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Riding Squid

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bass_player, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Yesterday was bloody hot and I needed to go get some cash from an ATM so I decided to see what the all the fuss was about riding squid. The bank was only around the corner and I would be lucky to get up to 60km/h so I figured the risk of falling or being hit was pretty low. Now before some of you start I know the old saying, dress for the fall, not for the ride, and I have always adhered to that but, like I said, I just wanted to see what riding squid was like. All I can say is I have never been so comfortable (temperature wise) on a bike before. I can now see why the temptation to ride with no protective gear is there. In saying this though, I wont be riding without my gear again. Even though I was at a comfortable temperature, I felt very unsafe, as if I was riding in the nude. I can just picture the nurse with some steel wool getting the gravel rash out of my ass now...........

  2. There IS comfortable, cool bike gear too y'know.

    But hey, squid away. Just be careful when you do.
  3. Hey Loz, on real hot days, like our effort last Tuesday, would you consider soaking the textile jacket in water to try and get cool?
  4. on ridiculously hot days when mesh isn't enough protection i've taken to soaking my tshirt in water, wringing it out and chucking it in the freezer for about 20 mins.

    remove, put on under leathers and it stays cold for a good while :)
  5. One very comfortable option was the dianese body armour (similar to the dirt biking stuff) with one of the draggin' Kevlar Sweatshirt's over the top. Gives you impact and some slide protection.

    Factor in regular stops at servo's to dunk the K-Shirt in water before heading off again kept me very cool..

    The only down side is you look rather "over sized" in it but otherwise very comfy...

    Of course the easiest option is one of the airflow jackets but they tend to be lacking a little in armour from what I've seen..

    Ah well...
  6. i tried it once, up to 60 i could handle but anything over that it got really painful - dirt, bugs, and my t-shirt flapping around :?
  7. Actually it's the airflow jackets to which I was referring. I've jot an Rjays JetStream and it has shoulder and elbow armour, so I feel quite comfortable riding it. But I reckon getting it wet on a hot day would be good; on the way home on my last trip I got caught in rain which soaked the jacket, but after the rain stopped, it dried out in less than an hour.....
  8. The guys at Road MC wear just the armour in their trailer video, and look quite comfy (with each other as well, might I add)
  9. I got a MotoDry Summer Jacket for Xmas, it's great. Full armour same as my Dri-Rider Nordic II but a short cut jacket with a removeable water/wind proof lining. I used it on Saturday with my Draggins, I was very very comfortable.
  10. I have a Dririder AirMesh jacket and it is quite comfortable and also has armour.

    I had the same problem Androo. Bugs and crap that hit bare skin did tend to hurt
  11. When it comes to squidding....to each their own....saw a guy on NSR on the freeway in a T-shirt and runnners doing 120km/hr on the freeway today..all I could think was 'gee, skin grafts would hurt'....I always at least have to wear a jacket or I feel like somethings missing! :)
  12. it's the christmas beetles that i find the worst - even when they hit your jacket they still carry a fair weight :?

    i copped one in the head on the way to canberra at about 120km/h - i had to pull over as i was sure it had cracked the edge of my visor :LOL: :| :LOL:
  13. We rode squid during QRide and that was scary enough. But I can definately see how riding squid would make life so much simpler, ie when going out for dinner or something you don't have to lug your jacket and helmet etc around. Helmet maybe I can get a topbox or something to lock it up, but jackets don't pack up very small...
  14. dragonflies.. i copped a dragonfly in the chest with my dririder jacket on.. was going 80KPH.. felt like i had cracked a rib.. nasty little buggers i tell ya.

    of course, i havent copped a bird in the chest yet.. i hear that kinda sucks too hhaha.

    and on topic - ive ridden short distances (mates place 5 minutes round the road.. shops) in jacket and helmet.. and sometimes ride without my gloves on.. id feel too exposed to ride long distances in a pair of shorts, runnres and a t.. my riding gear isnt so bas as to be unbearable in heat, and better to be safe than sorry i think. easy enough to say "i wish i had put all my gear on.." but better to say, im glad i spent that extra couple of minutes and did put it all on IMHO
  15. Yeah on new year's day I was squirting myself with water all day long. Wasn't awesome, but it did work to a degree.
  16. And yeah, by jingo a swarm of locusts would bloody hurt - they're painful enough through a nesh jacket and draggins...
  17. Maybe we need something similar to the water jets the greenpeace boats had to stop the japanese killling those whales (to a much smaller scale of course). On a hot day you could hit a button to spray a fine mist of water over you to cool down. :LOL: Then there is the issue of being able to see.....
  18. I know I'm always preachin so expect to get flamed for this, but I actually squidded today :-$

    When I went to test ride the GT650 this morning I took my helmet and gloves figuring they would loan me a jacket for the ride...

    "no mate we don't have any jackets" the guy said as I looked at the row upon row of jackets for sale in the shop :roll:

    I was wearing a very thin cotton shirt which would of offered no protection at all, but thought stuff it I've come all this way, so went for a bit of a ride...

    It was hot out and I absolutely loved the feeling, but I won't do it again :?

    Can see the appeal though
  19. Get over it... Just not that big a deal fer chrissake.
  20. On a really hot day you could still manage a long-sleeve t-shirt, right? Draggin make a kevlar-lined tee: you'll still break all your bones, but your skin my fair a little better. Poor protection, but MUCH better than squiding it.

    No, heat isn't the reason people squid. It's laziness/cbf attitudes. I think most realise what will happen if they fall, but many are of the opinion it won't happen to them, and don't really care if does. :( Unfortunately we have no laws against stupidity. :roll:

    'Tis a shame we can't just let them wipe themselves out and clean up the gene pool a little. I believe it's too politically incorrect, however, and the result would see us outlawed or similar pointless legislative exercise. (Ouch, bad grammar. Head hurts.)