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Riding skills

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wolverine, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. HI i'm a newbie rider. i just had my first ride on the freeway 4:00pm peak hour traffic.
    i was just cruising on my bike like every other vehicle in traffic. there were at least 3 bikes that just lane split and made their way through the congestion.

    i'm a bit of a timid rider. But i guess i'll just get used to it and be able to read traffic and so forth .. in time.

    anyways what i really want to ask is

    What is the technique for heavy traffic riding? eg. lane splitting and looking for openings. flashing headlights?
    what do you guys do to keep things safe?

  2. take it slow and just look out for lane changers!
  3. hi wolverine- i'm a fairly new rider too, for the first month or so I just rode the bike like it was a car, stopping all the time in peak hour, never splittin etc.
    One day a month or so in to the daily commute, the gap between lanes was big enough for me to feel comfortable splitting down- haven't looked back since!
    Now split most of the time when the traffic is crawling and the gap is decent... also depends on the road.

    Learnt my lesson on princess hway, those lanes are skinny, no room for me and a bike there :oops: (may have clipped a mirror... felt like a knob... was a knob thing to do) :oops:
  4. Hey Wolverine. Welcome to the forum.

    Legalities aside, I think it's very much up to you and what you decide to be an acceptable risk. You'll find guys here who split through moving traffic, others through stationary traffic, and others don't split at all. It varies depending on the rider and each situation. Definitely listen to the advice, but you need to be comfortable with the way you ride, not how everyone else rides.
  5. hi guys
    thats some good sharing advice.
    especially from MRchicken. At least someone is a responsible adult around here.
    thanks for the replies.
  6. Yeah I don't know how much lanesplitting I'll be doing, but I've been taught to stop well back from the car in front just in case someone comes flying up the rear so I can split up on either side if it comes to that. But like MrChicken says, if you're not comfortable with it don't do it :)
  7. yeh, do it when your comfortable, i've had my l's for about 6 weeks and ride maybe 2 times a week, i haven't lane split yet just because I don't feel 100% at ease with my control of the bike. Once I reach that stage, I may consider giving lane splitting a go, till than i'll sit in traffic and sniff up those toxic fumes =P
  8. skeeo your a chelsea fan?? cool

    im Liverpool!!! Gerrarrrrrd!!!!!
  9. Its really up to you if you feel comfortable. Bigger bikes sometimes wont fit and other times traffic wont allow you to split. There are even some arseholes who make it there business to see that you cant get through, so just take your time and take it how it comes.
  10. I have been riding for 2 years and this year in all weather ( cant stay of my bike)Regarding lane splitting you need to veiw each situation on its own merit as to when to do it.
    Myself I will split if I think its safe to do so ,problem being my machine dont have the take off power that I would like itto have to get away clean(some drivers try to get infront of me).
    What I have been doing in the last few months is keeping an eye on my mirrors and when a vehicle comes behind me I flash my brake light hopefully its a little more visable than a steady light.Always be aware of whats behind as well as infront so you can make what ever decision is warranted
  11. rideing in traffic, never sit in a cars blind spot, ie just behind the back door pillar. Stay visible and try to avoid riding on sides of lanes.

    Left lane is often worst, cars like to suddenly realise they need to turn left from middle lane.

    Lane splitting, personaly I never split moveing lanes as cars can tend to wander in/out and gaps dissapear. Ive had cars light up sideways trying to do my Z13 after splitting lanes, careful.

    Mate had a door opened on him splitting lanes, they were changeing drivers.

    New to rideing, it's like this. Accidents happen when you get the bike in unfamiliar situations. if you don't usualy scrape the foot pegs, then don't bother trying. If you are pushing the bike so your not sure if you can handle it then your going to fast.

    Rideing is experiance, the more you get, the better you get but if you try to ride like other people and not your own pace then you will be one of the temporary Australians.

    Good luck out there.
  12. Too right, I personally don't split in traffic thats taking off, only traffic thats at a standstill or coming to a standstill, you being melbourne too, you know fair well that this is the state of the double-lane-changer.... AKA, ghostrider would whinge about melbourne traffic :p

    That, and I am paranoid about ending up in the blind spot, cop at least one close call a week from people cutting me off or merging into me, I don't let it get personal, however.
  13. when ever you see other cars trying to go a bit faster, sterr clear of them as they will change lanes frequently and often with out looking properly. my other freeway tip is to just always know what cars are were around you. and what they may be doing. after a while on the free way you can pretty much know what some drivers are going to do. my friends are amazed sometimes when im in their cars and i tell them what the guy infront is about to do.

    just always know whats arund you and ride safe :)

    dont lane split if you can help it. it can be quite tricky and if your not got your withs about you can take you by surprise sometimes.
  14. Take it easy for now. Later on you will feel the urge to filter then you decide.
  15. frustration will naturally overcome trepidation and youll start splitting. i started only after two weeks cause i ride alot, to uni, work and go through at least a tank on the weekend, and sydney traffic is the pits 7 days a week. just be concious of two things, dont get into a gap you cant get out of, being stuck is embarassing and sometimes dangerous. and watch out for unmarked cop cars, if you see a recent model ford or holden, with the mobil and CB radio antenae, with chaser rims. its a sure bet. youll see the flashing lights on the front console as well, but if you see these its genrally too late. oh and by the way, ALWAYS check both ways when you go across any intersection, in heavy traffic or off a set of lights, red runners and cars turning right in heavy traffic happen all to often
  16. Wolverine - take it easy and enjoy the experience - don't feel pressure by what others do around you - watch what they do and move on when you are ready. ther was a good thread on traffic ettiquette and lane filtering a couple of weeks ago. try a search on lane filtering.
  17. Some people go their whole lives and never lane split! And they don't feel worse for it. If you feel confident, then go for it. Everyone's different and has different levels of what they're prepared to do (and how much they value time over risk).

    Be sure that you have good slow speed skills and spatial awareness and practice slow speed stops (sounds dumb, but jamming the front brake on lane splitting can be a bad thing).

    Take it easy and do what you feel comfortable with.