outside forces to deal with, i can see a stoned person doing as well or even better than a straight person. but out int he real world, you have to be aware of more than one thing. thats where pot creates a problem, it takes away your ability to process multiple sets of data and only really allows you to process one. fine if you're not expecting there to be any traffic, pedestrians or even lights that creep up on you :LOL:

    nowhere near as bad as drinking tho, and if your not making yourself SMASHED then i dont really see the problem. i'll drive with a couple of beers in me or a few tokes, but never ride. just a self preservation thing i've got going there, you cant fall off a car :LOL:
  16. I think that's the major point Coco, alot of us here would not have a problem with driving after a couple of tokes or beers, but getting on a bike is a completely different thing...
  17. People that say they saw pink elephants while stoned are either
    2)not telling what else they took ie LSD

    THC doesnt cause visual hallucinations, the most it can do in that respect is mild paranoia, and you might think that shadow outside is something more than it is. It does heighten your senses somewhat, which sould possibly be beneficial while riding, but as mentioned your reaction time will probably suffer somewhat, and you might have the tendency to get distracted easily.
    In saying that I have ridden my bike short distances ~500m to the local deli, while stoned, and I'm not proud about it but I did notice my inputs in controlling the bike were much smoother than usual - ie, braking into a corner, downshifting and rev-matching was spot on, every time.
    Overall, I feel that riding under the influence of MJ isnt quite as dangerous as drink-driving, but we've got to remember alcohol and drugs affect every person differently and there is no way of telling how stoned someone is, whereas there are breath testers for alcohol etc.
    While one person may be 99% safe to drive under the influence of something, someone else could be a possible death sentence.
    Take care guys, it's Christmas time :p
  18. It wasn't me..... i've never touched the stuff (had enough other crap as already stated).... but my mate did confess to chasing pink elefunks around town in his car while stoned.

    Personally i can't see the point...... if i'm having a good time i want to remember it later.....
  19. Safety things aside I wouldn't be game.

    Maybe it's because I'm a long haired git but I've been pulled up by that drug bus 11 times since they bought it in.

    Mate got done by it too and hadn't smoked in a fortnight.

  20. Actually, do some research. It can happen :) THC is a psychoactive.