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riding shoes, any opinion?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by abvc, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. They look nice and i wouldn't mind a pair myself!

    Thing is they offer no protection at all and you would be just as well off wearing your normal street shoes. And they have laces to get caught up on your bike (not a good thing).

  2. Hmmm, no ankle protection is always a concern..
  3. Got myself a pair of these from maximoto in Adelaide. Comfortable enough to wear all day at work (I sit down a bit).
  4. u got the point!
    i visited peter stevens today and very dissapointed that they don't have any at all. he said it would take months~!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. it doesn't protect the ankle tho
  6. The leather covers my ankles so I get some protection from gravel rash there, but no shoes will protect the ankle from a break. You need reinforced boots that go further up the shin/calf for that.
  7. What is the difference between these and normal sneakers? They look the same?
  8. hm it has heaps of advantages. the first one is already mentioned by you. it looks as cool as a sneaker! :cool:
    2. Support for ankle. "Internal support is provided by a new injection molded PU ankle brace designed to support and protect the heel and ankle. "
    3. Waterproof. "Water proof inner bootie. "
    4. Reinforced sole. "Injected high-modulus polypropylene midsole follows the shape of the foot and features a structured shank reinforcement."
    5. Adjustable straps for comfort. "Adjustable Velcro® straps and lacing system for custom, secure closure and fit. "
    6. Removeable foot bed for ease of cleaning. "Removable anatomic footbed and multi-density E.V.A. padding."
    7. It comes at a price of a Diesel Sneaker :biker:

    Will post how it feels when i get it from EBAY
  9. c'mon, everyone knows blundstones look the sexiest
  10. WTF does that mean????

    good enough for what?? to give the same protection as $5 K Mart sneakers???
  11. Hmm.. Alpinestars Recon boots, from Ebay, $230.22 inc delivery. :cool:
  12. What about these? They are $5 cheaper and look to give better support. They don't look as good though :(

  13. hm it doesn't seem to offer a good ankle protection or rain. btw the advantages that i listed were for this boot:

  14. Rjays make a 'Speed boot' which come up over you ankle and have ankle armour and a reinforced heel. they're lace-up, but they have a but which velcros down over the laces to keep them on top of the boot. I have a pair I use for when it's really hot, or If i plan on wearing the bike gear for a while after getting off the bike.
  15. Mine quite literally fell apart. Without being in an accident!
    Won't be buying another pair.
    Feldsheer, Triumph, BMW and Alpinestar all do short ankle boots in leather. Better option, even if more expensive. I can vouch for the BMW ones, but I've slowly come to accept that it's full length or nothing for me from now on.
  16. ok i got the boots now. and all i can say is..... its rockin!!!!

    my feet can't feel anything, its like in a cage!! comfortable when walking (still bit stiff at the upper sole..), it is also pretty light. good grip with road, v easy to manouver with.

    okay the negative sides are since it is so good in protecting, i can't feel anything related with the clutch/brake. and it is bigger than my normal sneaker, hence i am now having problem with the clutch/brake. (big problem..)
    overall i'm still happy :grin:
  17. You get used to them after a while.

    When I first got my new boots I kept thinking that my feet were going to slip off the pegs because I just couldn't feel them (the pegs not the feet). I was starting to thing about shelling out for a set of boards to replace the pegs.

    Within 3 or 4 weeks it just wasn't a problem anymore.

    Glad you like the new boots, remember though, no angle grinding the outside to build up your riding credibility. Scrape them on the road the same way all the rest of us did. :roll: